Marketplace startups?

(Arjun Shrinath) #21

@andrewchen - got a question on your recent marketplace article ( You mention marketplaces start out in niches. However in your “Does anyone care about your new product” you mention “millions of searches” as a good rule of thumb to validate the concept. Do you see the two statements being at tension with each other?Would love your thoughts on that.

(Cody Candee) #22

Bounce - a marketplace for short term storage hosted by local businesses

(Paulo Cesar Garcia Rebelo Filho) #23 - Offers on demand (consumers can set the price and buying conditions for purchasing eletronics online)

(KD) #24

Another one - BuildZoom
Find licensed contractors to work on your home renovations or custom home builds, with matches based on a ton of data - location, past permits, reviews, etc.

(Ahamed Baseer) #25

This app focused on community empowerment through Sharing options like Donate, Swap but also included with Sell options for artisans.

(sid) #26 – a platform to build out Promoted Listings for marketplace. Our goal is to help marketplace sellers sell more.

(Michelle Silver) #27 - class/camp marketplace for parents and enrichment providers

(Kevin Moreno) #28

CommonSwap - connecting travelers with similarities from different cities to exchange living accommodations in order to reduce travel expenses.

(Feng Liu) #29

My startup, Acho, helps people who want to find music teachers and manage their music lessons.

(Oz Uzuner) #30

I have my eyes on this one,

(Alex Tapper) #31

We just did YC S17, and another company in our batch was Fat Llama, which is a rent/borrow marketplace for tech gear. Think DJ turntables, drones, and high-end cameras.

Haven’t used it yet, but makes sense for people that only need the gear a few times / year (and for those who always buy they hot new things, but rarely use them).

Also our company, Sixty, is a 3-sided marketplace. We build partner programs as a service for SaaS companies by providing them tools (software) and talent (vetted freelancers) for an on-demand marketplace.

(David Lynch) #32

I am working for Apptunix, Mobile Application Development Company

(Tomas Kolafa) #33

RVezy - RV rental & sharing marketplace in Canada :canada:.


(Shelly gupta) #34

GiftVolo - is an online marketplace for gifting thoughtful, curated, everyday local services to loved ones in 3 simple clicks.

(Jordi Llonch Esteve) #35

What about Sharing Academy, the peer-to-peer tutoring marketplace born in Spain?

(peterjohnpofi) #36

Online marketplace startups are emerging business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs.Yes there are lot of on demand marketplace startups with high demand and potential growth.
Online ecommerce marketplace(Multi vendor,online grocery store application,Single vendor)
Vacation rental marketplace(airbnb clone)
On demand food delivery marketplace(Like Foodpanda,Zomato,Swiggy)

(Katarina Batina) #37, place for buying and selling fine art.

(Daniel Beck) #38 a marketplace for coliving spaces.

(Mohamed Haouache) #39

My startup:sweat_smile: www.the
Storefront is the world’s leading online marketplace for renting short term retail space. We aim to make 94% of offline retail accessible to any business.

(Ani Torosyan) #40

We are a new marketplace - DishDivvy - connecting Approved HomeCooks with Hungry Neighbors.