Marketplace startups?

(Andrew Chen) #1

Anyone encounter any interesting marketplace startups recently?

A couple that I think are interesting:

  • GOAT. Focused on sneaker heads
  • Reflect. Focused on therapy, mental health, etc
  • Grabr. Focused on people shopping internationally for others
  • Glyde. Super simple buying/selling of used electronics
  • Divvy. Group buying/selling of vacation homes

Any others that come to mind for you?

(Dhruv Vasishtha) #2

Homepolish, marketplace for interior designers:

(Rich Akhmerov) #3

Basically anything in the crypto field.

(Tobias Feistmantl) #4

My Startup :wink: Sharything

A sharing community for stuff. Shortly in Silicon Valley.

(Matthew Erley) #5

Havenly - Marketplace for home furnishing shoppers via online interior design service
Disclaimer: I’m the Head of Growth at Havenly

(paul bae) #6

My app: SnapAdvice
(currently iOS only)

it’s a marketplace for 15 minutes of paid advice (or micro-consulting).

edit: Yikes, sorry about the huge gaudy link.

(Arthur Etchells) #7

Carousell - marketplace across SE Asia (& the world); general rather than focused, but lots of traction in its primary markets.

(Lindsey Holland) #8

Yes, HomeMe! An app that eliminates apartment applications and is completely free.

(Geoff Nix) #9

Real Time Minds. Full disclosure - it’s our company. Connecting small business people with our panel of experts in real time. Video-chat based Q&A sessions.

(andrew landis) #10

LuckyDiem makes it addictively fun for consumers to discover businesses around them while mitigating the cost and complexities of digital marketing for small business.
(disclaimer: I’m the ceo)

(Luis Guzmán) #11

The startup I’m working as marketing manager.

Parkfy is P2P marketplace of private parking spots. (AirBnB of parking). We offer servcies in Madrid, Barcelona, and other mayor cities in Spain.

At this momment we’ve solve (for now) how to get daily supply (@CAC=0). Our current problem is the demand side.

We’re currently at seed stage and besides we’re growing 100% MoM is an exciting journey.

Coming to Spain soon? Try parkfy with the code ANDREWCHEN and you’ll have 10€ discount.

(Michael Levett) #12

The first immigration robot powered by artificial intelligence

(Ed) #13

Mine is a hyperlocal startup for my city in Lagos, Nigeria called Lekki Republic. How would you advice I scale this market place ensuring signups and repeat usage?

(Will Preston) #14
  • Flippa. - Domain names, businesses and online assets.
  • Tictail. - social shopping to discover emerging designers (Independent stores).
  • Depop. - Buy, sell, and explore the most unique and inspiring things in the world.

(Dapo Drjay) #15

Hi, so I saw lekki republic and looks like a lot going on.

three questions:

  1. why did you start this?
  2. what are your goals?
  3. what similar service exist anywhere in the world?

maybe i can help. hit me up!

(Ed) #16

Hi @Dapoace, thanks for checking it out. I’ll send you a message right away.

(Kristina Kroot) #17

So it looks like we can plug our own company :wink:

OmniBased is a full service B2B marketplace platform (we are calling it a B2B Commerce as a Service platform) that offers buyers and vendors a new way to discover, purchase and deploy cloud solutions.

(Gen George) #18

Have you checked out
An analytics and advertising platform for marketplaces that are hyperlocal and heavily rely on spending where the marketplace has a deficit in supply or demand.

From measuring where to spend down to a zip code level, programmatically creating the ads, buying / adjusting across multiple channels and adjusting using AI and machine learning to choose sources, imagery etc based off what actually gets outcomes and revenue.

Allowing the marketplace to be greatly more competitive with their unit economics than their competitors’.

(Kuren Dianna) #19

Brand new start up focusing on the tip outs eliminating outdated accounting practices and paperwork for Restaurants, Bars, nightclubs and Hotels. Tips total over $42 Billon Dollars a year so there’s a business App for that!

(Victor Lim) #20

Hey guys, you have a great community here.

We’re looking for some early adopters to try and test out or new social media platform.

You guys can try it out if you want.

Let us know your thoughts!