Marketplace Copy/Content Writer

(Joe Masciovecchio) #1

Has anyone worked with a good copywriter who they could recommend. We are building a marketplace for the landscape construction industry (Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, etc.) We are a startup marketplace, but I have been in this industry for 15 years know the customer segment well from both sides and am in need of a good writer who can help with web copy (to start), marketing copy, SEO/blogs. I am familiar with all the freelance sites out there but was hoping for an actual recommendation to someone who understands the dynamics of marketplaces and can help translate our insight into great copy. Ideally someone who likes working with startups and understands startup life of trying to work within a budget. Thanks!

(Alin B.) #2

It mostly depends on your budget also. Are you looking for someone full-time / part-time / just writing?
Are you going to help them with the SEO or are they doing it themselves?

(Joe Masciovecchio) #3

This is just short term copywriting we need for our platform/marketing material that needs to be completed prior to launch, then a bi-weekly blog post (we have article topics and keywords for each article) this is not a full time job by any means right now its, just trying to get a few loose ends wrapped up (copy writing is one of them) so we can keep things moving forward.

(Alin B.) #4

I hired my fair share of content writers and it was indeed a lengthy process but I got them off Upwork / PPH or specialized forums. Actually, lately it’s easier to find people via facebook groups, posting in marketing related groups, the response is very fast and you have a good number of candidates.
That also means you have to screen a lot of people but you may find a good fit :slight_smile:

(Vinish Garg) #5

Hiring a content writer can be a challenge as far as the ROI are concerned. I proved to be totally useless when I worked as a hired content writer around 12 years back, and then I learnt the hard way.

Before you hire someone:

  • What is the core reason that you cannot write in-house? If it is budget, do you have some guidelines to make the content writer understand what you need. For example, you product copy (UI/UX) has a style, a vocabulary, a voice and tone, a message, and a brand positioning. Your sales pitch too may align with your positioning. Will the new content writer align their thought process with product’s and brand’s positioning for vocabulary, a voice and tone, a message, and the CTA?

  • How will you measure the ROI of hiring them? What if they propose some structure of the way copy should be written? Will they identify what content types you need - FAQs, How It Works, Getting Started, etc? If they cannot contribute to this strategy, how likely they can deliver only by writing? No easy answers.

DM me if you need more directions!

(Joe Masciovecchio) #6

Thats a good idea with the FB groups! Yeah I’ve had some experience hiring off upwork and the results have been pretty marginal at best - We have a good idea of what we are looking for and need and it seems like everyone’s upwork profile states they have the skills but then reality sets in and well i’m sure you know how that goes :wink: Thanks again for the FB group idea though.

(Alin B.) #7

I found a group these types of projects are usually posted
Had forgotten its name

(Joe Masciovecchio) #8

Thanks Vinish, Those are all very valid points and part of what we are in the process of developing now and need to discuss with the writer - We have plenty of ideas for how we should position and “speak” to our audience but need to speak with a professional and hash out some details about the exact tone, messaging etc.

As far as ROI that’s definitely hard to measure this early on because there is nothing to compare it to (correct me if you think i’m wrong here) If they propose some structure of the way the copy should be written and share ideas for the content types etc again this is exactly what we need right now at this stage.

We are in a very early/flexible stage for this right now and open minded - We have our “core” product Hi-fidelity wire frame complete and the development team is currently building this portion and our Ux designer will be completing the “marketing” pages (Hi Fidelity) wire frames within the next two weeks and its at this time we would need to bring in a copy writer to work with me to figure out everything you mentioned above in finale detail. Its the trying to find all this in a writer at an affordable price that makes it difficult haha, Thanks again for your insight Vinish :grinning:

(Dane Madsen) #9

I had an outsource writer in a B2B2G life. We had been told by the CRM provider they did content as well (Hubspot) but they failed badly and I was having to re-write massive amounts of the content, ergo we fired them. We instead found a person retired from the space we were in who wrote content and even then we had to edit and educate for the nuances of our various segments. You might approach a local CORE chapter for space specific referrals or contact active people in the space for people they may know. It is going to be easier for you to make small edits byt a person with depth in the space than write - or rewrite -from scratch.