Macbook Pro 13" vs Macbook Pro 15"

(Audrey Joanne) #1

I am tempted to upgrade my 6-year-old 13" laptop and deciding between 13" and 15"? I use photoshop / illustrator / indesign a lot and often work at a cafe. I am just so enticed by the speaker and the crystal clear screen of the 15". Would love input from everyone!

(Alex Morse) #2

As a designer, the extra screenspace can be very helpful. I would also recommend getting a nice large display + mouse/keyboard you can plug into for your home setup.

(Markus) #3

I’m also often doing creative work off the desk without a mouse or extra keyboard and previously used a MBP 17". But I’m happy I upgraded to the 15" MBP Retina 2 years ago. I use it for everything and have no additional display because I like to put the machine in my bag and work wherever I am.
I recommend to use a 15" for work in Photoshop or Illustrator. A 13" display would be to small for me.

What might be also interesting for you to know before you buy: I didn’t upgrade to the MBP with Touch Bar so far. First because the sound of the keys is much too loud (more like on an old typewriter!) and I see no advantages in having a Touch Bar. Second: I often use the F keys for shortcuts in Photoshop and with no tactile feedback I’ll have to look down at the Touch Bar to press the right key instead of focusing on my work on the display.

Hope this’ll help you.

(JJ) #4

I would recommend the 15", and get the previous generation without the Touch Bar. I would put the extra money that you would spend on the Touch Bar Mac to more storage or more RAM. Plus you will not have to haul around as many adaptors for external displays.

(Kate Harvey) #5

I recommend the 15" especially if you regularly work remotely in places like coffee shops. I travel regularly and prefer the larger screen of the 15" when not at home (when I’m at home I have a large monitor I work off of).