Looking for pre-launch angel Investors in Toronto for our Startup - any help?

(Michael Brunet) #1

Any good ideas on how to set up meetings to find pre launch angel investors in Toronto? We have 50K and need to raise another 50K to launch. Just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.

Thanks so much

(Steve Lucas) #2

Launch first, raise money later (or even better, get paying customers)… Otherwise you have no bargaining power (ideas alone are worthless) and you’ll get a horrible deal or no deal at all

(Qasim Mian) #3

Here’s a quick strategy to finding angels in the 6 (Toronto).

  1. Go to Angellist and find Seed round startups in the city.
  2. Look at each startup and compile a list of angels having invested in them.
  3. Reach out! (contact info is usually fairly easy to find via linkedin)
  4. Look up any startups that have exited in the last 4 years based out of Toronto.
  5. Compile a list of the founders.
  6. Reach out to the founders list. (Founders who have exited often times are willing to reinvest in the startup community)

Hope this helps!

(Alexander Lau) #4

Agreed @stevelucas, try and bootstrap as long as you are able. You don’t want to just give up a ton of equity in your company, especially early off, so try and gain some traction within your market, firstly.