Local-focused marketing for geo-constrained products?

(Elliott Poppel) #1

What tactics have worked and not worked for people launching geo-contstrained services? For example, any on-demand startup launching in a new city?

Classic example is how Uber gave free ride credits to attendees at events. They targeted events that influencers would be at, got them to try the service, and got them talking about how cool it was.

We’re working on our city-by-city launch strategy at RobinHealth. We’re an on-demand pharmacy that delivers prescription and OTC meds direct to patients so they don’t have to run errands to CVS or Walgreens anymore.

Anyone have ideas or solving similar problems at their companies?

(Elliott Poppel) #2

Anyone have any experience with events? Geo-targeted ads like Ubimo? Flyers and postcards? Outdoor advertising?

(Hasan Luongo) #4

Hi Elliot, Great question. I’ve done a ton of city launches for on-demand (geoconstrained) businesses, including Homejoy and YourMechanic.

I always started with Google Adwords (SEM) and would have a base set of keywords, and then modifying them with city, neighborhood, and zip codes to create hyperlocalized campaigns.
Targeting the campaigns by ZIP and City and using negative lists of zips/cities outside the service area.

We also would use google plus to create service delivery area listings, bit of a hack, but works well for organic local search results.

After SEM was setup I’d focus on Facebook newsfeed ads, targeted by Zip Code with a great intro offer for 1st users. Don’t worry about margin, worry about acquiring 100 customers.

And last thing, we would hire a market maker in each city, part time, to go in person, face to face to events, flyering outside of walgreens/CVS, and look for local newsletters related to our target market to sponsor.

While non of this is perfect, and takes tweaking, it worked well to get those first few hundred customers in a local market.

(Gen George) #5

Hey, A little late to the game, but this may solve your problem: https://goo.gl/bBthar