Lets review each others one pager?

(Ziv Shalev) #1

i didn’t find a good way to test our one pager (except friends and the investors that we meet), so maybe we can do it here?
I don’t know many people who didn’t hear about my startup and are “from the industry” that can give us feedback/insights.

lets see if it’ll work here :slight_smile:

(Ziv Shalev) #2

ok, ok i’ll be the first…:wink:

(Meghan McCarthy) #3

I’m not an investor so take this FWIW, but it’s hard for me to visualize what you are building based off this. What are people engaging about? (i.e. yard sales?) I also am not sure what the problem is – what are the things that are “centralized” and “unidirectional”? Are you referring to local governments who try to set up messaging systems with residents? I think some concrete examples of what the platform could be used for would help.

(Dane Madsen) #4

I have depth in both local (digital) and B2G (non-digital). What are you looking for? Feedback on this piece, the model, or the product/market?

Thematically, local is so hard nobody has done it right yet; it is a future opportunity and may always be. I am not sure how this is different than nextdoor who struggles.

Second, and of more import, if your business model is to sell something to cities and towns in the US, you need a different model.