Legal Tech Startups

(Monty Dariani) #1

Which are the best legal tech apps / platforms in the U.S. and in Europe? Any suggestions? I know some german ones, but would like to find more relevant players in europe and in north america.

I’m especially interested how they market their apps and platforms. Marketing/Growth is for many legal tech companies more complicated than other startups that operate in other industries like fashion.

(Andrew Chen) #2

I just invested in one- Atrium!

There’s another that a16z invested in called Everlaw.

Carta is another one worth mentioning.

Hope that helps.

(Kirill Tasilov) #3

We at Talis Capital are investors in Luminance -

(Connor Lawrence) #4

Seconding Atrium - very cool company that is starting with a tight focus on the startup market before moving upmarket.

(Nathan Pitzer) #5

The press currently loves DoNotPay - who is more consumer legal tech.
LegalSifter is a pretty cool Carnegie Mellon enterprise ML company I know back in Pittsburgh.

I pulled together some more research on other legal companies which I’ve heard good things about and some resources to help you find more.

(Monty Dariani) #6

@nathanp cool, thanks for the list :slight_smile:

i know donotpay. is it more popular now in the U.S.? i had the feeling that donotpay was off the radar for a while…

(Nathan Pitzer) #7

It’s popped in an out. Just a very heavy written about app that frequents the press.

I actually only know one person who has had it installed.