Keeping momentum going after "launching" with a founder story

(Dhruv Vasishtha) #1

Hey all, I launched my caregiver education and support startup on Medium with a personal founder story on why this pain point is so close to my heart / how I want to tackle it. We’re getting a lot of traction and social shares amongst friends and family (even leading to some media attention) and I was wondering if people had any thoughts on keeping the momentum going. Whether with new signups, with more social sharing, with more content, etc.

Piece is below, would love any feedback there as well since we’re going to be using it a lot.

(Filip Mandaric) #2

One key element to sustaining social shares is the creation of new shareable content. The average person will inevitably stop sharing the same piece of content, no matter how good it is. It’s important to give people new content to share, because they are essentially trying to provide value to the friends with whom their sharing. Those friends will be able to derive more value from new content than from old content, regardless of the subject matter.

(Dhruv Vasishtha) #3

That’s a good point, we created a friends and family listserv who want to be kept updated on our progress and I should add content hosted on a url in the next email that folks can share. Thanks!