Is search ripe for disruption? Are you satisfied with your search engine?

(Taichi Yasuhara) #1

Article on new way of search. Hate to say it but disrupting search.

Interesting thing is that with all the hype around AI, FinTech and VR you don’t see (m)any startups disrupting search.

BTW it is the biggest money maker on the net and the technology has not significantly changed in 15 years (tweaks in algorithms does not count as significant IMO)

Is search ripe for disruption? Are you satisfied with your search engine?

Is it because Google is so powerful that they are scared to offer something new and better?

Is it that everyone is so satisfied with search engines that there is no innovation necessary?

Or is it that since we are so accustomed to using search that we can’t imagine something better?

As quoted in the article Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz does recognize search engines’ short comings and the article by Doc Huston provides the new service/way to solve the search problem.

Let me know your thoughts on the above questions or if you know of companies that are disrupting search.


(Antonio D'souza) #2

Search won’t be disrupted by better search but instead by making searching irrelevant, as Facebook is currently attempting.

(Taichi Yasuhara) #3


I have the disagree on two fronts.

  1. Although Facebook is on a roll, I don’t think people go to Facebook for
    reliable knowledge, trivial info yes, to kill time, yes. Besides Facebook
    tries to keep you in their silo of mass consumed media/viral junk which often leaves out
    quality info that actually matters IMO.

When was the last time you went to FB for need to know info that affected
your quality of life, your family, your work?

  1. As far as Google is concerned, IBM, Kodak, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, once
    the biggest and the baddest company on the planet never thought they would
    be disrupted but they did, and they always will. Truth is shelf life of all
    mega corporations are getting shorter and shorter. So I think it is a
    matter of when and who and not if.

But Facebook is an interesting player in the field, time will tell how they execute relevant/quality/reliable content issue.

Below is a section of the article by a guy that may have the answer to the search problem.

“Without giving up any options, we civilized souls have the technological ability to advance the bushman’s situation and our own at the same time. To do this we need to identify reliable knowledge in areas of life where reliable knowledge is important and useful. Then we need to separate the best from the rest so we can simply and easily obtain it on-demand. This should be a no-brainer.”