"Is it OK to ask for feedback on my product on here?"

(Andrew Chen) #1

I just got asked this question:

Is it OK to ask people for feedback about my product?

Here was my response, with a minor addition:

No, please don’t ask for general feedback.
I’d rather that it not get too self-promotional, as The Backchannel is just getting it started. If you have a specific question about your product, then maybe fine to ask that, but I wouldn’t ask “What do you think of X?” otherwise the entire forum will end up with those questions.

What do you guys think of that? The right policy for now? Maybe in the future I’ll add a section where this kind of a thing is encouraged?

(hello) #2

In my opinion it is very good policy. It is much better to ask “what kind of functions do you use the most in your CRM” rather than “What do you think of my Super-Simple-CRM”. It is also much easier to give valuable answer to precise question.

(Dan Calin) #3

This type of question will benefit the community much more than just semi-promotional feedback posts.

PLUS - it’ll get a lot harder to manage such a category once the community will grow in numbers. I believe @andrewchen brought over quality people, but some will abuse this type of privilege, unfortunately.

So yeah, I believe it’s the right policy for now.

(Aaron Wolfson) #4

Definitely the right policy. There are other, better places to do product/market research.

Arguably these questions are not going to get very effective feedback anyway, since this will hopefully be a place with many different kinds of people, not necessarily reflective of the target customer, so you are actually saving people from trouble by preventing this. :smile:

And it’s not so hard to take a specific problem you’re having with your product and go one level higher, as @matt_tarczynski said, then apply those answers back to your product. Then you’re helping yourself and the community.