Is it abnormal for a product manager to hate meetings?

(Pranjali Anil Deshpande) #1

Or rather, is it normal to hate meetings? I used to love my role as an individual contributor and the only meetings that didnt seem like a waste of time were the ones in which we used to brainstorm solutions (we = engineering team+PM).
Status meetings, bi-weekly, monthly, nightly, evening-ly syncs suck joy out of the job itself.

Are there any tricks that have worked for you to block calendars off, and not piss off people/ higher-ups when you’ve avoided/ smartly scheduled meetings?

Somethings I’m doing now

  1. Schedule sync type of meetings closer to other meetings so i am frontloading them
  2. Blocking off Friday as no-meeting day
  3. Asking the organizer to create a Slack channel for problem solving, so we dont have to have a meeting instead