Investing in a G2Crowd Profile worth the cost?

(Maciek Pietrzyk) #1

Anyone have any positive results with upgrading to a branded/premium profile on G2Crowd? The cost is $6K - $10K per month depending on who you talk to, and that is your entry ticket to their other content related services.

-What has been your experience?
-Is it worth investing in a premium profile for a SaaS app in the productivity space?

Thanks in advance.

(Miguel Tam) #2

Unfortunately the answer is “depends.” Do your prospects go to G2 Crowd? What about your competitors? What’s your ASP? I’ve used G2 Crowd at two different companies, and here are my thoughts:

  • It takes time to get G2 Crowd going. Getting reviews is super super important. Without them, your marketing dollars will go to waste. The most important thing G2 Crowd will tell you is to get listed on their quadrant. You need at least 10 reviews for that. So you have to ask yourself if your customers are willing to write great reviews for you, and how quickly you can get those.

  • Assess the competitive play. Is your software category prominent in G2 Crowd? For my last company, G2 Crowd was a significant source of competitive differentiation (unfortunately by our main competitor!). But for that reason, it was important for us to be there as well. Even if your category isn’t prominent, assess how your competitors rank. For my current company, G2 Crowd had some presence, but a number of our competitors were already there, so that convinced us to go with it. Plus their SEO for our category was pretty good.

  • Understand how to use G2 Crowd. If you just expect leads to flow in with no effort, good luck. Learn how to use their profile comparisons, tweets, etc. Your call if you want to spend more and do specialized reports, but we didn’t.

  • Determine an acceptable ROI for you. If your ASP is about $50K, and you get several leads that become opportunities, $6K may be a good investment if that’s a better return than your other marketing investments.

  • Check out Capterra. We chose G2 Crowd because of past familiarity, a good chunk of our prospects go there, and we only wanted to invest in one review site (for now at least).

(Laxman Papineni) #3

Hey Maciek, I have interacted with several SaaS companies on this topic and happy to share some inside information over a mail probably. I’m on lax [at]

(Maciek Pietrzyk) #4

Thank you Miguel, appreciate the insight. We have points 1-3 down, and are in 3 quadrants already without a premium profile.

My question is specific to any actual lead lift and ROI off of the profile investment. Because of our success in growing our initial reviews organically, they have presented us with an interesting content lead gen initiative, but the catch is that a premium profile is a requirement. That said, while our reviews are doing great, we are not getting much in the way of any solid leads. This is our conundrum.


(Lin Ling) #5

My general opinion is that G2Crowd is a BUY stage play, for leads that are searching for terms like ‘x vs. y’ or ‘x reviews’ with ‘x’ being your company of course. I’d take a look, if possible, at what search terms brought visitors to your G2Crowd page (pretty sure G2Crowd is building out their analytics to be pretty robust). This will give you an idea. So, if you’re looking to accelerate a lead who is beyond the discovery/education stage to purchase, then it is a good play.

If your focus is lead generation, I don’t think that G2Crowd is that great. As Miguel mentioned above, Capterra does quite well too. And my experience has also been do Capterra first, then migrate to G2Crowd as a land and expand play. Capterra is also cheaper so you can test the waters.

Lastly, what CTAs are you putting on your premium profile? That might matter. If it’s not relevant to the lead’s stage, then that might be why you are not getting conversions you’re looking for. There is also space to put specific content.

(Andrew Chen) #6