Introduce yourself! What are you working on these days?

(Anuj) #545

Hey Guys, I am Anuj. Currently working with VC firm focused on investing in India. Its great time to be in tech (in operational or investment role). I am interested in fintech segment where I believe a lot of innovation is Needed and will happen, especially in India. Other area of interest is IOT - though I need to figure out the best way to approach it. Looking forward to contribute and learn from the community.

(Santiago) #546

Hi all,

My name is Santi Casado, and I’m Marketing Manager at ShuttleCloud.

ShuttleCloud is the most scalable email & contacts data import system. We help some of the leading tech companies and ISPs, including Google (Gmail and Google Contacts) and Comcast, grow faster and engage their users through data import, building invite flows, referral systems and find-your-friends features.

My biggest challenge is to cross the chasm and grow revenue in ShuttleCloud, knowing the best marketing channels to a B2B company.

(Roen Branham) #547

Hi Everyone,

My name is Roen Branham, and I am all over the place. Between a daytime job as the head of dev for an agency to developing a bunch of different apps that have caught my fancy I recently launched the app The idea is to let you inspire and motivate your friends or anyone around the world. I got tired of seeing self serving “look at me” pictures/posts on facebook/twitter so I came up with the concept to have people post to support one another instead of needing attention themselves. Yupp sort of like trying to convince people to eat brussel sprouts when they are staring at a bag of BBQ chips I know. That pretty much covers what I am working on and what the challenges are :-).

I am currently devouring everything I can get my hands on in terms of bootstrap marketing, growth hacking concepts/ideas and UX to make sure the app gets users and the users like the app enough to stay.

I also want to say that I really like the concept of this group and hope I can contribute to the discussions in a helpful manner.

(Yifat Shirben) #548

Hi, I’m Yifat Shirben, an Entrepreneurial Marketer from sunny Sydney. I started following you around just lately and decided to join the community. I have over a decade of experience in helping growing companies with their marketing strategy and implementation.

After learning so much I decided it’s time for me to give something back to the community.
So… my latest project is actually my blog Yifat shirben, it’s fairly new but working on adding more and more content by the day. I’m also mentoring, teaching and speaking in events and actively involved in the local innovation eco-system.

(Marilyn ) #549

I am a Product Manager at the Advisory Board, a Healthcare Tech firm. I’ve worked on several healthcare products within the company, ranging from physician performance improvement to medical referrals and now to hospital strategic and growth planning.
I like to identify problems and help people solve them, irrespective of industry.
I read all things about business, marketing, entrepreneurship I can get my hands on.
Recently nerding out on neuromarketing books and working on evaluating a few ideas.

(David Yarde) #550

Hey Everyone!

First, thank you @andrewchen for creating this community!

Excited to be a part of the community. I’m David Yarde, partner & co-founder of a Branding & Design firm with my wife called Sevenality. A designer by career path started some 10 years ago, I’ve always loved helping others tell their story visually.

Currently, I’m balancing a few things on my plate. For the past few years I’ve been asked over and over how did I get started as a designer by those entering the field, as well as requests from others on possible internships with my branding firm, so naturally that led to creating a mentorship program I’ve entitled WiredThinking.

Other questions and requests have led to a side project called Create More Good, a self paced course platform for creatively building a brand, especially the mental side of entrepreneurship.

Most recently, I started a YouTube project extension of my personal newsletter called the Always Upward Video Dispatch as a way to share more of my work as a creative or the backstory of my creative process while inspiring others.

My biggest challenge has been stepping out of my shell as an introvert, especially when it comes to helping others. After spending almost a decade dealing primarily with code and pixels, it has certainly been an interesting transition these past couple years.

If anyone has any questions on design, branding or user experience, feel free to give me a shout!


(Roberta Tsang ) #551

I’m working with a rapidly growing SaaS startup - Chargebee Chennai HQ, but now expanding in the SF bay/Silicon Valley area. They’re a plug-and-play, subscription billing and management solutions provider, enabling businesses to automate backend processes of invoice generation, subscription management, and payment

Challenge: Still a big learning curve when it comes to this topic and how important it is for SMEs to find the right billing partner. Not the sexiest category, but extremely important to driving profitability, especially for startups and young companies. We recently kicked off Launch Program – where companies can sign up with us and not pay anything until they reach $50K USD in revenue and it’s getting a great response so far!

(Joshua Reola) #552

Company is LiberWave, the Uber and Airbnb for College Textbooks. Working for Cisco Systems as an engineer growing a recent acquisition that competes against Twilio and a technical co-founder with my brother at night.

We met back in 2008 with Noah and JR at a friend’s house in Austin watching the Pacquiao fight. :slight_smile: Would love to chat with you offline about our mobile app on marketing and growth.

(Phil Harwood) #553

Hi. I’m Phil Harwood CEO of a discovery based fashion shopping app launching Sep 2916. We sell high street fashion at 70-90% of retail. Big plans to grow through customer referral and social optimization (Facebook)

(Corey Hubbard) #554

I am Corey, the founder of DreamHighr and DreamHIghr is the for hiring managers and jobseekers. Our biggest challenge is building out our prototype. We are looking to raise a pre-seed round from angels or seed stage VCs and that task is very daunting at present. :slightly_smiling:

(Andrew Su) #555

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen

Hello, here’s Andrew Su currently based between Hong Kong, Singapore & Australia.

A legally trained physician turned internet entrepreneur. Co-founded a digital solutions company that integrate brick-and-mortar and online business model. Growth hacks focus on market fit, O2O integration, analytics and data metrics. Collaboration welcome. [a good read @ Ask me anything on your product knowledgebase and content strategy (for free)]

In working with brick-and-mortar businesses, it is extremely challenging to transform and integrate a non-digital business model into one with a strong online domain. Most of the time we manage to create a new niche market to complement the old (and existing) brick-and-mortar model. So much for a “Blue Ocean Digital” strategy!

(Janine Darling) #556


I’m Janine Darling the Founder of Stash Datacentric Security.

Our technology protects data at the byte level from the inside out.

There are only two kinds of companies: those that have been hacked. Those that have been hacked and don’t know it yet. Either way, if you archive your most valuable business data with Stash Technology, hacks don’t matter.

When Stash is part of your data security arsenal, all data thieves will find when they break in is a pile of digital confetti. No data sets. Nothing to steal.

Cyber security thought leaders say that datacentric security is a must for legally-mandated, longevity prudent, company ‘jewels’ kind of data.

Adaptable to any kind of digital data, Stash will also bring the TCO (total cost of ownership) for your digital data down by 50-80% when implemented alongside your backup tool.

Privacy and security are a right, not a privilege. Stash is making sure it stays that way.

(Andrew Chen) #557

(Tim Logie) #558

Thanks for sending the samples David. I have tested them running and really like them. I am going to order some and I will talk about you on social media! Thx!

(David) #559

Tim, thank you for putting The Right Stuff through your own test. We are glad that you realized the same benefits as so many other athleteIs. Thank you for your support and help with spreading the word.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

David Belaga

(Yingsi Zhang) #560

Hi! My name is Yingsi and I’m working at IDEO to launch an accelerator to empower female entrepreneurs. My background is primarily brand management, so this has been a very interesting but extremely rewarding career switch for me. I also recently moved to SF from NYC, and couldn’t be happier to join the vibrant community in the Bay Area!

(Eugen Ilie) #561


This is such a great concept, and I am so excited to be part of this community.

I’ve been around “growth hacking” since 2001, all the way back when Overture was initiating one of the first PPC platforms (at least at scale). I’ve built numerous technologies and marketplaces in the industry and right now I am leading the Affiliate and Integrations (API and data) initiatives at LendUp.

We’ve created a great product for the consumers, and we are continuing to do so. I am really passionate about doing what’s right at all times, and the products and values we have really makes me proud.
Right now we are expanding our growth efforts on new channels, which includes off-line initiatives and direct response.
We’ve launched the L Card (our subprice credit card) and we are about to really scale this product as well.
Our product lineup is coming together nicely. I would love to learn more about how we could scale our programs and even tap into the social media more. There are so many things that we can do in the near future.

(Arthur Chu) #562

Hi Andrew and Community,

First of all, love the blog and all of the growth learnings that you share! My name is Art Chu and I work at Bleacher Report. When I first started I worked on the user funnel, trying to convert casual users into more active users. I’ve since moved on to working on some of our core backend services that support the website and the app, but am always looking at ways to grow our user base, especially as some of the social platforms aggregate their audiences more.

Excited to be a part of this and am interested in experiences around growth for content/media.

(Rich Patton) #563

Thank you for the invitation, @andrewchen - and hello, community!

For the last few months, I have been helping RadiumOne launch our mobile analytics platform, Connect. Having spent some time at Mixpanel, one request I consistently received was to make user engagement data more actionable. Email, push, and in-app messaging can be useful for bringing users back to the app, but can often be overlooked, or worse - they may even annoy users to the point that they delete an app.

That’s why we’ve built Connect to work with our programmatic ad buying platform, giving growth marketers the ability to reach users across the sites and apps they use. It’s been well received so far, and I’m excited to continue growing out this part of our business.

Looking forward to participating with this group, and hope to meet many of you in the future.

(Andrew Chen) #564

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