Introduce yourself! What are you working on these days?

(Mathieu Guerville) #352

Hi everyone,

I’m Mathieu, a corporate development guy by day (I buy small nice tech companies, AMA if you’re contemplating such a transaction yourself) and a 2-projects guy by night. I’m working on an employee engagement platform called with the original founder and a dev, as well as a peer to peer insurance concept. For the latter I happen to be looking for testers, in SF on october 17th (10:30am and 12pm), contact me at @mattmg83 or here if interested

Looking forward to engaging with the community on this platform, thanks Andrew!

(Stefan Krafft ) #353

I am one of the Founders of HAAARTLAND - The Audience Building Platform A tool for Digital Marketers to use the get deeper understandings from their audiences. We sort out the success factors in every niche there is and points out suggestions on what to do next to engage and connect to these people.

Marketing Intelligence is another way to describe what we’re up to. Still in private beta, but soon to have our first public version released. You’re so welcome everyone to signup for an invite at
Oh, could be good for you to know, I am from Sweden. :wink:
Thanks for your attention!

/Stefan Krafft

(Matt) #354

Hi mguerville,

Your project sounds fascinating! What space will be aimed at? How far along are you in your setup?

Arcade is also an employee engagement platform, designed to integrate company goals with game goals to stimulate and motivate the working team. Check us out on twitter @arcadethegame for more info!



(Chris) #355

Thanks Andrew for the invite.

I’m Christopher Moore. My main focus right now is growing the customer base via marketing for a funded Logistics Startup in Hong Kong, floship–setting of systems for lead gen, content/SEO, PR and anything else that comes up. Floship currently grows by helping creators with their crowdfunding fulfillment–we can ship anywhere in the world for near the cost of domestic shipping; and helping e-commerce operators expand their markets via affordable and fast fulfillment B2C anywhere in the world.

Also, working marketing/PR helping a buddy get his curious product off the ground while it’s live and about to reach its funding goal on Indiegogo.

Otherwise, travel, writing, cutting film and languages are my hobbies.

(Mathieu Guerville) #356

Hi Arcade team, we’re going after managers with tools designed just for them. I’ve seen many launch team-oriented solutions and we think having a manager-only focus can help us tailor our offering a bit more and offer some services to Enterprise clients that would complement these other approaches.

It’s live at, premium features will roll out by the end of the year. Let’s keep in touch, good luck with your project

(Tanya) #357

HI Andrew,
Thanks for creating this wonderful place where ppl can share their thoughts and experience.

My name is Tanya and I am a Dr. of Online Marketing Listia is the largest online marketplace to give and get free Stuff! We have million of users and many more are joining every day. We are getting tons of emails from our members thanking us for giving them this place where they can find awesome stuff for free.
For a small company it is a challenge to keep up with high prices for paid marketing and at the same time retain an original idea of keeping everything free for our members.
I would love to here ideas of what worked for other UA, marketing managers that allowed them to keep paid marketing cost down or even find users for free.

Thanks a lot

Starting a marketplace?
(Haik Nersesyan) #358

Hi everyone!
My name is Haik and currently I am working on justbefit an online workout booking app/service in Russia. We are up and running since January and currently are focusing on improvement and growth.


(Alex Schiff) #359

Hi all!

My name is Alex, and I’m working as a product manager at Occipital. We’re a computer vision company behind Structure Sensor and 360 Panorama. Prior to that I started Fetchnotes (acquired by Driftt in April 2015) and worked in journalism (Benzinga, Michigan Daily).

Here to discuss all things growth/product, with a particular interest in:

  • home services (interior design, architecture, furniture shopping, real estate, or even home management stuff like Alfred)

  • AR/VR

  • Productivity/collaboration

  • Journalism/media

  • Anything that helps science progress faster (particularly genetics/bio)

(Daniele Buonaiuto) #360

Dear Andrew - thanks for this wonderful initiative!

I’m the CIO in worlwide Cruises Company and I’m currently leading the digital transformation coping with many different challenges, spanning from deploying the new digital experience to our customers, to improve process efficiency.

AB testing, session re-playing, channels user monitoring, channels agility and scalability, app deploy are most hot topics I’m working on.

(Fahim) #361

Hi all, my name is Fahim and I am working on an app in one of Andrew’s favorite industries, dating (inside joke). I am launching , a live video dating service in which we connect people for quick and engaging conversations.

Outside of SneakPeek, I have a background in e-commerce/retail and used to be a Category Manager for one of the largest categories on Amazon. I also consult with brands on how to grow their e-commerce business, and I’m looking into starting an e-commerce incubator for startups interested in the space.

Looking forward to interacting with everyone on here at some point. Thanks for setting this up Andrew!

–Fahim Naim

(Hannah Chaplin) #362

Hey everyone!

My name’s Hannah; based in the UK and have worked in software since leaving school. Love building businesses and products.

I’m currently working on - feature request management for Software-as-a-Service businesses.

Biggest challenge at the moment is recruitment. Busy trying to scale our the sales team - so hard to find good people with experience in B2B SaaS. Do shout up if you think you can help at all!

Good luck to you all - excited to be involved in this community. DM me anytime.

(Jordan Bouaziz) #363

Hi everyone,

I am Jordan from Paris, France and I currently work at Twitter.

I am also the founder of Whom, an iOS application to make your own GIFs and share them on Facebook and Twitter natively.

You can test the app right now by adding your mail address at

Would love to hear some professional feedback.

You can contact me by DM, mail, FB or twitter (@JordanBzz).


(GrahamOG) #364

Hey everyone,

I am working on a Carpooling app and a personal development application. For both apps we have built out a mobile platform and built a community around them. The carpooling app has been growing very steadily, we are making carpooling more efficient and practical. It has been an exciting challenge, as carpooling requires a behaviour change for most people living in North America.

(Erik Andersen) #365

Hi… I Erik, one of two founders of evertouch, the revolutionary address book that updates itself ( Our mission is to remove the ongoing hassles of maintaining an up to date address book.

I’m a veteran of the IT and retail online payments world, stretching back to early ATM networks with banks like Bank of America and Bank of California in S.F. and ending up as CIO and leading IT teams for significant payments processors, First Data and BPay in Sydney Australia. Jumped out of the corporate world in late 2011 and concentrating now on my own thoughts and ideas. Looking to be innovative and make a positive difference for people somewhere, somehow… probably in tech.

evertouch has been in the making for nearly 2 years now. We’ve made some significant progress, having passed our MVP and released what one might refer to as evertouch 1.0. But, we still have huge plans for the future and are currently preparing for the next level of investment (private and/or angel), so we can move ahead with ‘evertouch for Business’ and the raft of other features, functions and improvements we have defined.

Our challenge is attracting and retaining tech talent who share our passion and want to invest their time and expertise - - got on the journey with us. And, since marketing is not our forté, we’d love to find a marketeer/growthhacker to show us the way in telling the world about evertouch.

(Michael ) #366

Hi there. Thanks for the invite.

I’ve been in Direct Marketing & Digital for 15 years. Glad to be here.

I’m working on a startup that will completely disrupt telemarketing as we know it, and in a way that consumers will embrace. Launching this week.
I’m looking for ‘Growth’ partners to support this new venture.

Connect with me - @adman227


(Josh Rodriguez) #367

Hello, my name is Josh Rodriguez. I’m a marketing specialist (first job out of college) at AdStage. I split my time between demand gen, CRO, and anything else that needs marketing/design attention since we are a lean team.

I studied marketing & stats in college and plan to continue down the stats/data analysis path, working within a marketing role on optimization and modeling problems.

I’m completely new to the tech industry and look forward to learning from everyone.

(Simon) #368

Hi I’m Simon,

The problem I’m solving is how to get news objective again and make all facts and opinions visible.
My approach to solve it is in combination of content aggregation and empowering users to interact with the content and change the content. Beta version of my product available here
Biggest challenge I’m facing right now is finding a partner(s) willing to work with me on that problem.

(bill) #369

Good evening - My name is Bill Nelson and my company is working on a fantasy football app geared toward the casual sports fan and existing fantasy football players. Our goal is to bring back the social and fun aspect of fantasy sports with a convenient and fun game play format. We are not hardcore daily fantasy sports. The app name will be 3pak; beta launch scheduled for early Dec. 2015.

Other than a successful beta, our challenge is establishing connections with potential corporate partners. Our format would fit great with a restaurant or food chain that would look to attract people who play fantasy sports into their place of business.

Thanks for the invite! All comments are welcome.

(Seif Fendukly) #370

Hey guys,

I’m Seif Fendukly from Stockholm, Sweden.

I’m working as a Conversion Specialist at Conversionista! We’re no. 1 on online conversion in Sweden and in the nordic region.

I also run a side project where me and my team (licensed dietitian since many years, personal trainer and nutrition coach) help people live healthier lives without constant stress and anxiety about their health and what they’re eating. This is a big issue these days leading to mental and physical problems.

The biggest challenge in my side project is to build a great team and inspire others about our mission, to help people live healthier and happier lives without stress and anxiety about something as simple as food.

Good talking to you guys!

See you around,


Hi Andrew!

I was reading your post titled “New data shows losing 80% of mobile users is normal, and why the best apps do better,” and I have a few questions on the table data. How can apps - especially Top Tier Apps - have attrition rates that drive their active number of users to zero? At some point, wouldn’t the data show a plateau - or in the case of Top Tier apps, shouldn’t there be an increase? When does that occur?