Introduce yourself! What are you working on these days? (July 2016)

(Marchick Adam) #63

I go by Adam Marchick and just started, working on innovating in Voice-first interfaces (Amazon Echo, Google Home, Siri, etc.).

I would love to brainstorm with others who are intrigued by Voice-to-Computer interactions!

@adammstanford, @VoiceLabsCo

(tibor komoroczy) #64

Thanks for the invite. My name is Tibor Komoroczy CEO Skunkworks LLC That brings me to the zero sum game the granddaddy of all money. Where buyer meets seller is an interesting point. One is happy to get rid of any market (Seller) and then the other glad (Buyer) to get the opportunity to take the other side of a transaction. Who is right?

In the world of money, buying and selling are where the king of beasts is in investment finance. The money in a professional portfolio is violent, vicious volatility which, can expand 100% overnight, no questions ask, just deal with it. That is what a professional money manager deals with each day. Can a machine do the job better? No doubt about it.

Smart wealth management firms, mutual funds, and hedge fund managers better get their analytics up to date soon everyday advantages are changing. There is a huge advantage to having artificial intelligence looking over any investment portfolio. It is safer to have an autonomous model managing the risk even if a manager makes the choice he then is forced to live inside the rules. That means all professionals with this type of analytic gain edge. There are great traders that the sequence of their mind is right template how money ebbs and flows. The question can do the ideas scale are they liquid.

Our software understands how markets function and manage risk to the .1000th basis point. What Robo is investing is now linking into to autonomously managed money. It is safer and more exact than any humans can physical stand stamina. Guidelines will change, and regulations will put it on people, have a backup, a program with firm guidelines of risk. You build one of these you need to know how to do that for your fiduciary responsibility.

Skunkworks makes software my website is it sits unused I made a hedge fund, wealth management, mutual fund in a box. It just took a bit longer than I thought. Our software covers all asset classes
our mutual fund will appear all automated.

Fintech is easily the most dynamic programming in the world the challenges are formattable. The futures has never looked brighter for financial technology. If someone would like to see it, Andrew Chen, love to show you what the future is heading too.

This is a fascinating place in time.

(Andreas Ramos) #65

Who are you? Andreas Ramos


Twitter username? @andreas_ramos

What are you up to these days? Teach at an SF business school. Advisor to nine startups. My three clients are Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. I also write books. Book #14 will be on how to build a startup.

What most interests you in tech these days? Very early stage startups. How to build from scratch. Create a founder team, define the idea, start the process. I live in Palo Alto.

(Kevin Kirkpatrick) #66


Who are you?
I’m Kevin Kirkpatrick, co-founder and CEO of Rezza.

CEO at Rezza

Rezza is a collaborative analytics platform designed for everyone on your team. We allow you to easily connect data and automatically receive machine generated insights that enable data democratization.

Check out our video: Rezza Product Video

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Navigating the transition from founder-only startup to small, growing organization.

What most interests you in tech these days?
I’m very interested in using data to enhance the way businesses operate. More generally, I am most excited by the ever-improving relationship between humans and machines and the ways in which we can better leverage technology to improve the human experience.

(David Bailey) #67

I’m Dave Bailey.

Currently, I’m EIR for a London-based VC. Aside from investing, I spend time writing essays for entrepreneurs and product managers having reached 10 years in tech.

What tech? Right now, I’m really fascinated with creating mini-apps inside emails. After getting burned on mobile and resorting to email to win back dormant users, I can’t help but think emailing apps would be better for everybody.

If you agree (or not), tweet me @davesuperman.

(Rajat Harlalka) #68

Who are you?
Rajat Harlalka, entrepreneur and small time angel investor based in Gurgaon, India

Founder, Bellurbis

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Working on a Knowledge Automation Platform - KnoBis ( Product currently in beta stage

What most interests you in tech these days?
i. How inbound marketing and lean outbound sales is driving success for lean SaaS startups
ii. Productivity hacks and tools that are changing the way we work and do business

(Tricia Harris) #69

Who are you?
Tricia Harris

Product Evangelist at Lucid Meetings

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Positioning/promoting our meeting productivity platform (whoa p’s!), building channel relationships, and learning about product marketing

What most interests you in tech these days?
The neuroscience and psychology behind selling, decision making

(Tomasz Duda) #70

Who are you?
Tomek Duda

Growth Hacker at intive, we are a Software House specialising in custom software development

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Together with two of my friends we are planning the first growth hacking meetup series in Poland to help marketers, product people and entrepreneurs benefit from growth marketing.

What most interests you in tech these days?
I am really interested in machine learning and how it may help marketers better understand the intentions of users and taylor the message to better suit their interests

(Pragnesh Dixit) #71

Who are you ?

I’m Pragnesh Dixit. I am a Co-Founder of TriState Technology. I have a 10+ years experience in software industry. I am working extensively on mobile application development for various domains like social networking, Restaurants, Healthcare, Fitness, Lifestyle, Travel, Education & Business.

Twitter username

What are you up to these days ?
Now, we are software consulting company, mainly focused on Mobile and Web Application Development. We are helping startup to enterprise for various domains like real estate, restaurant, social networking, healthcare, Medical etc…

(Lebron) #72

Who are you?
Lebron Meng

Currently working as a Marketing Manager at

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?

  1. SEO: Working on one of my personal websites that generates over 1m unique visitors per month. (Health niche)
  2. Investing a cafe in my hometown.
  3. Trying hard to increase traffic and conversion rate for

What most interests you in tech these days?
AI, definitely.

(Jon Myers) #73

Greetings Backstorians,

My name is Jon Myers and I’m an American digital product designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In the beginning, of my entrepreneurial journey (some time ago, I’m old) - I had a boutique digital agency mainly focused on data visualization applications for verticals such as financial services and biotechnology. The S to the G to the I - for those that know. VR before VR was VR. :slight_smile:

I have acted as founder and co-founder of a few startups/ businesses some may know.

As a design lone wolf, I’ve worked with large organizations and customers on command and control centers for cyber security, logistics and energy management scenarios.

I also hold the distinction of having the first iPhone app to be censored by a government - “C******e All-Stars

More recently, last year, I consulted with a venture capital firm here in Vietnam and came in for the first year of development to launch a new digital bank from the ground up. I did all UX, UI work, consulted on product development and created the design systems to build a core design team around. That bank hit 24,000 customers last month. They’re happy with the growth.

Presently, I am doing a lot of digital product development for a publicly traded company in China who have Saas platforms that serve Amazon FBA sellers.

And, somewhere in there, I’ve managed to design 12 mobile apps (in far flung verticals) and 6 saas platforms for 2016. Crazy, I know.

Ohh, and I make music and DJ for fun sometimes. //\

My Twitter handle is my name - JonMyers

The things that interest me in tech these days - -

Well, given my experience in digital banking, I am very keen on fintech. In particular, I see banking made up of three pillars. Information - what do I have, what’s in/ out, what happened. Action - move money, send money, pay bills, etc., Intelligence - automation, insights and so on.

I see a lot of opportunity with the latter, Intelligence - and its ability to change people’s behaviors and lives.

Perhaps someone else has said it, but as was coined (maybe by Andrew?) - the “Unbundling of Craigslist” - I believe banking is being unbundled. As you can go to the homepage of Craigslist, point at a link, and point to a billion dollar business, I believe you can see the same pattern in banking.

When I go to Chase’s homepage, I see an Acorns, I see a Robinhood, a Kabbage and so on.

Finally, AR has my attention. I believe AR has more potential than VR and once we get beyond the literal thinking of applications simulating reality, the real magic will happen.

I’m here to learn and share.

I hope I can be helpful.



(Kai Pan) #74

My name is Kai (@neokai) and I’m a co-founder of Akin, a new dating app for white-collar professionals. We aim to help earnest singles exchange the information they need to be safe and make the right decisions for themselves and what they value.

Previously, I bootstrapped and grew the chinaSMACK group blog that covered and translated Chinese internet trends and culture. Our work attracted a healthy community and regular citations by mainstream media including CNN, NYT, The Economist. One of our favorites was The Colbert Report.

My passion is in how humans resonate with one another, and in how technology facilitates. My current project Akin is testing to see if there’s a way to transform the act of online vetting into signals of real-world trustworthiness and sincerity that could pave the way to a healthy, lasting relationship.

Our premise awaits validation and I’m eager to hear anyone else’s reactions, thoughts, and perspectives. Cheers.

(Leon Klepfish) #75

Who are you?
Leon Klepfish

I’ve been in the startup and tech business field since I was a teenager. Founded and co-founded several tech startups, worked as Director of Engineering at my last one, and now bootstrapping the latest one.

Founder of Callingly - free, private call pages that let your customers call you with a click

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Bootstrapping Callingly - a call page platform that lets customers call you from your website, email, Twitter, Facebook, Craiglist, Etsy and more - right through their browser and without ever revealing your personal phone number.

What most interests you in tech these days?

I’m fascinated by technologies like autotranslation that are making the internet more global. Anything that lets people from opposite sides of the world connect and help developing countries grow their own economies by bootstrapping.

Always up for chatting startups, web development, growing tech teams, WebRTC, and anything else.

(Kiragu Gichuri) #76

Kiragu Gichuri - Co-founder / Business Lead at Eko Biashara - a saas accounting product that digitizes recordkeeping and automates your accounting, online and mobile.


Trying to close a deal with a bank to provide Eko Biashara to their clients.
Then work on integrating it with digitial payments, including mobile money payments like mpesa to make it completely cashless. This will help create a business profile, which we can use to provide them business loans.

What interests me in tech (using Africa as my background) - is digital payments, mobile money payments in Kenya + sub saharan Africa, creating a cashless ecosystem for my customers, mobile app + mobile tech.

(Sachin) #77

Hello legends,

I am Sachin Tiwari, Co-Founder of Pepipost - on a big mission to make emails free again!

When email came into existence it was free for all. Even businesses used
to send out emails to their customers through their in-house email
delivery systems, and hence it was free of cost for them as well. But
then, people started misusing the email channel by shooting spammy
marketing mails. Email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail on the
other hand started blocking such emails to prevent privacy or security
issues for their users. It was getting harder to deliver emails to the
inbox and even the legitimate emails were getting blocked by ISPs.
Brands had to build reputation and fight through the spam filters. Thus
came the role of ESPs who developed expertise to avoid the spam filters
and started charging clients to deliver their emails.

Pepipost is on a big mission to make emails free again. We wants to
create the largest community of good senders and make the email
ecosystem free of spam. As a first step towards this mission, Pepipost
doesn’t charge for email conversations. All email opens are free. That means, going by the average industry open rates, customers get to save 40% of email costs.

I would love to know your views on our big mission. It will be great if we can connect over twitter too @isachintiwari

(Andrew Chen) #78