Introduce yourself! What are you working on these days? (July 2016)

(Luke McCormack) #43

Luke McCormack
Director @ - customer support on demand.
Working on growth for Influx here in SF.
Loving user acquisition, sales and growth tactics at the moment.

(Tom McMahon) #44

Who are you:
My name is Tom McMahon.

I am a Senior Product Marketing Manager at CommerceHub.

Twitter username:

What are you up to these days:
Having recently joined CommerceHub I am working hard to formalize a GTM process for the company. Trying to find the right blend of solid SaaS launch process inside a company that has been around for almost 20 years.

What most interests you in tech these days:
Everything from mobile to IoT, healthcare and everything in between. The sheer digitization of everything and the way companies find ways to monetize more and more data is fascinating. The simple example of how wearables like FitBits and Apple Watches can save dollars when it comes to health premiums is just the tip of the iceberg.

(Andreas) #45

Hello you out there,

I work on a Growth Hack online course for absolute beginner.

every day I get up at 5 am in the morning. Reading and learning from books, feeds, twitter, etc quora to achieve my goals.
have fun and working smart
see you !

(Purna Mehta) #46


I’m P, working as a Product Manager at Zolt. (Find me on Twitter)

Zolt is a super early stage startup and we summarize the news in 60 words. I’m on to find that ‘Aha!’ moment for my product - the one thing that will lead to exponential growth. Until we get there, we’ll leave no stone unturned!

Anything and everything product related is what I am interested in reading, learning and experimenting about. The more knowledge I absorb from others’ experiences, the more I’m electrified in my endeavor!

(Claire Stokoe) #47

Thank you for the invite. I’m developing a way to create small affordable interactive content that can be scaled up

(Roberto Bustillos) #48

Great idea, Andrew!

My name is Roberto Bustillos, CEO and Founder of Outdover, a new mobile app new app that helps busy professionals to plan nearby FUN outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, bicycling, camping and more, in just seconds.

Follow us on twitter @outdover

We are updating our platform with new guided adventures offered from local experts, you can be one of them! We’d love your feedback!

I’m interested in Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality technology that will bring people closer to nature. Pokemon Go is a great example.

(Adam Sobol) #49

Thank you for the invite! Happy to join this great community.

Who are you?
My name is Adam Sobol and I am passionate about helping people through the medium of technology. I am naturally curious and intellectually sound.

CareBand, Inc - Founder and CEO

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
I am an IT Consultant while working on my dream as an entrepreneur. With CareBand, we are building wearable technology for seniors living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

What most interests you in tech these days?
Ever since Apple released the ibeacon technology, I have been enthralled by the Internet of Things and wearable technology. The immense power that it has to help people live better lives motivates me to keep exploring it.

(Snehal Kumar) #50

Who are you?
My name is Snehal Kumar.

Currently working as a Product Manager at, Bangalore, India. We are a job portal for blue and grey collar segment.

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
I am new into Product Manager and looking for a mentor who can guide me and discuss best practices in the profession.
What most interests you in tech these days?
What excites me the most is building UX for customers in tier 3-4 cities who aren’t very tech smart. As an ex Teach for India fellow, i am looking to impact the “not very educated” segment in cities in a country like India.

(James Futhey) #51

I’m Product Marketer / Lead Designer for Appuri, in Seattle. Our Platform, Appuri Backstop, uses Machine Learning to Predict Churn, before it happens, and give you the top 3 sources of churn for your app. We have a lot of A-list clients in the B2B & Mobile gaming space.

I’m @kidgdzilla on Twitter, and I’m spending a lot of time going from “Hobbyist Growth Hacker” to a legitimate Content / Inbound Marketer.

Also, for the first time, I’m seriously approaching the mechanics of Machine Learning (drop me a message if you’re interested!).

(Blanquart) #52

Hi Everyone,

I’m Vadim Blanquart (@yeswestock), founder and CEO of YesWeStock in London. I have graduated from ESTP Paris in Civil Engineering before going to South Korea, where I worked as an Electrical Engineer for Samsung. In 2015 I came back to Paris to join VINCI.

About YesWeStock ( ), it is a marketplace where people who are looking to rent a storage can connect with others who want to rent the free space they have at home! We are now expanding in UK and consequently we are now focus to work on our Marketing and Web Content to improve the user experience and the customer service in general.

I’m passionate about new technologies and am very excited to work on the new needs and demands of this evolving market with tech.

We would love to have your feedback, so we can keep on improving our service!

(Sharif Tarver) #53

Who are you:
My name is Sharif Tarver

Title / Company:
Management Intern at Intentional Endowments Network, where our network supports colleges, universities, and other mission-driven tax-exempt organizations in aligning their endowment investment practices with their mission, values, and sustainability goals without sacrificing financial returns.

Twitter Handle

What are you up to these days
Creating annual impact reports working with my non profit to promote intentionally designed endowments between the investment and higher education industry. I’m also starting my own Fintech startup and learning to code.

What interest you the most in Tech these days
Mostly the way Fintech is emerging to disrupt the banking industry. It’s great for the small startups that challenge the banks that the banks are partnering with some but I love the music streaming battle between Apple and Spotify. Great for innovation.

(Oren Greenberg) #54

Oren Greenberg

Outsourced CDO - my consulting entity is Kurve

Twitter - @OrenGreen

These days I’m helping grow startup as outsourced CDO/CMO/Head of search.

What most interests you in tech these days?
Programmatic RTB

(Adam Chaloeicheep) #55

Hi, everyone!

My name is Adam Chaloeicheep.
I run a brand design firm in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and have a new startup called Signal AI.
Twitter: @achaloeicheep and @SignalAssistant
We are growing the brand design firm working with Seed and Round A startups, on the short list of VC firms on both coasts. And, just launched our beta program for Signal AI.
We are most interested in the utility of AI and how it can resurface displaced relationships.

(Vishal Korlipara) #56

Who are you?
Vishal Korlipara

Marketing and Sales at Hux

Twitter username?
@vishaldonttweet (the name says it all)

What are you up to these days?
Attempting to balance growing our company 14% Mom while taking care of my dog and girlfriend :slight_smile:

What most interests you in tech these days?
I have been constantly on the hunt for the newest social channels for which consumers still trust the content. In a world full of Facebooks and Twitters where every other piece of content is an ad, it is harder to truly engage potential customers.

(nn nn) #57

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for allowing to be here.

  • Who are you?

My name is Victor Polyushko.

  • Title/company?

Founder/5 Pixels Studio

  • Twitter username?


  • What are you up to these days?

Working on several MVPs to submit to pre-seed investors.

  • What most interests you in tech these days?

Niche industries

(Thomas Ma) #58

I’m the founder of Career Podium. I’m also a recent graduate.
Twitter- Tmatravel7
Right now, i’m working to build the platform and preparing for TechCo’s Startup of the year competition.

I’m interested in entrepreneurship and collaborating with other like minded folks.

(Daniel Nowack) #59

Hi! I’m Daniel (@dannowack) and I lead the LATAM and European activities of Yunus Social Business, a VC for social enterprises in developing countries. We are supporting entrepreneurs that tackle social problems through business models. Some of the companies we’ve backed are a health insurance for the poorest in Colombia, a distribution company for sanitation products in Haiti, a textile company with 50%+ higher wages and better working conditions in Albania or a company providing safe drinking water to schools in Uganda.

At the moment, we are trying to strengthen our abilities to help our portfolio companies with non-financial support. We have been able to enable the first few companies to scale by applying technology. Usually, that’s rudimentary technology like an SMS-based CMS and reporting system, simple technology for water cleaning or QR-code based customer membership cards.

We are looking for creative ideas on how to help other companies scale with basic technology that’s available in/applicable to underdeveloped markets. So: Looking forward to learning more from everyone. :slight_smile:



(Eugenio Perea) #60

Who are you?
Eugenio Perea

Partner at Per Se Capital. We’re a company builder in Mexico.

Twitter username?
“Entrepreneur. Partner at @PerSeCapital. I design and execute. I like the web, music, cars, fintech, science, technology, cool ideas & random entertaining stuff.”

What are you up to these days?
Helping to build up the startup ecosystem in Mexico. We do The Founder Institute, StartupNext by Techstars, mentoring all over the place, and we’ve been offered to create a small VC fund. All in all, hectic, uphill, fun.

What most interests you in tech these days?
Mobility, politics, fintech, health, education.

(Vivek Khandelwal) #61

Vivek Khandelwal
Founder, Datability Solutions
Building a user engagement and retention platform,that users web push notifications as a communication channel.

Excited to be a part of this community. I passionately follow Adtech and Marketing Automation space.

(Swanny) #62

Who are you?
Aswan Morgan

Head of Personalization Consulting @ RichRelevance
Co-Founder @ Silicon Climate (accelerator of companies innovating against climate change)

Twitter username?
@aswanmorgan (but I never use it)

What are you up to these days?
My current project is, a daily deeply-discounted flight deals site servicing the Bay Area and other areas

What most interests you in tech these days?
Data and algorithmic-driven decision-making applied to commerce, dating, career management and other areas