Introduce yourself! What are you working on these days? (July 2016)

(Paritosh Sharma) #21
  1. Hi, I am Paritosh Sharma

  2. Head of Digital Services and Web Chat Company Product at Hero MINDMINE, BPO

  3. @paritoshsharma

  4. Scaling up a secret invite only group of the world’s most curious people. 8 members and growing. We open to 50 members every quarter; only on invite. Zero digital presence. The group members get access to global signals that are bound to impact the world. Signals = people + what they are working on (startup, initiatives, research etc.)

We are in revenue via memberships and are working on a global fellowship for 20 curious brains under the age of 25.

  1. In tech I am keenly following Fintech and Robots in consumer healthcare


Nick Segrue

Co-Founder CareToShare


Launching for people to share their knowledge, skills and tasks, blending the sharing economy with social networking.

Most interested in growth of smartphone functionality and sharing economy.

(Abigail Keeso) #23


My name is Abigail.

I am the co-founder of That Clean Life (based in Toronto)
You can find us here on Twitter.

These days we’re working on building a platform that makes eating healthy simple and fun. We’ve recently branched out to go B2B by building a new tier that helps wellness professionals make eating healthy simple and fun for their clients.

These days I’m most interested in product management, building a team and growth.

(Brandon Wu) #24

Hi all! I’ve been lurking here for a while and finally posting for the 1st time! :grinning:

Who are you?
Brandon Wu

Co-founder / The Curious Collective Ltd

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Working on Doko, a social media app for longer-form content with design templates for mobile. (Think Instagram + Snapchat Stories)

What most interests you in tech these days?
All the new development in locomotion and urban transportation. :trolleybus:

(Depesh Mandalia) #25

Depesh Mandalia

Interim CMO at - toucanBox deliver arts and crafts sets through your letter box via a flexible subscription service aimed at kids 3-8 years of age as a way to keep creativity, intrigue and curiosity flowing.

I’m currently contracting for startups in London, UK - biggest recent success was taking www.LostMy.Name (children’s book publisher) from 10-man hack-team to 100+ post-Series A team with $20MM global revenue.

Right now I’m interested in tech that helps scale performance marketing - not just tracking, attribution and reporting, but growth frameworks, lean AB testing, growth mindset etc - the whole package of squeezing performance at every opportunity. Currently putting a deck together on some aspects of this for Turing Festival in Edinburgh, August 2016.

(Corey O'Neal) #27

Who are you?
Corey O’Neal

Senior Product Manager at Madison Reed where I work on digital experiences for retention

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
At Madison Reed, we delivers (mostly through subscriptions) an at-home hair color kit that’s a more pleasant experience and makes your hair look healthier. Over 100 million women color their hair, it’s perfect for busy women who don’t want to spend a lot of money at a salon and those who want something different than what you can get at a drug store.

What most interests you in tech these days?
A combination of conversational tech and AI computer vision .

(Quentin Decock) #28

Hi community!

Who are you?

I am Quentin, startupper. Software engineer at core turned product manager then founder. I love to build.


Founder & CEO of bnbflow, an Airbnb “Autopilot”. We make the lives of power hosts easier, by automating redundant tasks and help them deliver a consistent and amazing experience to their guests.

Twitter username?


What are you up to these days?

I am focused on the following things these days:

  1. Pivotting my company. I have a fully functional MVP, it has several daily active users. Though it needs to be better positioned to be grown efficiently.
  2. Finding a co-founder. I have been working in collaboration with talented people, but none could commit full time. I am looking for a business buddy to refine ideas, but essentially to build and execute with me.
  3. Raising money. Their is no emergency on this front, but I am getting ready to raise a first round.

What most interests you in tech these days?

  • ChatBots, thought as a dead simple user experience framework. I love simple products doing one thing really well. I think ChatBots will allow a new product breed of that kind.
  • How tech can be leveraged to create experiences at the frontier of tech and real life. I think we are getting at a point where the important ingredients are gathered (mobile adoption, mobile performance, tech savviness of users, Geolocation, Image processing, etc.) to allow entirely new experiences to be thought, designed and implemented. This is an exciting time to live in.


(Uliana Sidorenko) #29

My name is Uliana, I’m head of sales for, we provide full-range support and customization services for WordPress sites. We also just launched, so I can say it’s a very interesting time :slight_smile:

Twitter - @ulianasi
I welcome all followers :slight_smile:

(Chandan Benjaram) #30

Who are you?
CB… father of :seedling: startups


Twitter username?
*I pay greater attention to my business accounts than personal ones :wink:

What are you up to these days?
2 key things filling my days:

  1. Tweaking SamePinch - Ask—Assist—Attain 3rd time get to PMF
  2. Redefining IT development offerings to meet next-gen startups at MAISA SOLUTIONS, INC.

What most interests you in tech these days?
Technology enablement to meet masses for greater good! While helping fellow entrepreneurs build their products, I am personally experiencing journey via my flag ship app: SamePinch - Ask—Assist—Attain

(Gautam Mishra) #31

Hi everyone, I run inkl, a noise-free news platform. inkl is news for busy readers who don’t have time for clickbait, gossip and tabloid stories.

What interests me most is the second disruption of news publishing that is underway now. After losing classified revenue last time, publishers are now losing ad revenue too. And it’s fascinating to watch the response. Essentially they are trying to cope with falling ad prices by increasing volumes (through clickbait and third-party distribution). But it’s hard to see that as a long-term solution so I’m really interested in what happens next.

I don’t honestly think news itself will stop being a thing, so my bet is that market economics will force concentration through buyouts and a push towards news becoming a paid medium (like every other medium). Would love to hear what others think is likely to happen to news.

(Victoria Williamson) #32

Hi there!
My name is Victoria Williamson. I’m an executive assistant at Hack Reactor.
We are a coding bootcamp and focused on changing people’s lives by teaching them the skills they need to be excellent software engineers. You can find me on twitter @vwswims. I’ve just finished writing my first book, A Guide to Personal Growth. It’s an interactive book built to help people realize their full potential.
As far as the tech scene, I’m most interested in how it will grow and expand outside of Silicon Valley. I have a peaked interest in bringing the opportunity that is available in tech to areas that are lacking those same opportunities. That’s why I’m so passionate about making sure that anyone can learn to code.

(Michal Szczesny) #33

Hi @andrewchen et al!

Great to meet you all! Here’s a bit about me:

Who are you?
Michal Szczesny

COO @ Artfinder - we’re helping ordinary folk get to own original works of art by buying them directly from independent artists worldwide.

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Focusing on providing the foundation for next phase of Artfinder’s growth.

What most interests you in tech these days?
Fascinated about AI and Machine learning, as well as computer vision.

Want to learn more about Artfinder and it’s growth so far? Hit me up on Linked in or Twitter!


(Atul Verma) #34

Atul Verma
Co Founder Adalyz
Simplifying Cross Channel Ad Analytics
Scale of Things


Hi All.

Great to be part of this amazing community

Who are you?
Ankit Raheja

Product Manager - Data Optimization @ Stella & Dot Family of Brands ( Democratizing use of Data across the organization)

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Helped FBI catch bad guys @ an Insurance Company by creating a Big Data Platform. Now In E-Commerce, focusing on Growth Hacking, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager , Optimizely Experimentation Platform( foraying into personalization also) , Mobile Notifications , Mixpanel , Machine Learning and BI

What most interests you in tech these days?
Machine Learning Bots and Hacking Amazon Echo ( we won the hackathon by integrating Alexa Echo with a mysql database). I am trying to make Amazon Echo part of a connected car solution

Happy to provide any help the members for this group


(Jeremiah Gardner) #36

Here’s me:

Jeremiah Gardner
Author, The Lean Brand; Principal @ Moves The Needle
Working on continuing to bring Lean Innovation to the Enterprise + co-founding an early stage fund/accelerator for Southern Cal
I’ve been checking out workflow integrations and where the pain is (ex: powerpoint).

(ManiKarthik) #37

Whoa! So many great minds in here. So glad I’m here.

I’m just a curious guy, in love with the internet, poking my nose around things I come across, one tab at a time.

I do marketing and stuff for a living. You know, blogging, content marketing, SEO that kinda stuff.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you.


(Danny Lein) #39

Who are you?
Danny Lein
The past 15 years, I have founded and scaled several internet and mobile businesses. My latest ventures are in the digital publishing space, helping large and small publishers distribute and monetize their premium content on mobile devices.

Founder & CEO of Twipe and

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Scaling up
Finding Product/Market Fit for

What most interests you in tech these days?
Growth Hacking
Machine Learning
Digital News Consumption

(damirbecirovic) #40

Hi all -

I’m Damir and work at Index Ventures. I’m spending most of my time thinking about the evolution of commerce, labor, and transportation.

Always interested in hearing new ideas and meeting smart folks who want to fix things.

You can follow me on Twitter @damirbecirovic

(J.Shieh) #41

Hey guys, been lurking,

Great to be part of this amazing community

Who are you?


We hack atoms and molecules, in layman terms, we can re-program atoms and molecules .

WHO and UNEP release two global scale scientific research report in 2012 and 2015 pointing to :
Tip of a toxic iceberg: Daily exposure to “safe low doses of different chemicals” blend lethally in the human body and the environment. Without this “technology” consumer products need to be washed in multiple chemicals and preservatives.


Going to assemble smart peoples (sales and growth) together to form a new b2c team.

For centuries, Earth and its inhabitants are living in a choice-less chemicals toxic soup. And now, we are giving them a ultra affordable new choice.

(Pedro L Gonzalez) #42

Hi guys!
My name is Pedro L González
Geek Physician in Spain, expert en preventive medicine and behavioral economics-strategies for better lifestyle
Promote Lifestyle as the most powerful medicine
Twitter: Ecodoctor1 & Pedroluisgs