Introduce yourself! What are you working on these days? (July 2016)

(Andrew Chen) #1

I’m always interested in hearing about new products and startups.

Who are you?
Twitter username?
What are you up to these days?
What most interests you in tech these days?

(Andrew Chen) #2

(Ismail Mechbal) #3

Thanks for the initiative
My name is Ismail Mechbal, I’m a passionate product/web developer, love to tackle difficult challenges and ride awesome waves.

I recently started, our new product which helps better understand your customers and drive more engagement and revenue through personalised messages.


I’m fascinated by VR and how our kids will use it. Highly recommend Tim Ferriss podcast with Kevin Kelly on AI,VR

(Sebastian Zontek) #4


I’m Sebastian Zontek, co-founder and CEO of Deep BI, Inc.

Deep.BI helps digital publishers measure content performance, both text and rich media (video, audio) across platforms. We provide a data platform that lets build and track in real-time custom defined content consumption and distribution metrics, like engagement score or virality.

We see ourselves as a media companies’ partner in the process of resolving the current major challenge: attracting user attention, that at the moment is led by social platforms.

Today’s analytics solutions are focused on measuring publisher’s websites performance. Our focus is content, its reach and engagement and all deep insights around it:

  • Content consumption: for articles, video, text deep consumption measurement across platforms
  • Content engagement: Comments, Shares, Reactions, Sign ups
  • Content monetization: Subscription conversions, one-time payments
  • Platform (website) performance: page load time, resources load time (e.g. 3rd party scripts), page errors

Today, we provide a super fast and flexible descriptive analytics and our goal for the next 6 months is to build a “virtual analyst” - an analytics bot, that will be providing real-time insights and hints, what editors should do to boost their content.

Follow me on Twitter at @sebastianzontek and @_DeepBI.

(Sarwech Shar) #5

Hi Andrew :smiley:

I’m Sarwech Shar (@sarwechs), cofounder and CEO at QuestEat and previously I had careers in investment banking and law. We’re working on technology to help make restaurants “smart”, with bots that take care of lighter tasks (like handling payments) and help them track and predict their busiest periods in real-time (using crowdsourced data).

I’m most excited about the rise in intelligent assistants/bots and the conversational economy, which could be the most disruptive shift in technology yet (the forbearer of true AI).

Ismail and Sebastian, your work sounds great. Looking forward to learning more (the virtual assistant sounds interesting) and best of luck.

(Ramin Assemi) #6


Who are you?
I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to this question for 30+ years now :joy:

Head of marketing @

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Stumbling from being a one-man marketing show to building out a small, high-performing marketing team.

What most interests you in tech these days?
How to be more mindful about the usage of technology and how it affects us. Also, learning more about attribution and how to get meaningful insights out of all the data that is available and translate that into actions that move the needle.

@unik Is Notyapp a bit like intercom? And if yes, how is it going to be better?

@sebastian How are you currently defining your ideal customer? Is there a certain combination of business model, reach, vertical that would benefit the most from Deep.BI?

@sarwech I really hope you’ll succeed with this and reduce wait times in restaurants. Some of my favorite places for lunch just have these frustrating wait times, and a lot of that is due to waiters being too busy and/or not having good processes in place.

(Saulo Sobanski) #7

Great initiative, Andrew.

I’m Saulo Sobanski, and I’m a Content Hacker at Pipz - Customer Journey Automation, a platform with a powerful set of features to drive customer engagement, increase user retention and boost SaaS revenue growth.

I’ve recently created my Twitter account after IDK how much time (shame on me), but my Twitter username is @SauloSobanski. It’s still with no more than one or two tweets, but I intend to take some time and update it regularly :slight_smile:

As a Content Hacker, I’ve been researching a lot about increasing the “engagement factor” from the blog posts I write, making it easy for readers to share, connect and interact with content. I’ve made some tests with custom Click to Tweet links lately, and the results were promising: recently, the audience is sharing more of our content, which makes me really thrilled.

Recently, I’m interested in knowing more about marketing automation, API integrations between platforms/products, and gamification. Besides being an old-school video gaming enthusiast, I take some of my time to know more about successful startups and how they’ve achieved their goals!

(Phil Anderson) #8

Who are you?
Phil Anderson

Most recently Dir of Product Management at Nowait (but recently laid off a looking for new opps now!)

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Advising startups on growth and organic growth/product strategies, thinking about how we can make gathering the analytics that are important to startups easier to configure and analyze.

What most interests you in tech these days?
Why are some old school industries like real estate still not disrupted by the new economy? What is the next untapped growth channel?

(Kim S) #9

I’m Kim Stuart, from AtlasRewards and our SaaS platform is -

We provide SMBs with the opportunity to create and deploy mobile wallet marketing campaigns without building an app or doing much of anything technical, since we leverage Apple Wallet and a few generic Android wallet programs for delivery.

My Twitter is @kimstuart12345

Most interesting things in tech these days, that’s a hard one… I’ve been full time online since '96, and have worked on a lot of different ideas and projects. Don’t laugh but I spend a good part of my day just cruising around looking at other people’s ads, products, email campaigns and so on… I’m completely about what motivates the average person to actually click through, buy something, or respond to a call to action. Weird, I know. :wink:

(Mark Brazeal) #10

Hi, I’m Mark.

I’m originally from Long Beach California but founded an ad tech startup in Seoul, Korea that lets users shoot their own video ads with a single smartphone application called Hooreel.

Based on the reception of our first app, we’re developing a new service to test whether startups will use a similar one-stop video production app to create their own pitch videos (to introduce value propositions, apply for accelerators, pitch to investors, etc.) because, well video is awesome!

If you want to talk about tech, advertising, or startups in Korea, I’m an open book!
If you’ve ever needed to make a pitch video for your business and have any insights you’d like to share, we would be eternally grateful.

Twitter: @Hooreel
Ad tech, content marketing, video, project management apps and services, Tech Hubs (where are the happening places outside of San Francisco?)

(Anders Therkildsen) #11

I’m Anders Therkildsen, the great Dane! Currently working as a Product & Marketing hybrid at GameAnalytics

If you’re an old bag still using Twitter like myself, you can reach me at @atherkildsen

Our company is entering a new stage of maturity and we’ll be ramping up our growth efforts, so I’m trying to keep up with all the content and research on growth, which is hard, and there’s a lot of bullshit out there, but luckily we have the Backstory.

I’m pretty excited about autonomous driving and the implications it will have on our society - Olli definitely has my attention :trolleybus:

(Danny) #12


I’m Danny, a sociologist doing user research and looking VERY CLOSELY at what how people build “community” on top of products. I work with a collective of other talented freelancers.

THESE DAYS, I’m partnering with the Peer-2-Peer Foundation on a platform for communities to grow participation by making their main activities open source :penguin:

ALSO, I’m hiring someone for that project who has a knack for digital marketing (growing a user base) AND community organizing (helping empower users). If you know someone who’s available by July 15, let’s talk! :blush:

And while we’re talking about Tim Ferriss… here’s an incredible podcast with Sebastian Junger and his ethnographic account of war, tribes, and America abroad.

email or tweet @ daspitzberg

(Keenen Charles) #13

I’m Keenen co-founder of TapTag, a crowdsourcing approach to finding things to do nearby.

You can find me on Twitter at @keenencharles

Right now I’m really fascinated by the progress of autonomous cars and the impact it’s going to have on jobs. And VR/AR is a really exciting space I’m hoping to see takeoff this year.


I’m Alex, and I’m the founder of a new start up called Superstellar. We’re trying to create an Instagram / LinkedIn hybrid, where professionals of all fields can build their professional identity through their work and achievements.

One unique thing we’re doing is leveraging video and WebRTC to allow our users to create charming video profiles and portfolios. Very recent advances in Chrome and Firefox allow us to capture video and screen recordings straight through Chrome, with just one click.

These days, I’m most curious to see what happens with autonomous vehicles. The introduction of autonomous vehicles will not only massively shift the business models of traditional auto makers, but also open a new frontier in terms of “things people can do inside the car.”

(Sydney Liu) #15

Who are you?
I’m Sydney Liu. I finished my sophomore year of USC before leaving with my co-founder to go full time on our startup, which did eHarmony for Jobs (we worked with the founding Chief Scientist of eHarmony). We had clients like Tinder, Meerkat, Zenefits, DoorDash and more. Ultimately shut down one of our side projects started to grow. Today I am full time on Commaful :slight_smile: I focus on growth, community, retention, front-end development, and design.

Co-Founder of Commaful, a site that allows teens to express themselves with short text snippets and visuals. Imagine slideshows with GIF backgrounds. Our first demographic has been mostly creative teen girls who love to write.

Twitter username?

I’m also behind @commaful

What are you up to these days?
Full time on Commaful. Talking to users, building, testing, and designing! We are based in Palo Alto.

What most interests you in tech these days?
I’ve always been fascinated with education and the evolving media landscape, especially the dance between Snapchat, Facebook as distribution platforms and large media companies, including companies in the new media like Buzzfeed.

(Harsha) #16

Who am I? Hi I am Harsha. Im a curious guy who likes to question everything. I am a 2013 Engineering Graduate from BITS Pilani. Worked as a software developer for couple of years and now working on growth.

Title/Company - Growth Hacker @DocsApp - App that gives specialist doctor consultation on chat in 30 minutes in India.

Twitter : @harshabits

Full time on DocsApp, crossing the product market fit we just entered the growth stage, rapidly working on organic growth scaling. Reading, implementing, learning - repeat.

How tech is completely transforming the way marketers/advertisers reach audience!

(omeed shams) #17


My name is Omeed Shams, Founder & CEO of Kwest.

Kwest is a platform that launches users out onto real-world adventures to explore their city. Our Kwesters are immersed in a location-driven game - solving riddles, puzzles, clues and other interactions that guide them from one amazing place to the next. They are also encouraged to complete challenges along their adventure to unlock discounts and earn free swag from local retailers.

What am I up to? Growing Kwest into the biggest and best platform / product it can be. Having fun and stressing out one day at a time.

I’m interested in watching the growth of VR / AR technologies - and I’m curious to see whether the tortoise or hare will win this race :slight_smile:.

(Peter Caron) #18

Who are you? Title/company?

Peter Caron, VP Product & Solution Strategy at SAVO. SAVO is a sales enablement platform for prescribing content, coaching, and process to enterprise sales teams.

Twitter username?


What are you up to these days?

Predictive analytics strategy. I had the good fortune to be involved in predictive analytics / data science product management over 15 years ago, and now I’m applying some old know-how while catching up on what’s new.

What most interests you in tech these days?

Identifying repeatable ways to innovate big - real disruption, and finding ways to maintain a disruptive attitude.

(Jared Tong) #19

Who are you?
Jared. I love coding the front-end. CSS, Javascript and Ruby on Rails. :candy:

Front End Developer, ReferralCandy

What are you up to these days?
Trying to improve the experience of the small businesses that depend at ReferralCandy!

What most interests you in tech these days?
How awesome experiences can unlock new behaviours, like Pokemon Go. Before Pokemon Go, people didn’t want to travel just to play a game!

(Yann) #20

Hi everyone,

Who are you?
Yann, French product enthusiast

Co-founder at Kin Calendar

Twitter username?

What are you up to these days?
Right in the middle of a full redesign of our project (landing + logo + visual identity).