Introduce yourself! What are you working on these days? (2.0)

(Eduard Tee) #21

Hi @andrewchen and everybody!

I’m working on growing Lendahand to have more of a social impact in the world. We combat poverty through job-creation in Third World countries as a Social Enterprise.
Growing our lenderbase is one of my responsibilities for this year.
It’s a great opportunity and very challenging at the same time. The biggest challenge is making ourselves known to the world without spending too much budget.
We’re based in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) so invitiation to everyone: drop by if you have the chance!

(Richard Kreger) #22

My name is Richard Kreger. I moved out to San Francisco a few years ago to plug myself into the startup scene. I’m a cleantech entrepreneur, rookie developer, and growth enthusiast.

I’m the founder of Think Power, a web app with a set of solar energy calculators. I help people determine whether or not it makes financial sense to put solar panels on their homes.

My challenges use to be technical, because I had to learn Python/Django, Javascript, AWS, and the rest of my current stack. Now that I can build MVPs, I’m much more focused on learning if I should build them and if so, how to grow them!

(Adil Ansari) #23

Hi everyone,

My name is Adil Ansari, I am the ceo and co-founder of Rendezwho. I previously was the CTO of a startup and have experience developing software for nearly 15 years.

Rendezwho is an iOS app that pairs you with one person somewhere in the world, for life, with the goal of eventually meeting them. We launched in February and were covered by Mashable and CBC Radio. We have seen good numbers, an enthusiastic user base and very strong retention (over 60 days).

Our current challenges involve fundraising (we just started) and trying to extend our network. We have been bootstrapped since June 2015. While focusing on the product over the last 9 months, we haven’t done nearly enough ‘coffee’s’ with investors and are aiming to get to that now. From the technical side, our challenge involves moving our backend off parse since they announced they will shut down next year (a challenge I am sure we share with a lot of mobile apps).

(Jeff Perkins) #24

My name is Jeff Perkins and I’ve been a product manager in the Bay Area for over 17 years specializing in SEO, customer acquisition and optimization for both consumer internet and B2B startups including Esurance, Rocket Lawyer, and Eventful.

I’m currently the co-founder of EstateBright, a cloud-based application that will provide a simple and secure way for estate planners to manage their clients’ digital assets. The Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act is defining how estate planners are required to include digital assets in their estate planning activities as well as what role publishers should play in complying with the wishes specified in an estate plan.

We’re currently bootstrapping and building our application as we begin our inbound marketing strategy. One of the biggest challenges we’re facing is finding low-cost tactics to drive awareness and acquire customers on a limited budget. Our target customer has historically been technology-averse but it appears we’re at a tipping point where our target market is acknowledging that technology can not only create efficiencies but also help them drive additional revenue.

I look forward to participating in and learning from The Backstory community!

(Sankalp Dhavale) #26

Hi Everyone,

I’ve done a few years in high tech IT channel sales (Dubai), international food and beverage sales (Slovenia, Dubai, India and Thailand), ran my own restaurant for 2 years (Slovenia) after training to become a chef and now I’m doing marketing for a web based travel publication called (Slovenia).

I spent the last 2 years learning about digital marketing, growth hacking and full stack marketing and I’m putting all of my learning to very good use now for

I’m still a newbie but I’m always very eager to learn, read, experiment and I enjoy this process a lot!

I’m currently working on acquiring users that visit our site and vote in our periodic polls across chosen categories. We are currently using polldaddy and the site is hosted on wordpress and I’m still not very sure which external plugin or tool to use to acquire these users. For the forward part of the funnel, we have a strong incentive and engagement model in place. Any tips on what you would recommend?

That’s a little about me, I kept it short and sweet :slight_smile:

(Tamara) #27

Hello everyone,

My name is Tamara, and for the past couple of months I’ve been working for a new startup - - drag and drop website builder that doesn’t require coding skills. It is still in early stages but we are adding more templates soon. Besides website builder, we also offer free logo maker. Our goal is to create a solution mainly for small business owners, restaurants, photographers, jewelry designers, etc. so they can create their own websites without having to go through troubles of development and coding. We still have long road ahead of us, so any feedback or advises on the growth hacking or positioning front are welcomed.

(John Moses) #28

Hi @andrewchen

I’m helping dental offices optimize how they grow their business. Office managers know that they need to contact patients to remind them several times about their appointment and contact the ones that are overdue for an appointment. Then when they do respond the appointment needs to be marked confirmed in the practice management system.

Our first release of handles this workflow automatically. An office manager can set up a schedule of their choosing, a common would be: Send an email 30 days out if they have an email, if not send a postcard. Then at 15 days out send an email if they have email, or a text message and allow the patient to confirm. If they don’t confirm then escalate the message. Once the patient confirms our software automatically updates the practice management. This is our special sauce: integration into legacy systems.

I’m working on growing our marketing channels now and that is how I landed on your blog.

(Royan Kamyar) #29

Royan Kamyar, M.D., CEO at Owaves

Building Owaves, a day planner for health.

  1. How to choose a core growth metric.

  2. How to assess intensity and quality of product-market fit.

  3. How to prioritize features.

  4. How to best monetize the platform.

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