Introduce yourself! What are you working on these days? (2.0)

(Andrew Chen) #1

I’m always interested in hearing about new products and startups.

Who are you?
What are you up to these days?
What are the biggest challenges you are facing?

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(Andrew Chen) #2

(Nikita Dedik) #3


Since mid 2014 we’ve been working on a project which is finally staging from invitation only beta to first public release. The project is called Timescenery located at (or just It’s an all-in-one solution for travel, lifestyle and time management. We aggregate many sources of information and service providers and enhance them with clean cross-platform UX (mobile by the end of this month). Our mission is to help users use their time on the planet to the maximum. If you’re willing to know more, please check an introductory article at Medium: Revolution in Traveling, Sharing and Planning: Time Scenarios by Timescenery.

The official launch date with hopefully massive press coverage (well, firstly in our homeland Russia) is planned for March 29th, which will also include new functionality – car rental, mobile version, sharing time scenarios (ready-made thematic itineraries). So the biggest challenges for us these days are: a) to be there on time; b) find enough people sharing our views who will use our product.

The first year we bootstrapped the project, then we made a deal with Russian venture fund and were able to hire more people and work much more effectively.

I’ll be pleased to hear your questions, comments and criticism! If you’d like to check the project, please follow this link to register or simply use an invitation code THEBACKSTORY when registering.

(Marco Bremer) #4

Hi Andrew,
Marco, Berlin, @marcobremer, we skyped over development for your Android app two years ago. (Already? Time flies.) Here a topic relevant to me as well as, potentially, some of your other followers:
Get 1…2000 private beta testers for a [meaningful (!) patent-pending, tech-based] iPhone app to perfect the app before official launch vs. launch an early release and try to optimize live in the market (with the usual copy-cat potential)? Getting (non-tech) people with decades of established usage patterns to buy into a quite appealing, yet unheard-of value proposition AND registering on your website AND waiting for an invite AND going through TestFlight is a somewhat lengthy funnel; especially without prior access to a community of potential early adopters. The one area where Android with direkt Apk installs just shines brighter?

Thanks for hosting all the good advice!

P.S. I may be your guy, if you want any off-the-record, on-the-ground insights into the Berlin startup scene.

(Bram Kanstein (@bramk)) #5

Hey there!

My name is Bram Kanstein (@bramk on). I’m an 80’s kid, 90’s internet explorer. I’m a top hunter on Product Hunt and have built and launched the #1 most upvoted product of all-time on there:

I run a growth strategy agency for startups, based in Amsterdam: - we work for startups all over the world.

Also working on a new project called - think of this as Techmeme for startup related content. I write on Medium :slight_smile:

I’m always open to help others, let me know how I can help you!

(Tarun M) #6

My name is Tarun Malik, one of the projects that I am working on is: Gestype ( , An iOS keyboard app for low-vision and blind users.

Been working on it for the past several months and very close to a finished product. Here’s a recent review from a tester:

Working on launching a kickstarter soon! Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to help / are interested.


PS: Here’s an article on gestype:

(Stephen Silver) #7

Hey Andrew,

Stephen Silver here, I’m a co-founder of, a site dedicated to helping men attract women naturally and without shady tricks or manipulation.

We’ve been working on a video-course called 3x your dating: Build Unshakable Confidence, Eliminate Anxiety and Re-define your interactions. It starts with foundational mindsets for confidence and then moves into instruction on things like approach anxiety, how to converse effectively, and the nitty-gritty of dating and relationships.

Right now I’m working on discovering ways to market/hack the product to get it into as many hands as possible. I have a list of 650 but I’d like to reach thousands because I know this product will help any guy who spends some time with it.

(Rich Patton) #8

{Moving from 1.0 thread}

Thank you for the invitation, @andrewchen - and hello, community!

For the last few months, I have been helping RadiumOne launch our mobile analytics platform, Connect. Having spent some time at Mixpanel, one request I consistently received was to make user engagement data more actionable. Email, push, and in-app messaging can be useful for bringing users back to the app, but can often be overlooked, or worse - they may even annoy users to the point that they delete an app.

That’s why we’ve built Connect to work with our programmatic ad buying platform, giving growth marketers the ability to reach users across the sites and apps they use. It’s been well received so far, and I’m excited to continue growing out this part of our business.

Looking forward to participating with this group, and hope to meet many of you in the future.

(Ireland Carter) #9


My name is Ireland Carter and I am currently Program Manager at Deliv, a last mile logistics company that leverages a crowdsourced network. One of our key differentiators is that we plug directly into a retailer’s site and handle their deliveries for a low price, turning their stores into valuable distribution centers for online fulfillment. It’s different from a lot of other same day delivery companies in that we’re not a destination and can pool pickups for our retailers for more efficient routes. I joined early and was able to build out our operations and community teams, now currently sitting on the logistics team (the heart of our company) and focused on scaling. We’ve proven our model and are entering the next stage of hypergrowth.

I have a background in working with Tech Coast Angels’ incubator and at an investment firm on Sand Hill. As an economics geek, I’m a bit obsessed with startups and the many ways they must allocate resources. I love the nitty-gritty work that goes on behind the scenes to make programs successful, whether it’s for market launches, definition of metrics and KPIs, acquisitions, product initiatives, strategic partnerships, communication plans, etc.

Interested in learning more from those in business operations and those passionate about the products/teams/processes they build!

(Lili Balfour) #10

Hola! My name is Lili Balfour. I’ve advised over 100 startups at my firm Currently, I’m working to make startup finance FUN and EASY over at

Everyone hates finance. My challenge is to get entrepreneurs comfortable with the idea of looking at their numbers. When you know how money is coming in and out of your company, you can sleep at night. :slight_smile:

(Aleksandar Bibovski) #11

Hi, my name is Aleksandar Bibovski, the founder at I have many failed startups behind me and 2 exits in the past 5 years. Also, I helped many startups as a Growth Consultant and implemented different Growth techniques into early stage and product market fit stage startups. Also, I’m a mentor at two Incubators and 4 accelerators in South Eastern Europe.

My company is helping startups (6 at the moment) with their Growth and Marketing. The biggest challenge right now is to optimize the channels and to implement the Growth Strategy for one great ecommerce startup:

We have difficulties to implement the right growth strategy, because they’re ethical oriented and many people like their goods (don’t buy that often), but we succeed to improve Transaction from 15 per month to around 40 per month. The investors are asking the founder to get 80 Transactions per month in the next two months, so we’re looking for the best traction channels (paid or not) to get this results. If you have any suggestions and it works, I will buy you a beer or a coffee :slight_smile:

(Olivier Plante) #12

My name is Olivier, co-founder and CEO of Thingthing, an iOS keyboard that lets you share docs, photos, calendar availabilities and more while messaging.
We’re now back from winning the 4YFN award “Disrupted by Mobile”, closing our funding round and ready to execute a more intelligent, contextual keyboard that will be the central place for your stuff. As you may know by now, messaging is huge and the opportunities are huge as well. With us spending 16h / week in front of our keyboard, you can imagine that we are the central app you use everyday!
We want to find the best iOS keyboard engineer, the best partners that want to join our journey and meet amazing people to learn from!
Here’s more info about our project: - looking forward to your feedback !


(Aby Mathew) #13


We are working on TaleHunt, a mobile app for Very Short Stories (micro-stories in 250 characters). Our aim is to help professional and armature writers to build audience. TaleHunt is available for iPhone and Android

TaleHunt -

(Tyler Swartz) #14

Hi All - I’m Tyler (@tylerswartz), the Product Manager at, a meta-search engine for vacation rentals. We have roughly 8 million properties sourced from our partners that you can search and compare prices to find the best vacation home in your dream destination.

I originally got my start in a/b testing and brought some of the things I learned to the PM side of things. Look forward to meeting more of you and talking about interesting challenges.

(McKenzy Germain) #15

Thanks for the invite Andrew!

I’m McKenzy! (@mckenzygermain)

I’m most fascinated by strategy and execution based roles in turnaround environments. I Love Psychology, Products that supply simplicity, Hustle, Art, Strategy, Tech, and Culture.

Native New Yorker in Silicon Valley. Sr. Mgr, Creative Services @BMCSoftware. I graduated from the Academy of Art University, where I received an MFA in 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

After graduation, I launched my career in Los Angeles, where I applied my practical specialization in VFX & 3D animation production management. That eventually led to a 5 year US tour, with prominent companies and positions such as producer, associate producer, production manager, associate production manager, and production coordinator. Soon afterward, his expanding expertise in creative, tools development, and people operations, allowed me to transition into the world of technology.

Looking to jumpstart a new career in the world of Product Management. Any and all feedback is desired!

(Stephen Willis) #16

Hello Aleksandar,

I have a suggestion for you that I think will help improve transactions per month. Most everyone knows that an artisan is not just a skilled craftsman/craftswomen, but behind every artisan is a story that relates to the buyer. There is a veteran company that was on Shark tank recently. They had veterans making hand bags and with every hand bag was the story of the veteran who made the bag. Part of the branding was the artisan. People bought the bags not only because of the great quality, but also because of the story that touched their hearts.

I noticed that on your client’s site it gives information about a tribe who made the item or a link (by the way, some links go to 404 error page-not working), but to me that is not personal enough. With every item I would have a small card that gives the story of the maker, something tangible that a customer can read and relate to.

I would recommend to your client to go back to the basics and instead of trying to improve on transactions, first improve on the story of the items which will help improve transactions organically.

(Mikael Mossberg) #17

I’m Mikael Mossberg, and I’m the co-founder & CEO of Distiller, the world’s first liquor discovery engine. We make discovering new spirits easy and fun so you can quickly find what spirits you’ll enjoy without wasting money. We’ve been around since early 2014 as a whiskey discovery service, and just added Rum, Tequila/Mezcal, and Brandy at the end of last year, with lots more coming in the next few months. (Just nominated for Best Food & Drink app at the Webby’s for the 3rd year in a row, hooray!)

Our primary use case is users at a store making a purchase decision, which is exactly what the product is intended for, but it also leads directly to our biggest challenge as a business, which is user return interval. We have users who are active over several years, but they use the app every few months when making a decision about what liquor to buy. Considering how big the gap is between returns it’s hard to scale up our MAU’s rapidly. Instead of every active user being active in a given month, our active users are scattered over several months, if that makes sense.

We have a lot of work to do on the SEO front, with improving our social media strategy, and most importantly working on the product to re-engage users in a useful way, so there’s no shortage of things that we’re aware we need to do. It’s quite the challenge with a tiny bootstrapped early stage team, though!

(Camilla) #18

Hi Andrew and everyone here,
My name is Camilla, European digital nomad living across Barcelona, Berlin and Scandinavia. I have been working over the past year and half as a growth strategist/consultant, under my own consultancy business Supernova ( supernova I also have a separate business line, dedicated to corporate image and logo design (
I am going to debut next month with my own bootstrapped mobile app for Android and I will have to tackle users acquisition growth challenges for myself.
Happy to be here and exchange best practices/views and know-how with the other members of the group.


(William Harvey) #19

Hi all I’m William from the UK. I started out 14/15 years ago learning to build websites and quickly moved in to marketing. I ran an agency for the first 10 years before selling out and now work as a Digital Lead/Growth Consultant for mainly brand businesses. Also during that time myself and close friends have built and sold various smallish websites in various niches.

In my spare time I assist users over at Google’s webmaster forum as a Top Contributor. Great perks involved with free regular training, escalating and discussing issues with Googlers and all expenses paid trips to Mountain View and London. But most of all I love to help businesses of all sizes overcome critical technical SEO and Digital Marketing issues. It’s my way of giving back and sharing my knowledge.

My current challenge is taking on a very large law firm in the US to break in to a very competitive market. Law firms are traditionally slow to change and slow to respond to market developments so agreeing to a growth team free from company politics was a challenge.

I’m also currently setting out a business idea with real potential for fast global growth. I’m one of these types that come up with ideas all the time and can never convince myself after looking in to the idea further that it will become high growth, so never get off the ground. But this time it’s different. I plan to go out for seeding in the next 6 months and may lean on people here for some ideas.

Anyhow, that’s me in a few sentences and very much look forward to contributing and learning from like minded people. I’m actually quite excited to be here :slight_smile:

(Kate Frangos) #20

Hi Andrew, Hi all!

My name is Kate, and I’m working for a mobile marketing automation SaaS start-up based in Amsterdam. I’m a content marketing manager and most of the time, I write here ( Challenges at work: how to grow lead generation through blogging and content creation. How to convince leads that they need an app powered by a mobile marketing automation solution. Where to distribute content and in return, get qualified leads.

On a personal note, I’m an American expat working in Amsterdam for over a year now. Lived/worked in Germany, Denmark in the past and temporarily lived in Greece, Portugal. Challenges outside work: Trying to learn Dutch, master dutch taxes, figuring out where I belong in the world