Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Eric Trusiewicz) #168

Hi everyone,
My name is Eric Trusiewicz. I’m a fellow at Stanford GSB ( These days I’m working on food innovation, and applying new technologies to industry for sustainability improvement. One thing that’s influenced me deeply lately is what’s happening in Yemen (

(Shubhra Jain) #169

Hi everyone,

My name is Shubhra. I am a Physician by background and currently lead healthcare investments for a $250M fund in SF called Cota Capital. I also did a MS in Engineering @Stanford and MBA @Wharton. Before transitioning to investing, I ran product for a digital health startup and corporate development effort at a public genetics platform.

I am looking to - invest in health tech, support and coach women/immigrant founders and learn how to become a better board member and investor.

Recently, Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson has significant influenced me into believing how important it is to break out of the mold and broaden your perspective in order to develop your own vision of the world; and push yourself and others around you to be the best version of themselves.

(Ivana Yoshima) #170

I’m Ivana Yoshima. I manage New Business Sales @Google and invest in and advise start-ups (currently with a focus on a new CBD enterprise based out of Switzerland). I’ve been working with Digital Marketing & Commerce for 7+ years, but have a genuine interest to explore a pivot into design. Starting with some basic front-end coding.

I’ve just finished “Talk Like Ted” from Carmine Gallo. It inspired me to revise many of my keynotes and create more engaging and moving storylines for the audience, even for technical presentations. Now picking up Lean Analytics. Next up in Line is “The Design of Everyday Things”.

(Mehdi Tafraoui) #171

Hi Everyone! I’m Mehdi Tafraoui, currently head of growth at Hardbacon a canadian :canada: early stage fintech that helps investors managing their portfolio by providing analysis & investment ideas. Previously co-founder of digital marketing agencies in France :fr: I’m a lot into growth, experimentation & automation these days, but also curious about digital marketing in general

My top 4 these days :
Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll & Ben Yoskovitz
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
How to win friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Nudge by Cass R Sunstein & Richard Thaler

Feel free to add me on linkedin

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen & everyone i grabbed precious books ideas there !

(azeem ahmed) #172

Hi, I’m Azeem. I’m usually a founder :slight_smile: Variety of companies which have luckily done very well for me and I’m looking to take my current and future funnels to the next level by mastering loops. If growth loops are the new funnel then that’s where I’ll be. :slight_smile:

(Adam) #173

Hi - I am Adam Glass, and I live and work out Chicago and Los Angeles.

I am the Director of marketing at Monarc Gaming Labs (, and also the founder of my own mobile app consultancy AppGrow (

There are a couple projects keeping me busy from both Monarc and AppGrow. Some exciting new games and apps coming to market before end of the year.

Recently read this article: Hackernoon about Native vs Hybrid app development… I can’t share the link because as a new member here the platform will not allow me to share more than 2 links. Regardless, the content of the article is something I will continue to think about in both my consulting world as well as at Monarc.

Looking forward to being part of this community.


(Jie Zhou) #174

I’m a CTO at a stealth fintech startup doing specialized financing for consumer brands.
I’m a Yale grad who spent 2 years doing VC financings as an attorney. I transitioned to engineering spent 5 years at a b2b startup.

Recent books I read that highly recommend for every person thinking about being a founder:

  • It doesn’t have to be crazy at work by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried (which is a truly epic huge FU to the VC and MBA world)
  • Emotional Intelligence by Judith Glazer

(Matt Nicosia) #175

Hey all - I lead growth & marketing for Perpay, a fintech company allowing consumers to buy online by making payments directly from their paycheck. I don’t use Twitter anymore, but am somewhat active on LinkedIn.

As an ecommerce company, we’re just hitting our holiday busy season so I’m just trying to help keep the team’s collective head above water :upside_down_face:. Outside of that, getting to know my neighborhood in Philadelphia a little better when I can.

Most recently I’ve been really into Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast.

(Mario Peña ) #176

Hi Everyone,

I am Mario Peña, Senior Analyst at Carao Ventures, a seed stage vc firm based in San José Costa Rica that invests in Latin America. New to the VC game and eager to learn and share with everyone.

Twitter: @marioep91

Lately into Charlie Munger´s mental models philosophy. Very broad subject but below is a good link to get started if not familiar with the concept.

(Zach Nerenberg) #177

Hi all,

I’m a recent MBA grad from Chicago Booth. I recently started as a Sr. Product Manager at Amazon in Seattle. I also write restaurant reviews for The Infatuation on the side.

I just ripped through the Three-Body Problem series by Cixun Liu, and absolutely loved the mix of sci-fi, tech, economics, and game theory throughout all 3 of the books.

Excited to be a part of this group!

-Zach Nerenberg (@zachner1 on Twitter)

(Taylor Matthews) #178

Hey all - I lead account management and business operations at ForUsAll in SF and spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve wealthtech.

I recently read The Silk Roads, a fascinating articulation of how the world has developed along the interior of Asia. A huge swath of history is covered with a focus on trade that nothing else I’ve read has done the same justice towards. Recommended. Also shoutout to @Zachner above on the Three-Body problem!

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Twitter: @jtaylormatthews


Hi all,

My name is Thiago Monteiro and I run User Acquisition for Peak the largest Brain Training app in the world.

I’m continuously working on how we can automate our user acquisition. Next barrier: using machine learning to inform our predictive models.

The book that definitely impacted me the most recently is Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me) by Carol Tavris.

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen, excited to be a part of the discussion

(Jon Davies) #180

Hello there - I’m Jon Davies, recovering entrepreneur and current Head of High Growth Technology for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. My day job is to help New Zealand Technology startups enter and scale into the US market. My experience here is broad, from market research and product-market validation all the way through to publicly listing companies.

I also sit on the advisory board for Invsta - a RoboAdvisory service for Cryptocurrency (yup, I know - all of the Buzzwords!) and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in SF. Which offers access to expert resources, education, and events to help entrepreneurs.

(Almar Sheikh) #181

Hi everyone! I’m Almar (@almarsheikh on Twitter and here on LinkedIn) - currently running growth at a B2B start-up called SAM. We turn unstructured social media chatter into actionable alerts and awareness.

The book that has had the most impact on me lately is High Growth Handbook by Elad Gil

I bounce between Edmonton, AB, CA and London, UK if you’re ever in the area and want to connect!

(Pawan Mehra) #182

Hi guys, happy thanksgiving to all!
For those outside the US, yes it’s that time of the year for us to be thankful for all the goodness in our lives and be with our families. Hope you all find something to be thankful for today and show your gratitude for what you have in life. It’s a fact, an attitude of gratitude could change your life.
I’m based in Silicon Valley and work with global startups transitioning to the US. I also run an ad firm that does cross cultural brand marketing.
Twitter @PawanJMehra
I’m immensely influenced by Peter Diamandis, founder of Singularity University and XPrize and a thought leader on the future of tech. His take on progress and growth of humans is well documented in the form of 80 slides on his site that shows the “evidence of abundance” and how we are living in the best times ever for humankind.
I’ll join in the conversations when I can. You all could reach me via any of the links above.
Thanks Andrew for the invite.
Cheers, Pawan

(Iva Johan) #183

Hi all,
I am Iva, Growth Lead at ustwo and currently I am trying to convince my amazing client team to put together a growth team (working in the mobility sector). Also, desperately trying to complete a PhD in psychology on a completely unrelated topic of how employee personality and organizational climate interact…

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen!

(Chris Ruder) #184

Hi all,
I’m Chris Ruder, CEO of Spikeball Inc. We make a very active, intense, physical game that is played 2 on 2 and is similar to volleyball and foursquare. We’ve had tournaments on ESPN, were on Shark Tank and are available in Target, Kohl’s, Amazon,, Dick’s Sporting Goods and more.

Twitter: @SpikeballChris

Thanks for the invite, @andrewchen! Looking forward to learning from you all.

(Kingi Gilbert) #185

Aloha & Kia ora Hawaii & New Zealand :bulb::call_me_hand:

My name is Kingi Gilbert. I’ve pivoted from 22 years in digital marketing, advertising & software development to pursue development of entreprenurial ventures. I’m enrolled with Wharton Entrerenuer Accelerator programme and next semester I will enroll in MIT Machine learning programme (I still have contracts with clients I am phasing out).

Generally I am in deep reading mode - psychology, sociology and places like that connect to resources and knowledge I need to grow as a professional.

Right now I have four ventures I am active in validating Market -> Product Fit, MVP tests, hypothesis research testing. Each are in a different industry (solar in the Pacific, SaaS about knowledge connection, east coast diamond jewellery design, journalism).

I appreciate the chance to learn from others in forums like these. you can find some of my pre-pivot perspective there. Nice to meet you! :star:

(Yana Abramova) #186

Hy everyone and thank you for the invitation, @andrewchen

  1. Currently in the process of setting up a new fund with a main focus on the blockchain space, AI, Fintech and IoT.

  2. Reading: The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky and various tech newsletters

  3. Happy to connect:

(Dave Goldberg) #187

Hey All, My name is Dave Goldberg and I’m a Growth Specialist at Lemonade Insurance. We are a home and renters insurance company built on AI and behavior economics and driven by social good.

I’m always looking for exciting companies to partner with or collab on a specific project.