Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Joe Wilkinson) #146

That’s a great book!

(Joe Wilkinson) #147

Hey everyone,

Joe Wilkinson, Director of Growth at Lucidchart. We make a collaborative productivity solution that helps people visualize and understand flows, relationships, and complexity. For example: User flows, ERDs, circuit diagrams, org charts, account maps, etc.

Recently I’ve been digging into the classic High Output Management by Andy Grove.

(Kyle Sandburg) #148

I’m Kyle Sandburg. A product/UX/analytics/go-to-market strategist working as VP of Strategy for in Seattle. I’m most active on Medium with my Strategy-Dynamics blog. I’m spending a lot of my time recently on how to make better decisions, which means faster and more accurate.

I’m in the midst of 2019 planning and last week’s HBR Ideacast on Initiative Overload is most top of mind… I’m also a fan of Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale / Blitzscaling

(Bob Griffiths) #149

Hi Andrew and all, Thanks for the opportunity to participate. My company is CoachMaster. We have developed a platform to teach coaching skills. We have a massive amount of coaching skills built in but the UX and business model needs some work! If anyone is an expert on pivoting or developing business models I would love to talk to them. Would be happy to offer an exchange of skills as well as financial rewards. KR, Bob

(Shaun Savage) #150

Hi everyone, my name is Shaun Savage, CEO of GoShare. We connect truck and van owners with business & people who need help moving or delivering big box items. Currently working with multi-national retailers looking to improve their last mile delivery experience. Based in San Diego, CA and looking forward to offering GoShare to customers around the world. I wish everyone in the world would read How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. Thanks for the invite @andrewchen

(Shubh Singh) #151

Hi Everyone,

My name is Shubh Singh and I lead Business Development at Accu-Label. We operate in Agriculture Technology helping farmers, packers and retailers elevate food safety through our labelling solutions.

My twitter handle is @subunit27

These days, I spend a lot of time exploring the ways that Blockchain Tech is disrupting Supply Chains and the impact that it will have on Traceability in Food Systems.

One book I’ve been reading lately is Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari which explores some predictions on the future of humanity and civilizations as we know it. It has certainly informed some of my thinking on the types of problems that are most pressing and worth solving.

Thanks Andrew for inviting me into this forum.

(Filip Stanev) #152

Hey there!

Filip Stanev - Co-Founder of - helping events organizers create networking communities for their events.

I recently finished “My life in advertising and scientific advertising” after hearing Andrew’s recommendation at a conference.

(Akos Balogh) #153

Hi, how are you? may i ask you to contact my Co Founder in Berlin? i am sure there are many things to share.
Thank you
His contact is:

(Jessie Dedecker) #154

Hi everyone, I’m Jessie. I head a digital growth marketing agency. I’m known on twitter as jesterman

(Chris Miano) #155

You guys do great work over there

(Lindsay Trinkle) #156

Hi all,

Excited to be a part of this community. I’m the Director of Operations at Landing Lion. We’re currently in the middle of a pivot and rebrand, getting ready to launch our new product next month. Prior to Landing Lion, I founded and ran a marketing & UX agency and have been working with tech startups in the Atlanta ecosystem for the last 6 years. You can find me on Twitter at @lindsaytrinkle. Currently reading Measure What Matters: OKRs: The Simple Idea That Drives 10x Growth by John Doerr.

(Kiana Lewis) #157

Hello everyone. I’m happy to be here. My name is Kiana Lewis, digital marketer, by way of content and copywriting.

I own KLFIT2WEB - helping businesses increase their presence and nail sales through the power of copy.

I’m currently tweaking and brainstorming ways to enhance my business, and also to find more time to embark on and learn other things that interests me (videography, photography…).

I can be found on LinkedIn. Would love to connect.

(Gilad Amozeg) #158

Hi - Just sent you a linkedin invite.

(Eileen Alden) #160

Hi @andrewchen and friends!

I’m Eileen Kaur Alden, SVP, Head of Portfolio Strategies for U.S. Bank Wealth Management. I’m an innovator/intrapreneur, working on traditional strategies and digital transformation.

I’m on twitter but only tweeting on social justice, Sikhi, and diversity in comics. I’m the creator of the Super Sikh comic book series, among other things.

I just finished reading “Game Thinking” by Amy Jo Kim, because I’m kind of fascinated by the differences between game thinking and design thinking. And I just picked up Eric Idle’s book “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” because Monty Python, of course.

Nice to meet everyone, looking forward to some cool conversations!

(Chris Hamoen) #161

Hello everyone - I’m Chris Hamoen, based in Toronto (early next year Austin TX).

Founder @ - new CRM platform for sales people. Our focus is on the core behavior of a sales person to radically level up their CRM engagement - resulting in real funnel insights, sales activity, and the most powerful learning engine in the CRM industry.

I’m around these parts because somehow I’ve become a top growth person in Toronto, which says more about Toronto than me… Though there are some very strong next-gen talent coming up right now.


I’m a little behind so have just finished zipping through Bad Blood (the story on theranos). Fascinating and quick read.

(Leon Zucchini) #162

Hi all -

I’m Leon Zucchini, co-founder and CEO of We build software that helps industrial companies extract information from their unstructured documents and use it to transform their business. Six months in, I’m working on growing the business while continuing to test our core hypotheses.

I was recently impressed by “Against the Grain” by James Scott a fascinating perspective on early societies.

I’d love to connect and discuss - find me on Twitter @leonzucchini or LinkedIn.

(Marco Knitel) #164

Hi there, thanks for having me @andrewchen

I’m Marco Knitel and I’m the founder of Flowmatik. With Flowmatik you can build, maintain and optimise complex sign up and onboarding flows without the need for developers. It’s based on my experience at Uber where we had to manage a wide variety of sign up flows (e.g. drivers, bike couriers, restaurants) across many countries.

We’re based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands and currently in beta.

Currently reading “The Story of the Atlantic Cable” and I’m an avid sailer.

LinkedIN or

(Valentin) #165


Valentin Decker, 25 yo from France.

I’m working as a Copywriter for a French startup called LiveMentor. We are an online school for entrepreneurs and Freelance !

(Aakash Pathak) #166

Hi everyone. I am Aakash, a product guy. Currently, I am the VP, Product Commercialization at CleanRobotics. I do product, marketing, and strategic partnerships.

I am very active on twitter, follow @andrewchen religiously. His essays are fire, so much learning packed into them. My handle is @pathakaakash.

These days I am exploring new opportunities and willing to talk to people who are building something innovative. The goal is to move out of Pittsburgh, the weather :confused:
Happy to talk/ appreciate any worthy introductions.

After finishing Sapiens(highly recommended), I am re-reading Peter Thiel “Zero to One”. I believe it is one of the most important business/startup books out there and try to read it once every few months.

I would also recommend Sam Harris’s podcast with Yuval Harari, it forces you think in bigger context as an entrepreneur.

Open to chat about business models. product management, and GTM. Hit me up if you have hit a wall.

(Amber Ju ) #167

Amber Ju
Former Real Estate PE background
Now CEO Kithward
Reinventing Long Term Care Insurance in an actuarially sound way