Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Dragos Giugula) #126

Hey guys,

My name is Dragos - based out of Berlin, previously worked in Estonia, Tokyo, Singapore and SF.
I am a software developer however, I am most interested in business model innovation in line with Blitzscaling strategies.
Currently I am working on a project that takes the business model from the Subscription Box Industry and applies to the Corporate Training / Corporate Events world.

What does that mean?

I got to companies and I say if you pay me $$$/ Month - I will make sure there is a workshop happening at your office every month. Then I make sure those workshops happen - these workshops are improv classes for team building, public speaking chats, coding etc - we rotate them every month.

I am currently running the program for co working spaces in Berlin.
I am also a very avid book reader - Please check out Thinking Fast and Slow if you haven’t already :
More books here:

I am also a standup comedian :slight_smile:
You can check that out here:

Nice to meet everyone.


(Roger Morris) #127

Roger here!
Co-Founder at Zoro Card ( — a debit card that builds your credit score
We’re currently working on building our pre-launch waitlist as inexpensively as possible

I’ve been very deeply influenced by practicing and learning about meditation, and I’d like to share my favorite book on the subject: the very simple and short Way of Liberation by Adyashanti.

You can download it for free here:

(Jake Belford) #128

Hi everyone!

Jake Belford
Artist Experience @ Rare Art Labs
@jakejaybee on Twitter

Currently building v1.0 product and recruiting digital creatives for our beta. Community-marketplace for creatives and collectors - secured by the blockchain.

Not one specific link, but the prospect of cross ecosystem assets in gaming has me VERY excited for blockchain mass-adoption cases.

(Kevin Kupillas) #129

Kevin Kupillas
Growth UX Design Manager @HubSpot
Twitter: @kevinconrad

  • Reading articles around growth/growth design - Greylock Partners, Reforge, Josh Elman, Brian Balfour, Andrew Chen :), GrowthHackers, etc
  • I’ve been _re_reading Kathy Sierra’s “Badass” book (so good)

(Gil Akos) #130

Hi Everyone!

My name is Gil Akos (, Co-founder and CEO of:

Astra (, a universal, intelligent platform for consumer finance. We help you manage your money easily with automated savings and bank transfers.

Right now we are focused on user growth and developing Sweep Transfers for consumers (typically only available in private wealth management).

Reading High Growth Handbook and Andrew’s Investor Metrics Deck (specifically the section on User Acquisition Loops :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen!

(Isabela Cubillan) #131

Hi there,
Isabela here. I’m co-founder and CEO of Campanizer, a platform for parents to coordinate their kids activities and summer camps with other parents and with these activities’ providers. Parents trust other parents above anything for recommendations and kids want to go to these activities with their friends. Activity providers pay us a referral fee.
We’re currently in BETA testing in the Boulder, CO area.
Currently inspired by

(Rajeev Sharma) #132

Hi Everyone,

My name is Rajeev. I am the Co-Founder & CTO of a digital marketing agency Markovate. I care about startup growth and user experience. Currently working with a couple of early-stage startups (Service Marketplace, Audio Technology).

Thank you @andrewchen for this thread!

(Karthik Suresh) #133

Thanks for the invite!

My name is Karthik and I head business operations and growth for ( - Building the source of truth on companies

Twitter: @karthiksuresh
Linkedin: /karthiksureshlbs

Book - Skin in the game

(Gary Teh) #134

Hi everyone, my name is Gary. My twitter handle is @garionjob.

I am on a sabbatical professionally at the moment.

I am backpacking through Middle East and Africa right now to get a sense of the tech eco-systems in the area.

While I am at it, I am experimenting to test the viability of building a self-sustaining data sharing network - GetData.IO.

Just finished reading this book titled Mein Kampf which talks in depth about the lean process used to bootstrap an entire political movement when one has neither social nor financial capital available.

(Jeremy Liu) #135

Hey everyone!

I’m Jeremy Liu, I’m a Management Consultant for KPMG in Australia with a focus on technology strategy and transformations. For several years I’ve written a blog covering competitive strategies in the technology industry which can be found here:

Infatuated by cryptos and currently working on a book covering the philosophy and economics of decentralised crypto-networks and cryptoassets.

Please connect! Would love to hear from you: jeremilius AT gmail DOT com

(Vicent) #136

Hey everyone and @andrewchen!

I’m Vicent, i’m a CMO at Streamloots, we help to streamers to monetize your audience. We create a product that streamers can sell to their viewers. Here you can see an example ( This streamer have +350K followers) This cards appear in the streaming when a viewer buy a chest, or redeemed a card and all of viewers also see the card or the chest.

Sorry for my english, i’m going to improve it :smiley:

If you need something tell me: vicent AT streamloots DOT com

Thank you for the opportunity

(Jeffrey Wu) #137

Hi guys!

My name is Jeffrey Wu, an associate @ MindWorks, a VC based in Hong Kong which makes investments across Greater China and Southeast Asia. Recently I’ve been attending a quite a few startup events and have met a lot of exciting enterprise/fintech startups.

Currently reading AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Kai Fu Lee - incredibly eye-opening and inspiring perspective, especially when contextualized against the current state of the world.

(Slavko Desik) #138

Hey everybody,

My name is Slavko Desik and I’m the editor of Lifestyle Updated

Nowadays I’m heavily invested into building funnels and promoting my digital fitness platform. Hope everything turns out well.

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, and very much enjoy Waking Up with Sam Harris, especially the episodes on mindfulness and meditation.

Twitter username is @SlavkoDesik if you want to connect.

Glad to be here,

(bobby schultz) #139


I’m Bobby Schultz (@puppybits), CEO of Fiskal, a spending coach to easily shape up your daily spending.

Book of the year should be Chris Voss for Never Split the Difference. Learn negotiation from the FBI’s top negotiator that helped upend misconceptions in the FBI’s program over the last 20 years. He gives a framework and techniques to really listen to others and how to let them convince you of your idea.

(Chris Miano) #140

I was going to mention that book as well. It’s a mandatory read, totally life changing!

(Janet Tambasco) #141

Hi Folks!

Janet here, VP Product Marketing @ Terminus (account-based marketing platform) focused on revisiting how B2B demand gen is done. Currently building a platform that enables B2B growth teams to drive efficient pipeline through quality customer engagement instead of volume.

About half way through Tyler Cowen’s Stubborn Attachments - trying to reconcile my love of high-growth companies with the danger of outgrowing our own shoes.

(miguel garcia castillo) #142

Thank you for the invite.

Hey everyone! My name is Miguel Garcia Castillo and I specialize in brand development and creative leadership for early-stage ventures. After a 15 year stint in Chicago, I am currently based in San Francisco.

Big Weed- the category has so many parallels from the past (spirits, beer, etc)
Bearing The Cross- Nothing to do with business. an inspiring book.
Rejuvenile- not new but still relevant today. Deciphered Millennials before they were called that.

(Scott Cadora) #143

Hi all - I’m Scott Cadora, founder & CEO of MedicarePathfinder. We use data science to improve senior healthcare. Twitter = ScottCadora.

In addition to my duties as founder, I’m working on integrating electronic health data (EHR) from multiple platforms. Hugely complex issue with many stakeholders, rules and regs. I’m part of a non-partisan group in DC that is developing a framework for consumers to access and use their own health data. Great group of folks from government, technology, insurance and healthcare collaborating to improve health outcomes and empower consumers.

I love Tomasz Tunguz’s book Winning With Data that he wrote with Looker’s CEO, Frank Bien. Fascinating to see how people are using data to improve decision making at all levels of the organization and drive better results.

Thanks for restarting this thread Andrew.

(Gaston Guernik) #144

Hey Eveyone,

I am the Head of UI/UX of Informed Creativity…
At Informed Creativity, an Australian based digital consultancy firm, we design unforgettable and timeless digital interfaces and user experiences, using a unique research-based process that we call Informed Creativity .

We focused on guiding projects and initiatives through the lens of design excellence. With broad experience in app design, product design, UX research, service design, e-commerce, and brand strategy We believe in designing applications for the human experience that are tackled with an “end user first” approach.

Our work has been recognised with 11 awards and counting…

Please find some links here:
UX/UI Process

Learn more about us

(Marcus Svensson) #145

Hey Everyone!

Im Marcus, Head of Growth for Albacross.

Feel free to reach out to me if i can help you with anything here: