Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Joe B) #105

Hi All,

My name is Joe and I work for Warner Music Group on the Innovation team. I’m a recovering investment banker and private equity investor with a passion for making the music industry more accessible for startups. My goal is to foster entrepreneurship in the music space and make our content more accessible for everyone, because (in my view) music is essential to everything we do.

We’ve also recently launched a seed fund, which you can learn more about at

Currently reading Move Fast and Break Things by Jonathan Taplin.

Excited to be a part of this group!

(Raymond Chan) #106

Raymond Chan

COO, co-founder @ - Professional Community for the Hospitality Industry servicing over 500,000 members and 20,000+ premier businesses in the US.

Currently lead Product & Operations

Recently discovered the blog / newsletter Stratechery, which has helped shaped how provide additional frameworks on how to understand business models.

Looking forward to learning from the community.


(Ryan Hammon) #107


  • Ryan Hammon
  • VP of Operations at Blackstreet Capital (lower middle market PE fund)
  • Executive MBA student at Wharton
  • Twitter - @HammonRyan
  • I’m currently assisting with the launch of a new website for a portfolio company
  • I have a passion for DTC businesses and started following Andrew Chen a few months back
  • Business Strategy Essentials by Wharton professor Sonia Marciano
  • Any works by Wharton professor Peter Fader of Theta Equity Partners (and formerly Zodiac)

(Braden Ream) #108

Hey Rose!

We’re focused on advanced users + programmers :slight_smile: Storyline is a widespread service focusing on helping everyone.

(Dane Madsen) #109

I am a startup consultant with 30+ organizations in my background including as an angel, VC, Founder, CEO, Board member, advisor and consultant. Often multiple roles at the same time. I have 3 exits of note. My direct interests include digital advertising, SaaS for SMBs, enterprise hardware, big data, eCommerce, marketplaces, and water innovation (a particular passion).

I currently have 5 clients, two eCommerce related, one in data, one in ad tech, and one in water innovation. My expertise is general organizational, revenue generation, product development, and mostly about telling a story that appeals to an audience of user and investors.

Thinking is influenced by Simon Sinek “Start with Why” and John Doerr "Measure what Matters.

(Meghan McCarthy) #110

Fellow Alexandria VA person here! Will check out that book

(Tara) #112

Hi everyone! My name is Tara and a Growth Analyst.

(Chris Miano) #113

Hi Everyone

Thanks for putting this together Andrew I really enjoy your work. My name is Chris Miano and I’m the founder of a company called Memoryfox, which employs a SaaS Platform that helps non-profits capture and monetize their most valuable asset - their story. I’m an Army Veteran who is very passionate about non-profits and the power of storytelling!

Literally launching MVP this week, very excited! Thanks for sharing all of your insights they have been very helpful for me in wading through the chaos. :slight_smile:

Book = “Infinite Jest” - Changed the way I think about people’s real story, not just the one they tell to the world. Very dense but like nothing else I’ve ever read.


(Frank Scordato) #114

Hello all, my name is Frank Scordato I have been spending most of my time building a disruptive consumer-facing product targeted at consumer lending, (credit, loans), and debt and payment industry respectfully.

What makes what I am building different is we have already acquired our customers (over 20mil), the products are built around the consumer. In the past, the product is built and then you sell it.

I am looking for strategic relationships.

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen - looking forward to getting to know you guys better.

Frank Scordato

(Ed Stevens) #115

@andrewchen - I’m reading “Skin in the Game” by Taleb. You’ve probably read it, but if not give it a go…

Imagine this: All the good things you’ve done for others and all of your most valuable accomplishments, recognized and validated by others, forever yours to keep and share. That’s Preciate (

Launched in Aug. Download iOS at:

(Doug Ramsay) #116

Great! Would be happy to grab coffee sometime and discuss.

Other recent interesting books: Homo Deus by Yuval Harari, and Fantasyland by Kurt Andersen. I don’t agree with all the ideas in either book, but thought-provoking, and some interesting parallels with each other.

(Shane Duggan) #117

Hey! Shane Duggan here. Currently New York-based at NYU as a Professor in Education Systems, focused on digital transformation, the future of work, and its impact on learning and higher education. Currently thinking about transitioning either into strategy, or going all in on a startup.

For the last few months: I’ve been building a SaaS business in ‘Bricks and Mortar 2.0’ aiming to give businesses a better way to provide seamless, personalised, mobile-first experiences to their customers.

I write on Twitter and Medium under @ShaneBDuggan and am particularly interested in new opportunities for vertical marketplaces and future of work.

Just finished reading Alex Rosenblat’s Uberland. Highly recommended.

(Stang Gappa) #118

Hey gang,

My name is Stang Gappa, and I’m the Performance Marketing Manager for Havenly, an online interior design startup out of Denver. We are currently looking at how to reduce CPAs to level up growth for 2019.

Currently reading “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” for an MBA course. Really fascinating book that highlights some key areas of focus as tech adoption continues exponentially. Looking forward to learning from you all.


(Stefano Santo Sabato) #119

Hello everyone!

I’m an Italian entrepreneur, living in SF Bay Area who founded a company one year ago to launch fyberloom that is going to revolutionize the way people search and interact with their own data scattered on the multiple “clouds” that the legacy systems provide.

As you guys know, correlate our own data is a nightmare, we can search whatever we want on Google, but we are not able to find our own information/data because are scattered in many different application … ( there is not only one cloud … each legacy system we use daily has its own “cloud”)
We solved that without moving data, without change your habits and securing the index on the blockchain …

We are now in beta -



Find me:
twitter @fyberloom

(Jereme Holiman) #120

Who are you? Jereme Holiman, once upon a time art student turned startup ops guy
Title/company? Twitter username? VP of Ops at Clyde (, @jeremeholiman
What are you up to these days? Previously Cofounded UrbanStems, after a wonderful 5 years left to help launch Clyde, POS tech for insurance products, starting with extended warranties.

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?

This is a pretty fresh article from Fred, but it’s been bouncing around in my head and I like that it is a part of the current investment thesis for USV: - areas of surplus created are around “nice to haves” tech products and other, where as things that aren’t opt-in purchases like healthcare, housing, food/beverages, education - areas that can financially decimate a household - have outpaced inflation in a bad way. It is exciting for financial resources in VC and entrepreneur ingenuity to start attacking those economic inefficiencies.

Shameless plug: I think Clyde can help by using our tech to democratize access to insurance products, force better pricing into the insurance space through data, consumer optionality in a contextual/at POS approach. Thus giving money back to the consumers while offering a better experience with insurance products.

(Yan Lapointe) #121

Thank you @andrewchen for the invite and hello everyone,

My name is Yan and I’m a senior director at IQ, a VC Fund of Funds based in Montreal (Canada). While I’m a generalist, I love tech and how it solves common problems. I’m currently in a deep dive in AI (especially applications in the financial services industry), but I also spent to time recently on blockchain technology and various applications.

Best regards,

(Matt Scott) #122

hey all - Im Matt. I’ve done a few vc backed start-ups over the last 10 years…one big exit, one dumpster fire, one question mark. Currently taking a breather from the start-up hustle and helping Nike think about the future as part of a stealth venture lab.

big fan of The Messy Middle from Scott Belsky. Great insights on a little discussed topic of what happens after the glitz of starting-up passes.

Twitter: @MatthewCScott

(Shreef) #123

Hey all. I’m Shreef (same on Twitter, @Shreef).

I’m currently a Product Manager @

Previously co-founded an Events Management software company called Eventtus. Used to be a developer, for 10 years.

Originally from Egypt, but now living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

(Chloe Wu) #124

Hi there. Chloe Wu, analyst at Barclays Investment Bank. @chloewu113
Besides tech-related books, I enjoy reading philosophy. One book that has become my favorite recently is Becoming Wise by Krista Tippett.

(Matthew de la Hey) #125

Hello! I’m Matthew de la Hey, CEO & Co-founder of https://inploi. We’re based in London, building a global marketplace that makes it super easy for people who aren’t on LinkedIn [blue collar/service workers largely] to develop an online professional presence and find part- and full-time work. We’re currently deep in the hospitality sector but will be raising to grow and expand soon.


This is a long but excellent read

Feel free to get in touch!