Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Hannah Donovan) #82

Hi all and thanks for the invite @andrewchen! Curious to see what this is all about, lovely to see a few familiar faces. I’m currently working on my second startup, we’re making videos that edit themselves, on yer phone. It’s called TRASH :slight_smile:

(Eric Nalbone) #83

Hello Backstory crew! I’m Eric Nalbone, currently the Vice President of Marketing at Bellhops. I’m a passionate growth fanatic that has found a home in early stage companies that are ready to scale, and when I’m not pissing my wife off for working too late I’m an avid equestrian (my wife and I own two former racehorse that are being retrained as riding horses), dog owner (two dogs that we compete with in agility competitions) and jazz pianist (when I get tired of running around outside).

For a book, link or article that’s influenced my thinking lately, I’d recommend:

Most people think about translating human intelligence to computers instead of the reverse, and it turns out that’s a short-sighted viewpoint. There’s a lot to learn by figuring out how computer scientists (writ large) have synthesized, quantified, and articulated human intelligence in computer systems that humans (individually) don’t intuitively know.

(Ani Torosyan) #85

HI All - Ani here, CEO and Founder of DishDivvy, an early-stage food tech startup based in Los Angeles. We are an online platform connecting Approved HomeCooks with Hungry Neighbors. DishDivvy was launched just last year (Aug 2017), and we are about to close our seed financing round. Check out our app on iOS or Android, (you can see nearby cooks and dishes if you input glendale, ca as an address). We are seeking to expand and scale to greater LA in the next year, so the topic of growth hacking and customer acquisition is top of mind for us, always! Thanks for the invite to this group @andrewchen !

(Anthony Steen) #86

Hi everyone - My name is Anthony Steen and I’m in the middle of a pivot to a new biz fxn (technical Growth from BizDev), and new type of product (b2b/b2d product-led growth).

When I realized that a big portion of the science of business - scaling, analysis, etc. - will be done faster, better, cheaper by machines I decided I want to help create and market products that help other people create something new, scarce and valuable.

That could be integrating code (Stripe) to help create a product, creating prototypes and design (Canva/Sketch), or an open platform that can be used by devs to create new apps (Salesforce).

I believe there is potential for a great un-bundling through blockchain and the breaking of the stranglehold that aggregators have had on profits.

Books: Anything Seth Godin, and Play Bigger

(Payman Taei) #87

Hey Everyone.
I’m Payman, I’m the founder of Visme ( and my team and I are empowering non-designers to communicate visually.

twitter: @paymantaei

(Marco Lorenzon) #88

Hi everyone, I’m Marco, a Junior at Stanford.

I am a Teaching Assistant for The Lean Launchpad class at Stanford for the second year running. Also a TA for a class at Stanford GSB on Food, Heath + Nutrition Entrepreneurship. Writing and publishing cases with the GSB case office for that class - always looking to meet more entrepreneurs in the Food + Health space for that purpose.

Worked on the Strategy team at Impossible Foods, Tech Investment Banking at JP Morgan, and data at Pared.

No Twitter.

Red Notice by Bill Browder has got to be the best book I’ve read in the past couple of years.

Thank you for the invite, @andrewchen! Excited to be here :slight_smile:

(Ken Jackson) #89

Hi, I’m Ken.
I’m a UX designer in SLC.

One book that I’ve gone back and read is Elements of User Experience by JJG.

I’m looking forward to learning from this group.


(Rose Liu) #90

Hi Braden - how does Storyflow differ from Storyline? I actually did a doubletake on your website link because at first I thought it was Storyline!

(Ingmar Knudsen) #91

Hi, I am Ingmar. Head of product at (recently launched in Germany). Helping people to eat and live healthier. Currently enjoying reading “the nature of technology” by W. Brian Arthur.

(sachin) #92

Sachin Parmar, Global Consumer Data Platform Tech Lead and Mondelez ie Oreo and Cadbury! I have 2 young babies I have no time to read at the moment :slight_smile: happy to take recommendations - or insightful paragraphs! Keen to see where this group leads

(Gustaf Stenlund) #93

Hi everyone! Gustaf here - I run the marketing for Nudge (, a content marketing analytics company for the world’s leading brands and publishers.

A bit more about us

Nudge is built by marketers and aims to serve buyers and sellers of content based media, across any category, looking to illustrate ROI, generate deep performance insights, and save time.

For brands such as Microsoft, Capital One and Vanguard, we provide a unified view into their content marketing investments, to improve content and distribution performance, and demonstrate ROI.

For publishers such as NZMe, TechinAsia and BurdaForward, we provide verified ratings to drive revenue and scale, while proving brand impact.

Connect with me

Twitter: @stenlundgustaf

(Yariv Azatchi) #94

Yariv Azatchi, CTO @ Slidely the developer of Promo. @Promo we help you to promote your business with all the videos you will ever need. I’m always looking for new ways to grow.

(Ajit Vahadane) #95

Ajit Vahadane
Launching a mobile app called BloodyFast to save people’s lives worldwide in deadly road accidents


(Ya'ara Cohen) #96

Hi everyone,

I’m Ya’ara, Head of Growth Marketing at Smore, an online platform for creating newsletters. Focusing on making email newsletters non-fragile, beautiful and easy for anyone to create.
Twitter: @yaaradc
Recently folllowing ‘the goods’ series by Vox about micro-trends in consumer goods -

(Bruno Oliveira de Alcântara) #99

Hi all, i’m Bruno Alcântara, CEO/Founder of, a website platform to sell and buy Magic the Gathering card game.

We have initial operation in Brazil.

I’m an entrepreneur and software developer and I’ve been following Andrew since the beginning of the year when a friend sent me the link to one of his articles.

You can find me at the email:

P.S I do not have social networks

(Keshav bagri) #100

Hi Andrew and folks, thanks for the connect. I work at Acumen Fund which is a global impact investment firm. I am based in the India office. Specifically I manage the education, housing finance and consumer Fmcg portfolio for India Acumen. Overall we have invested in areas of agriculture, energy, workforce development and skilling, healthcare also in India.
I will be happy to connect with entrepreneurs in India looking for potential investments in this sector with a focus on low income people or with an environmental or social impact. Thanks!

(lorenzo) #101

Hello everyone,
I am Lorenzo Palmieri, an Italian financial professional now consulting for blockchain-related start-ups.
My contacts details are:
Recently I was at the Malta Blockchain Summit so if you are interested in knowing more hit me up!

(Connor Cirillo) #102

Hey folks,

I’m Connor Cirillo and I lead the rollout of all things conversational marketing (messaging and chatbots) at HubSpot.

Economics has been one of those fields that seemed really cool but I couldn’t get my arms around. This book has been a good primer and the base knowledge has been super helpful as I think about business in general. Here.

(Fergal O'Connor) #103

Hi All,

My name is Fergal O’Connor, CEO & Founder of We’re helping SME Advertisers compete with global brands when advertising by automating the manual ad buying process across all media types (traditional and digital). We are revenue generating, bootstrapped to date and are currently fundraising our seed round. Looking forward to connecting -

(Kristoffer Kampitsch Nilsson) #104

Hi all and thank you @andrewchen for the invite.

Glad to be here. Short about me: I’m a digital marketing manager for a mobile app called Shpock (active in UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden & Norway) and I’m primarily responsible for user acquisition and re-engagement on social channels e.g., facebook, pinterest, snapchat etc.,

Happy to discuss and share insights with you all