Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Peter Gibson) #62

Hi all,

@andrewchen I greatly appreciate the invitation!

I am Peter Gibson and I work on corporate strategy for Chegg, a direct-to-student learning platform for high school and college students. Part of my job involves executing on M&A and corporate venture investments, and I’ve greatly benefited from Andrew Chen’s insights on consumer growth from the perspective of an investor. Before Chegg I spent several years in investment banking advising tech companies on M&A and capital raises.

Ben Thompson (Stratechery) has been shaping my views of late, specifically his Aggregation Theory.


(Piotr Podgorski) #63

Hi guys,

thank you for invitation @andrewchen and for letting me join your community.

My name is Piotr Podgorski, I’m a hands-on product guy.

Few months ago I’ve build Simpli ( as passion project to verify various product hypothesis and knowledge (giving value to the users at the same time).

As for reading I can recommend “The First 90 Days” (helped me during switching companies) and “What Customers Want” (describes Jobs-to-be-done framework in good way).

(Eric Niu) #64

Hi everyone,

My name is Eric Niu and I’m the CEO of Swaggle. It’s a mobile app for men to buy and sell designer fashion. We recently launched a beta in the Apple store and would appreciate your feedback.

Andrew’s recent post has been my startup bible lately and I’m still digesting it. Anyone else is building a marketplace?

Follow us on social @goswaggle for all platforms.


(Jonathan) #65


I’m Jonathan, an actuary at Phoenix Insurance’s Innovation department -

Looking to build new insurance products and make new investments :slight_smile:

Currently reading " The Art of Strategy" by Dixit & Nalebuff which is pretty awesome.

Find me:

(Dave Schukin) #66


  • Dave Schukin, engineer / product person
  • CEO/cofounder of Observant, a SaaS startup that makes emotion recognition software using iPhone-based depth sensors. We were part of the YC W’18 batch.
  • Twitter: @schukin
  • Book: The Upside of Stress (via Keith Rabois)

(Brennan Clark) #67

Hi everyone,

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Rikibo. We’re automating the function of traditional ad agencies, making proper digital ad strategies simple and accessible for SMBs and startups.

My co-founder Abdul and I have previously founded a few companies (Overbond, Froodly) - Excited to see what’s happening in this group. Thanks @andrewchen for the invite.

A few books of interest:
Made To Stick - Chip Heath
Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products - Nir Eyal
Readings in Human-Computer Interaction: Toward the Year 2000 - Ronald M. Baecker

(Alex Frommeyer) #68

hey everyone, my name is Alex Frommeyer (@alexfrommeyer) and Im the cofounder and CEO of Beam Dental which offers dental insurance to small and medium sized businesses. We include electric toothbrushes, paste, and replacement heads with the policy, and use behavioral data off the brush to price policies more effectively. Backed by Drive Capital and Kleiner Perkins. Great to be here!

(Arthur Yep) #69

Who are you? Arthur Yep. Originally from Southern California. Moved to SF last year immediately after business school in Summer 2017.

Title/company? Product Manager - SigFig

Twitter username? @arffurr


What are you up to these days? Currently working as PM at a fintech startup (SigFig) in SF. Recently adopted a senior shih tzu (Instagram - elsatheseniordog), playing a lot of chess, reading, exploring the Bay Area. Currently in the Fall 2018 cohort for the Reforge Growth Series. Keeping up with small business financing through the company, Honeycomb Credit, I helped found in b-school.

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?
Books: Principles by Ray Dalio & Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

(Alina Von Davier) #70

Hi all! Thank you @andrewchen for the invitation!
I’m a corporate entrepreneur and a researcher.
I am an SVP at ACT, the testing company, where I lead ACTNEXT. I’m passionate about changing the educational experience for all using the EdTech and Computational Psychometrics. Recently I’ve been following/reading/ participating in the events of the “Innovation Leader”.

(Levi Bethune) #71

Grateful to be here. Thanks @andrewchen for the invite and for facilitating this environment.

I’m Levi, @levibethune on Twitter, incoming Creative Director for Jiobit in Chicago and co-founder/designer for Cloverleaf in Cincinnati.

Currently running my own video studio: Le Video and previously Head of Creative for Cladwell in Cincinnati. I recently participated in Techstars Chicago with Kai Coach in a Marketing role. I captured a bunch of quotes from my time at Techstars if anyone is interested in bite-sized nuggets of startup wisdom.

During that program this past summer, I dove back into the book Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth and it felt like a really aptly-timed reset button. Sometimes you get too in the weeds and it’s good to get back to basics and remember the fundamentals.


This book changed the way I approach work. Highly recommended. If nothing else, scrub through the slide deck.

(Andre Jordan) #72

Hey Dan! Thanks buddy.

We hired a freelance animator who did the project in after effects. You can check out his portfolio here.

If you’re looking for something similar, ping me and I’ll put you in touch.

(Antoine Buteau) #73

Hello all, excited to be here!

Who are you? Antoine Buteau, I work as an engagement manager at a TMT strategy consulting firm in Montreal. I like training, cooking and wandering around to discover new music and fields of knowledge.
Twitter username? @anbuteau
What are you up to these days? Doing a deep dive on B2B ecommerce and D2C/DNVB for a large CPG.

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately? The Rich Roll podcast with James Clear on Habits was the best thing I listened in a while. Else I’m rereading The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell.

(Sparsh Mehta) #74

Hey everyone! I’m Sparsh Mehta and am a Growth PM at trucking marketplace startup, Convoy

Twitter: @sparshmehta19

Interesting read:
“IBM’s Old Playbook” by Ben Thompson is great write-up that helped me better understand the recent Red Hat acquisition

(Mark Tan) #75

Mark Tan, Product @Wyze Labs, Inc. - Seattle-based.

Making smart home tech accessible to everyone, would love to connect with people who are interested in digital products, mobile apps, and smart home tech.

Find me:

More about the company here

@sparshmehta - Hello fellow Seattleite!

(Justyna Trofimiuk) #76

Hi all!
Justyna Trofimiuk here. I’m a marketer at Infodiagram (predesign editable slides and graphics for presentations) and consultant, also mentor, for a few other companies and individuals.

Contact me:
Twitter: @Justyna_TS

Recently, I’m impressed by books: “Ogilvy on advertising” and “Teaching kids to think”.

Thanks @andrewchen for the invitation.

(Nami Baral) #77

Thank you for the invite, @andrewchen!

I am Nami Baral and I am the CEO of Harvest Platform ( - a fintech startup that negotiates bank fees and gets refunds, automatically.

We’re currently going through the Barclays Fintech Accelerator.

You can find me on Twitter @namrata_baral

Lately, I have been reading The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz, and Principles by Ray Dalio.

(Jesse Pujji) #78

Hello Everyone! My name is Jesse Pujji and I’m the CEO of Ampush. Twitter handle is: jspujji

Ampush has become a unique “growth as a service” tech enabled marketing services platform. We have people and technology for virtually every “growth” function. We focus on the DTC space - and believe that as competition increases in every sub vertical (and they get more commoditized), it will be a) harder for consumers to navigate which brand to choose and b) more difficult for businesses to continue to grow after the initial PR/FB/Goog blitz. We believe >100m customers will be acquired in the DTC space across all of these brands/sub-verticals. We started 9 years ago and have partnered with DTC companies including Dollar Shave Club, Stitch Fix, Blue Apron, Hubble and several others.

We have 3 core offerings to solve this problem:

  1. Aligned, Strategic Growth Offering - We leverage our proprietary MarTech Stack (media buying, SEO, conversion optimization, personalization, offer/AOV testing, etc) plus a dedicated growth team of 8-20 professionals (including design, web development, campaign mgmt, analytics). We are only compensated for incremental lift we generate in terms of LTV/Subs.

  2. Digital Channel Partner - Ampush will take over a single channel (usually FB or Google) all the way through conversion and take the risk of marketing expenses ourselves. Partner only pays us a bounty for every customer we drive.

  3. Owned & Operated Marketplaces/Consumer Facing Sites - Ampush recently acquired the largest DTC reviews website: (2m uniques, 30% return monthly, all SEO/Organic traffic). This is a leader in Beauty/Fashion. We plan to build these market places out in every sub vertical to provide proprietary customer acquisition for our partners.

A book that’s influenced my thinking:
–> A different kind of growth, personal growth the become a better leader by being more self aware.

(Kyle Samani) #79

Kyle Samani, cofounder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital, a crypto hedge fund

twitter - @kylesamani

Busting my ass building multicoin into a world class asset mgmt organization

book - Debt: the first 5,000 years

(Dayo Koleowo) #80

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen

  • My name is Dayo Koleowo

  • I work with an early stage VC firm in Nigeria called Microtraction as a Principal Investment Officer. Connect on Twitter: @natekorl

  • These days, I have basically been focused on finding the best remarkable African tech founders solving the most important local problems in the continent, starting from Nigeria.

  • Elad Gil’s High Growth Handbook.

Cheers guys :facepunch:t4:

(Mohamed Haouache) #81

I’m Mohamed, CEO of the Storefront (, a “Airbnb” type marketplace for short-term retail. We are on a mission to make retail accessible.

BOOK: the hard things about hard things.