Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Ziv Shalev) #42

Hi, I’m Ziv, had a startup at my twenties (~20 yrs ago) which was sold after ~5 yrs. been travelling, working as a psychologist (specially about peak performance), helping other startups and meditating since then :slight_smile:

co founding my second startup now (well, yeah, i know 20 yrs isn’t enough to rest between startups :wink: )

just finished listening to “the rise of superman” and i highly recommend it!

(Patrick Hasani ) #43

Hey hi hello

Business Consultant in London for APT, advanced analytics subsidiary of MasterCard.

Listen to Acquired S2E4 podcast on Masayoshi Son and SoftBank, inspirational story.

  • Patrick

(Jackie Schneider) #44

Hi Everyone!
My name is Jackie Schneider and I am the CRO for an emerging growth company called Field Nation! Field Nation is aB2B two sided platform bringing buyers and independent contractors together. Twitter is @SchneiderJackie I am currently rereading a book from many years ago - Beyond The Core - Expanding your market without abandoning your roots.

(Kirill Tasilov) #45

Hi folks,
Kirill here from Talis Capital, London based VC investing in B2B across Europe & US. Some of our portfolio firms - Darktrace, Onfido, iwoca, Narrativ, Oh My Green, Edge Intelligence to name a few.

Personal interests lie within Serverless, Edge Computing, Knowledge Graph Databases

Feel free to connect - ;
Thanks @andrewchen for the invite

(Darren Cassidy) #46

Hey Armand, Loved Elad Gil’s book. Some interesting content. Did you find any parts of it particularly actionable?

(Akos Balogh) #47

hi what is your product?

(Akos Balogh) #48

Hi Charles, cool…i contact you on LI.

(Doug Ramsay) #49

Hi, my name is Doug Ramsay, and I’m a partner at QED Investors, a small VC based in Alexandria, VA with a focus on fintech. My background is software engineering, and prior to QED I led teams at Capital One and LivingSocial.

A recent book that’s influenced my thinking: Thinking in Bets, by Annie Duke

(Darren Cassidy) #50

Hi everybody, My name is Darren Cassidy. VP of Product at, an online marketplace disrupting the dental supply industry. We bring together independent dental distributors with dental practices across the country to deliver an easier overall shopping experience and industry leading prices. We’re a family owned and operated business, been around about 20 years and are happy to be on a healthy growth trajectory.

I’m currently focused and challenged with how to bring about digital transformation in order to stay in front of large industry players / maintain our growth, within an org that is ‘comfortable’ and doesn’t have a declining KPI to point to, and empower us to more directly focus on our core problem / value prop. If anyone’s had any experience in the area, I’d love to chat.

I just listened to LCD Soundsystem We don’t need this fascist Groove Thang and it’s inspired me to be active in bringing into the world what I authentically believe in.

(William Doom) #51

Aloha and what’s good!

My name is William Doom CEO of QAltFi a marketplace to help homebuyers, homeowners, and real estate enthusiasts who are frustrated with current residential lending and real estate liquidity options.

Find me on twitter @itsthedoom

What I’m up to = BUIDLing and raising our seed.

Most recent book = Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman :exploding_head:

(Dan) #52

Hey. Cool concept with Bump. Congrats. Did you make the intro video yourself? What tool did you use to make the graphic animations?

(Emily Hochman) #53

Hi all - Emily Hochman, CEO/Founder of Wellory ( - the better health coach experience.

(Stefan Suppa) #54

Hi everyone,

Stefan Suppa, Co-Founder/CEO of Localyyz ( We’re a mobile fashion marketplace that connects shoppers with small/medium fashion businesses on Shopify. We make shopping for fashion easy delivering a highly personalized feed curated across our network for each individual user.

Interests: e-commerce, AI, content marketing, growth hacking, social media

(Ed Gallois) #55

Hi. I’m Ed and I run a collection of online brands centered around helping the bereaved. I’m a Web guy and have been since the late 90s, so apps is a brave new world to me. We’ve spent the past year trying to get product market fit for Memoria, an app to keep your loved one’s memory alive. Only recently have we started to understand and implement the things that Andrew talks about in terms of retention, engagement and churn. So I would say his posts about these topics have been incredibly useful to us and deserve a wide audience. The other person who shaped my views recently is Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Ventures. I went to a talk of his in SF this summer and he talked extensively about what constitutes a successful app. Haven’t got a link handy to his words, but like Andrew, he is very much worth listening to. Thanks.

(Ellery ) #56

Hi everyone,

My name is Ellery Newton. I am a college student in Connecticut. Here’s my background:

Founder of two capstones totaling 28 Seniors at a University. Our projects went in the schools newspaper too. The end result, 6 websites hosted on 000webhostdotcom written in HTML and Javascript.

These are two of them:


preventable dot info

Meanwhile, this Summer, I exchanged emails with 100+ biomedical professors, partners at billionaire family offices, presidents of universities, and dozens of researchers.

I gathered what they said and put them in documents to try to turn other ideas into reality, such as:


What I’ve recognized is that business has so many moving parts. It’s not just finding out what one cost is or what a couple features I want to include are. It’s multiple factors all going on at once. I feel overwhelmed. I would like to turn all of my ideas into fruition. I want to understand the process to streamline everything as best possible with the highest probability of success. 9/10 startups fail. Most people make something no one wants.

Do I create pitch deck designs as well as ask for consulting on the research I have done, sharing what I’m missing? Do you suggest I focus on one project I’m most passionate about? Can I sustain multiple ideas at once since some could be a nonprofit business model while others could be for profit?



(Taylor Zhao) #57

Taylor Zhao - Technical Program Manager at Salesforce
Just graduated from UT Austin majoring in Electrical Engineering and Business. Really loved reading Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda. Amazing insight to Apple’s design process.

(Nicolas Roux) #58


My name is Nicolas Roux and I head marketing for Moona.

We’re a young sleeptech startup developing a system to improve sleep quality based on temperature regulation around the head/neck area.

We had a kickstarter campaign last year and we expect to ship our product in Q2 2019.

I joined 6 months ago following the seed round of the company to help with the go-to-market.

I was previously an account manager at Facebook.

(Gabe Solberg) #59

Hi Andrew,

I am Gabe Founder of a SaaS Ad Tech Startup EasyAutoTagging

Twitter @gabesolberg and @EasyAutoTagging

Recently moved out of Beta with a soft launch and am in the course of onboarding new users.

In short, the product removes the silo barriers on reporting that is common when running ads across networks in this case specifically Facebook. The idea originated while I was a digital marketer working for an agency with clients that had a substantial Facebook budget and I did not find an existing solution, so I went ahead and built one :slight_smile:

I am very hands-on and always looking and testing for ways to grow so, and I found this post to have many nuggets:

I also started listening to GaryV lately and although I don’t agree with everything he says I have found his podcasts of live consultations and his focus on action and mindset to be super helpful in keeping me on track through the rollercoaster days of a startup.

(Bryan Karas) #60

Hi All! Thanks for the invite @andrewchen.

Bryan Karas here. I run Playbook Media, an ad agency focused on helping startups scale user acquisition through digital channels. Before starting the company last year, I was at Facebook in the Disruptors group where I had a similar focus.

I am reading an early copy of This is Marketing by Seth Godin. I am a big fan of how Seth focuses on the fundamentals vs tactics.

(Carl Hasselskog) #61

Co-founder of Degoo. We offer 100 GB Free Cloud Drive that helps your reexperience life’s best memories. Basically, we’re trying to solve the problem that you’re storing thousands of photos and videos that you never look at.

Books :
The Pragmatic Programmer
Made to stick

Find me

I live in Stockholm but I’m staying in SF 4th - 12th Nov so if anyone wants to meet in person I’d love to grab a coffee.

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen - looking forward to getting to know you guys better.