Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Cornel Lazar) #22

Hi everyone and thanks @andrewchen for the invitation to this group - excited to see what’s going to happen here.

Bit about me. I’m Cornel Lazar, London UK-based Growth Marketing Director at Culture Trip with an interest in tech startups, innovation in general, disruption and leadership.

Avid reader and from the books I’ve come across this year, I’d highly recommend these four:

  • The Growth Handbook by Elad Gil
  • The Alliance by Reid Hoffman
  • Measure What Matters by John Doerr
  • The Discovery of Slowness by Sten Nadolny

Connect … please do:

(Andrew Chen) #23

(Ryan Reeves) #24

Hey everyone!

Ryan Reeves here. Started a company called Investing City, seeking to make investing/business concepts accessible for everyone. Also, have a premium research subscription.

Please connect, I’d love to hear from you!
Twitter: ryan_reeves13

Been reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits. All about creating systems instead of focusing on goals so much.

Goal: read 50 books per year
System: Read for 30 minutes before going to bed.

There’s a lot of great stuff in there to create better habits.

Thanks for your time!

  • Ryan

(Philip Lam) #25

Thanks @andrewchen for the invitation!

Hi all, I’m Philip Lam, Co-Founder of HomeCourt, a mobile AI basketball app that track and analyze your basketball shot in real time, by just a smart phone camera.

Find me on LinkedIn:

(Matt) #26

Hey there,

I’m Matt, and I’ve been building mobile apps since before the iPhone era. I’m really interested in learning about, and ultimately employing, the approaches companies take to make their mobile software products successful.

Recent read: The Four by Scott Galloway - a review of the immense growth and power of Amazon, Google, FB, and Apple. A bit funny, if a little dark. I’m often reading a16z articles and presentations.

Director of Engineering | Applications at RVLA (Pasadena, CA)
@mhessing on Twitter

(Meghan McCarthy) #27

Meghan McCarthy, founder at Maternie. Building software that makes parenthood easier.

I’m in the information business and I love a book called the Invention of News. It’s the tale of how news/journalism got its start in Western Europe, and the first news service was essentially a trade publication for merchants. TLDR great 30k foot way to think about information as a product through the ages.

Also, I spent 6 years as a reporter on Capitol Hill and then 4 years building a newsroom in DC. Happy to (attempt) to answer/debate any questions/commentary on politics.

(Ying Wang) #28

I’m Ying and I’m a software engineer at Kinetica DB. I’m not on social media besides LinkedIn and SMS, but I publish professionally at bytes[dot]yingw787[dot]com and personally at blog[dot]yingw787[dot]com (I host reviews of books I’ve read on the latter). I really enjoyed Rob Walling’s “Start Small, Stay Small”; it talks about profitable micropreneurship and bootstrapping a company from your day job, but it also talks about just how important sales/marketing and to a lesser extent product management are in comparison to software engineering.

I’d love to connect with you!

(Chow789) #29

Hello, technical consultant here for various startups. Was curious to ask Andrew where he sees growth hacking is headed? And what kind of engineering/coding skills would prepare us for opportunities in terms of growth hacking?

(Andrew Chen) #30

(Karan Kurani) #31

Hi @andrewchen

My name is Karan. I am the Cofounder and CTO of DoctorC - a health tech startup in India.

My twitter handle is - - karankurani

What we are upto these days
We are currently in the growth stage of DoctorC - we are rapidly expanding across India launching across all Tier 1 cities in the coming few months. Thanks to your posts and links - we now have an inhouse growth team that has led us to grow ~120% in the past few months - and hitting operational profitability in our key cities. We are looking to double again in the next 90 days.

Thank you for all the content you have published because it has had direct tangible impact on how we approached growing our startup.

I just finished reading “Blitzscaling” by Reid Hoffman - its got great insights but a tad bit too long in the end. We have already started thinking on whether we can apply some of the Blitzscaling principles to our startup.

(Somit Basak ) #32

Hello Everyone. Am Somit Basak from the land of Snakes and Charmers, India!
Currently working in a Silicon Valley based startup, AINTU Services, providing deep analytics and insights in the field of shopper marketing and behaviour, by tracking the full cycle of media exposure of brands to sales.
Here, am specifically interested in exploring various organic medhods of adoption and growth of platform by consumers in the mobile application domain, and to learn the basics of investments and funding in the startup space.
Tweet @somitbasak
“The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli” is my latest read.
Look forward to exciting conversations in this club. Let’s contribute to grow together. Cheers

(Ajay Mishra) #33

Thanks @andrewchen for the invitation!

I am a first-time founder. I started on this entrepreneurial journey in July 2018 with Trisetra, where we are solving the room-furniture fit problem. We built a prototype and are working towards launching a private beta by the end of Nov 2018.

My twitter handle is @mishraka and the book I am currently reading Blue Ocean Strategy by W. CHAN KIM &

(stealth) #34

Hi and thank you. 3x entrepreneur up at night thinking about the great divide. After 20 years on the left, I’ve become a conservative. A non-bigoted, somewhat intelligent, at times coherent conservative.

I don’t post to twitter under my own name, and in the SF circles I work in (tech, media, and advertising) conservatism for the most part isn’t tolerated publicly. Political contributions in big SF tech co’s lean 90%+ to the left from a source I read.

So, it seems as though there is an opportunity here.

(Braden Ream) #35

Hey there,

My name’s Braden - I’m one of the founders of

We make it easy to build voice apps without coding :slight_smile:

Enlightenment Now has definetely been a book that’s changed my perspective on the modern era and what’s to be excited about.

(sarah eades) #36

I’m Sarah, Head of Growth Marketing for Melodics. We teach you to play musical instruments (Midi instruments right now) through a desktop app. We are at the point where we are scaling. I follow Andrew Chen and the blogs have been awesome. @melodicshq on twitter.

(Magnus Hillestad) #37

Hi and thanks for the invitation!

My name is Magnus, I’m a recovering private equity professional turned amateur coder and entrepreneur (don’t worry co-founders are amazing developers!).

CEO and co-founder of, a new real time content management software targeting to redefine how content is used in businesses!

I’m based in Oslo Norway, but currently preparing visa applications and prepare to move my family to bay area next year. Can’t wait!

On my mind right now; how to get real exponential traction with Sanity
Noteworthy read; Principles by Ray Dalio. Why; thinking in principles really help your speed up and optimize your desicion making, and making it more consistent :wink:

Looking fwd to being part of this community!
Twitter; @Mhillestad and @sanity_io

(Morten Lauridsen) #38


My name is Morten Lauridsen, I am the Co-Founder of based in Copenhagen. We are building an application that helps people build behaviour that enables them to sustain their productivity and wellbeing.

(athena cs) #39

Hemp in the HOUSE!

Hi all! I’m Athena, CMO over at Meet Harmony–Europe’s largest producer of quality CBD e-liquids (but…we’ve got big, really BIG plans for the coming year).

Pumped to be part of the group and excited to learn and contribute.

(Yoav Yechiam) #40

Hey there @andrewchen and gang :sunglasses:

My name is Yoav Yechiam (I’d love to connect on LinkedIn) from Israel.

I’m a 4 time entrepreneur. Splitting my time between bootstrapping a Sports Stock Exchange startup and my consulting firm Y-Perspective, which specializes in Product Strategy and Analytics, working mainly with startups.

I’m a big fan of Seth Godin’s way of thinking. Definitely influenced by 'The Purple Cow’ which I strongly recommend.
I’ve recently ‘graduated’ the altMBA which has been a very unique experience.

I’ve also published a few articles of my own on Product and Analytics:

I have to ‘come clean’ and say that I don’t exactly know why @andrewchen invited me to this group and what’s the group’s purpose, but I am honored :necktie: and I see that there are very interesting people here that’s I’d love to assist and be assists by.


(Bill Lewis) #41

Hi my name is Bill Lewis (LinkedIn, businessman and entrepreneur. After two successful decades in corporate business I stepped out on my own. For the next two and a half decades I lost millions, made millions; founded and sold a number of companies and learned many, many lessons. Those lessons form the foundation of the content in the Power In You Entrepreneurship Program launching in two months (after extensive beta testing). I am also founding a new web communcations company designed to allow the “common man” aka as anyone (i.e. solopreneurs, SMEs, lawyers, teachers, online businesses, corporates) to embed real time communications in their internet properties and be "just like or better than the “big boys”). Phase 1 of Mytalkpro dot com is in beta right now. My goal here is to contribute and assist and mentor and comment.

My One book, link, article that influenced my thinking lately:

Earl Nightingale… the master.

That’s all for now folks