Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Feng Gao) #208

Hello everyone, my name is Feng - a European (German) with Chinese heritage, currently pursuing my MBA at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Before moving to the US, I worked as an international Key Account Manager for Porsche at the headquarters in Germany, primarily responsible for the sales and business development of the entire Asia-Pacific market.

Passionate about connecting people and helping people solve their problem, I am working on the transition to technology, where I can make a bigger impact, and I am now exploring post-MBA opportunities.

At the moment, I am re-reading Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella, a great leader I admire a lot.

I value meaningful connections and aim to build and maintain high-quality connections. Look forward to connecting and having inspiring conversations:


(Evgeny) #209

Hi everyone! My name is Evgeny, I’m COO & co-founder in AppFollow. We help teams manage applications in the appstores. The company is based in Helsinki, Finland. Nice to meet all of you.

(Brent) #210

Hi everyone! I’m Brent, COO at busuu, the language learning app with 80m registered users, and generally immersed in Edtech.
Recent books that make me think and reflect - Factfulness which I dip into to take my mind off current affairs, Letters of Note, Sapiens, and the Master Algorithm.


(Ryan Riley) #211

Hi all,

My name is Ryan, based in London, and I work in Product Marketing for Egencia. We are part of the Expedia Group and specialize in helping companies manage and optimize their business travel programs.

Been reading Andrew’s work for the past 6 months and excited to be part of this forum.

I like to alternate reading tech/education books with books for enjoyment. Just finished Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupery - a great read about his time as a mail pilot in Africa.

I don’t agree with everything Dave Asprey says but his podcast Bulletproof Radio has really influenced my thinking. Every episode has a different thought leader from various walks of life and is a great place to learn and challenge your own perceptions.

Not very active on Twitter these days but happy to connect on LinkedIn.

(Patrick Tsao) #212

Hi everyone,

My name is Patrick Tsao and I’m the head of product at Getsafe, an InsurTech based in Heidelberg, Germany aiming to reinvent insurance.

I wanted to share this TEDx talk by Glenn Kelman, Redfin’s CEO on building hybrid businesses. Enjoy!

(Thomas Chung) #213

Thomas Chung
cofounder at Verdigris, @chungty
Lately, I do enterprise sales

I’ve been reading/watching a lot of pricing page teardowns, which have been fascinating quantitative sstudies in product marketing and positioning.


Hi, my name is Jason. Just started a new eCommerce company and moved to Reno to do it.

Delivering Happiness

(Marianna Ferro) #215

Hi! Thank you @andrewchen for inviting me.
My name is Marianna Ferro, I am the founder and CEO of Flair Atelier, the new shopping experience enabling each woman to fully customise her garments to reflect her style and fit. Thanks to technology we manufacture each garment on-demand, at scale and with zero waste.

We are based in London and currently raising capital.

I am reading again (and thoroughly enjoying) Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.
You can find me on Twitter @mariannaferro


(Lee Haney) #216

Hi everyone, and thank you @andrewchen for the invite!

My name is Lee Haney and I help with growth efforts for our enterprise software portfolio companies at Greylock Partners.

I’m passionate about military veterans, particularly in supporting transitioning enlisted veterans getting access to high quality education.

Twitter: @leechrishaney

Excited to learn from everyone!

(Andrew Vasylyk) #218

Hey all, my name is Andrew, founder of StartupSoft. Currently focusing on:

  • Funding new ideas of previously exited founders
  • Providing remote ops as a service (everything needed to set up a team abroad) to recently-funded startups that are thinking of remote or distributed operations

Happy to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter

(Akos Balogh) #219

Dear Andrew ans ALL in this channel.
Merry Xmas.

(Yoav Yechiam) #220

Hi Chris,

Very cool product :slight_smile:

Any chance you’ll want to join this course -
We’ve looking for one last participant for the pilot (no cost)

(Erin Stephenson) #221


My name is Erin Stephenson and I am the Co-Founder and COO at DOZR. DOZR is a P2P marketplace for heavy construction equipment.

One of the resources I read cover to cover when I first started my journey (and still reference from time to time) was The Marketplace Handbook by Boris Wertz and Angela Trans-Kingyens of Version One Ventures. Good read for those just getting their feet wet in a marketplace.


@andrewchen thanks for the invite and look forward to connecting!

(Syed Karim) #222

Hey everyone,
My name is Syed Wajahat Karim and I’m the Founder of a mobility startup Caravan that is based out of United Arab Emirates. We are an aggregator of local private bus operators within the country and our aim is to help people find the right bus for their work commute.

Happy to be here and connect with you guys!