Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Tanmayi Sai) #188

Hi All,
My name is Tanmayi Sai and I work in the product team at Zynga. I’m working on launching a new Game of Thrones game next year !
In my spare time, I’ve been helping a new accelerator that is investing in female founded companies.
As a long time reader of the essays, I’m excited to have found this forum!
A recent article I love reading is:

My public Twitter handle : tanmayis20

(Ramona Liberoff) #189

Hi everyone, and thanks @andrewchen for the invitation to join this community. I’m @ramonalxyu
I’m a recovering corporate investor, current angel investor, now moving into a Founder role. Our aim is to reinvent transport planning for communities for the age of autonomous vehicles (with benefit for people & planet).
Reading: Reid Hoffmann’s Blitzscaling, a great combination of valuable common sense and big ideas (also enjoyed The Alliance).
How to Fix the Future by Andrew Keen and The Value of Everything by Mariana Mazzucato are also good reads.
Would love to hear from anyone with similar interests, desire to help this idea scale. Happy in return to offer thoughts on global growth, impact, and scale or strategy challenges.

(sam ashken) #190

Hi everyone, I’m Sam. Am Head of Marketing at an early stage enterprise fintech startup in London, UK. Two startups deep. Thanks a lot @andrewchen for the invitation to join!

Lots of great book recommendations here, thanks all! I’m a big fan of the Kim & Maubourgne Blue Ocean books, a lot I like about both. But notably, the ideas that there are multiple types of innovation, only some of which displace existing incumbents. And also the idea that the right unit analysis to understand business performance over the long term is not the firm itself, but the individual “moves” that firms make.

@MkMcCarthy, nice to meet you.
Looking forward to getting some software which can parenthood easier. Speaking for myself as a parent, anything that makes it easier would welcome!

(Steve Anderson) #191

Hey there guys, Steve Anderson, SaaS CFO and Co-Founder of here.

Evangelizing Customer Success / Bottom of Funnel / Cust Engagement for SaaS B2B growth companies.

Article that’s influenced me:

Mark Suster has some great, concise advice for entrepreneurs (and so does Andrew, Obviously!

(Rustin Nethercott) #192

Hi everyone!

Rustin here- I’m a growth marketer at Appcues (a tool to help non-technical users easily build product experiences like User Onboarding, Feature Adoption, and NPS).

In terms of a book that has been influencing my thinking lately, I’ve been enjoying the fantasy novel “The Name of the Wind”. While definitely the opposite of my normal marketing reading,it has effectively been shifting a lot of how I think about branding, both personal brand and the brand of Appcues.

In more of the growth lane, the Growth TLDR podcast has given me a wealth of good ideas.

Excited to chat growth with all of you. And for anyone based in Boston, would love to grab coffee and talk in person.

(Al Sargent) #193

Hi everyone. Thanks for the invite Andrew.

I’m VP Marketing, Applitools, which provides AI-powered visual testing of web and mobile applications.

You can find me on Twitter at and on LinkedIn at

I’m currently reading Blitzscaling. I spend a fair bit of time listening to the following podcasts: Marketing School, Masters of Scale, and OpenView Build.

(Bhumi Bhutani) #194

Hi! I am excited to be here Andrew.

I’m Bhumi Bhutani, co-Founder of A marketplace of services across key industries: parking, dining, movies events, & activities.
Twitter: BhumiBhutani1

I am absolutely loving this time of year as our business is booming in travel, entertainment and hospitality. Covering 5 major industries is a tremendous feat, but this is the season when get to see our marketplace in its peak!

The article that’s influenced my thinking as of today happens to be your article Andrew: “What’s next for marketplace startups? Reinventing the $10 trillion service economy, that’s what.”

Way is simply the managed marketplace entering into 2019. We applied quite a bit of the theory you mention during our inception in 2014 -it has carried us through today and we are literally on the brink of disruption into 2019. Exciting Times.

(Graham S.) #195

Hi all,

My name is Graham, and I’m the Chief of Staff at We help SMBs and startups find office space – think RedFin for office space.

My background is in SEO, and once my stint as CoS is over I’ll be switching back to a Growth focus. Look forward to meeting some folks and learning new things!

I recently subscribed to The Economist – I am a firm believer that innovation is usually based on adjacent ideas. So keeping in touch with world news and getting out of my tech/startup focus is 1) healthy and 2) helpful.

(Ben) #196

Good morning from London, England, thanks Andrew for the invitation to join the community.

I am Benjamin Falk, founder and Chief Talker at YoDa (your data), a new AI powered personal data robot lawyer algorithmically exercising consumer rights over their personal data.

Personal data is an information good, just like a book, a movie, a song, or some software. Imagine how the market for these goods would operate if there were no intellectual property protection? I would sell a copy of my book to someone, and they would turn around and reproduce it a million times. All the value from my creativity and hard work would accrue downstream. That’s why artists receive royalties every time their work is recreated. The market for personal data is broken because there are no IP-style laws protecting its use and reuse, or compensating the “artist” who created the information good, i.e. you. We all “sell” our personal data to Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg receives the royalty every time it is reproduced!

But Europe is leading the way towards a new equilibrium. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives regular people like you and I copyright-style ownership and control over all their personal data, no matter who is storing it. So we are creating the platform that allows consumers to monitor and enforce this “copyright”, as well as generate royalties in the not-to-distant future. We are backed by Entrepreneur First and PUBLIC, and are currently fundraising. You can follow us on Twitter @yoda_your_data.

The article that has influenced by thinking most recently is this one from the UK Treasury titled “The Economic Value of Personal Data” coinciding with the announcement that Jason Furman would join the UK Government as a competition advisor.

Looking forward to discussing with everyone on here.



(Dmitriy Belenkiy) #197

Hi, everyone! My name is Dmitriy Belenkiy. I’m a co-founder and COO at

GameGraph is an open protocol aimed at transforming the global game industry. We give gamers the full freedom in changing and trading of digital assets they bought or scored in games. As for developers, we are developing a set of tools and services that reduce their technical and marketing costs.


The book that influenced me very much is Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy - and How to Make Them Work for You.

(Laurence Bret Stern) #198

Hi everyone, my name is Laurence. Ex LinkedIn (EMEA Marketing Head), ex Pipedrive (CMO), based in London (and French).

I am currently advising startups and VCs regarding go2market, branding and obviously growth strategy.

Most recent reads? “Blitzscaling” by Reid Hoffman… for obvious reasons and because I am Reid’s biggest fan. And “La plus belle histoire de l’intelligence” (the history of intelligence) by Stanislas Dehaene and Yann Le Cun (Director of FB Research) because I start to see very interesting projects around AI (in various areas, both B2B and B2C)

(Karim Ahmad) #199

Hi Everyone!

My name is Karim Ahmad, and I am currently pursuing my MBA at Wharton. I am an ex-management consultant from the Middle East turned into a growth equity SaaS investor. I have a lot of experience in digitization, market entry and operating model and am very familiar with MENA Telcos and Sovereign Wealth Funds. I am highly interested in IoT and IIoT.

I am currently reading: Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights on China, the United States, and the World and will follow it up with Henry Kissenger’s on China!

I think the US-China dynamics will have immense repercussions on all aspects of the world (startups / investors as well) and we should make sure to be well positioned to benefit from those changing conditions.

Happy to chat!

(Sophia Cheng) #200

Hi everyone! My name is Sophia. I work at Bridgewater. I work on venture deals.

(Peter Giordano) #201

Hi everyone – my name is Peter Giordano, COO at Seva ( We’re a knowledge management platform that unifies the most commonly-used SaaS applications all in one place. We launched at the beginning of 2018, raised our seed round of funding a few months ago, and now are officially in beta! We’re based in NYC.

Outside of helping to build our six-person company, I’m a brand new dad – so most of my OOO time involves diapers and milk. Advice welcome.

Looking forward to following the threads here.


(Andrew Kvaal) #202

Hi all – I’m Andrew Kvaal – until recently have been the General Manager of an edTech startup and really caught the bug on product management, SaaS, and building organizations capable of delivering incredible outcomes. Books that are influencing me a lot right now are Marty Cagan’s Inspired, Ben Horowitz’s Hard Thing About Hard Things, and Elad Gil’s Growth Handbook. Plenty of others too – Steve Blank, Melissa Perri, etc… thanks @andrewchen for the invite and look forward to the discussion here.

(Sanine ) #203

Hi everyone :nerd_face::call_me_hand:t4: I’m Sanine Moreira, the co-founder, and CEO of Orbitbox, a healthy snack delivery service for companies and their employees. Think of SaaS (snack as a service). I’m also a growth marketer at Yotako (transform PSD, adobe xd, and Balsamiq design into code)

Once a month I analyze high growth startup and companies from their initial idea to where they are now. (I chose one company a month and dig deep into their business, key hires, tech, culture…) and try to learn from them.

I like @andrewchen’s website for real!!

And I listen to a16z, Masters of Scale, MFCEO & the SaaS podcats.

Currently, I’m reading Reid’s Blitzscaling.
My fav book is; The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Grow from Jim Stengel & Brain versus Capital (German book; Kopf schlägt Kapital)

– I speak 7 languages
Happy to connect on LinkedIn:

(Paulina Szyzdek) #204

Hi Everyone!

I’m Paulina, Senior Associate in Investment Banking but truly passionate about venture investing so having few related projects on the side.

I’m a Board member of Swiss FinTech Ladies and I work as a FinTech&Crypto Expert in Kickstart Accelerator.
I’m an Ambassador for MonART on Swiss Market and also partnering with US based The Startup Station.
Always happy to connect and discuss some market changing ideas! :slight_smile:
Linkedin :
Twitter : @Szy_Paula
Blog :
Medium : @paulinaannaszyzdek

(Shane Smith) #205

Hey Everyone!

My name is Shane Smith and I work at Cushman & Wakefield helping tech companies with their office space needs. I love learning about startups, and spend most of my time researching and analyzing them in depth so that I can really understand how they grow. As I’m sure all of you know there’s no “one size fits all” way to look at how startups grow, it’s all so unique and personal. And so by understanding the world of startups as a whole as well as details about the individual companies themselves, it helps me not only find these organizations an awesome space, but also give them a competitive advantage over the rest of the market.

One book I’ve been reading lately that is awesome is called Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller. Really awesome insight to personal marketing. And of course, big fan of @andrewchen’s blog.

Would love to connect with anyone on LinkedIn, so feel free to reach out

(Sebastien Roy) #206

Who am I? My name is Sebastien and I live mostly in Montreal but spend a great deal of time in NYC where our startup is headquartered

My company I am cofounder and CEO of Lean Systems
On twitter @sebastroy

What am I up to? Currently, Lean Systems is a cloud based routing API for aviation operations build by top world experts in routing optimization for aviation companies back by Alex Iskold’s Techstars NYC. We have a couple customers and growing revenues year over year.

But we are currently investigation more efficient ways to market our optimization algorithms specifically by setting up our own flight operation platform. In other words, a flying service for travelers platform.

Influencial book The most influencial lately was “If You’re in a Dogfight, Become a Cat!” but otherwise anything related to the next wave of marketplaces such as @andrewchen recent blog post

(Roberto Bolanos ) #207

Hi! I’m Roberto, I’m the founder of a direct to consumer business in Mexico, We manufacture transfer lifts, they help caregivers transfer elderly patients from bed to wheelchair without effort,

You can find our store in:

And our channel at