Introduce yourself (Nov 2018)

(Andrew Chen) #1

Hi everyone! Wanted to start up a fresh thread for late-2018! It’s been a while :slight_smile:

Who are you?
Title/company? Twitter username?
What are you up to these days?

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?

(Andrew Chen) #2

(Pedro Mont) #3

Hi everyone, My name is Pedro Mont and I’m retail director at, a fashion commerce platform in Peru, and an angel investor focused on Chinese start ups. WeChat: montpedro / LinkedIn:

(Nakul Gupta) #4


I am Nakul Gupta, a second-year student at Chicago Booth and worked in BCG in India before coming here. My team and I launched, a tech platform through which applicants can get support from mentors who are second year students and alumni of the top MBA Schools (Chicago Booth, Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD, etc) at an affordable price. MBA applicants can instantly book time with mentors to work on anything they need for their applications through bite-sized services. MyMBACircle is founded on the belief that neither your finances nor personal network should limit your access to the insights and knowledge that can help you gain acceptance to top universities. We have already helped many students who don not have the means to get into top business schools and are coaching many more.

I would love to get some of your feedback on the platform and insights. Thanks for your time!

(Gordon Tsai) #5


Business Analyst @ McKinsey


Sam Harris’s Podcast with Coleman Hughes was really great.

(Maxime Villemure) #6

Hey guys! Max here - Co-founder and CEO of, a peer-to-peer marketplace for self-storage backed by an ex-Uber GM.

I’m currently in SF pitching to a bunch of VC firms for our seed round!

(Dan) #7

Hi Everyone. I’m Dan. Currently figuring out a new multi-sided marketplace for consumers so following andrewchen on twitter.

(Armand) #8

Yo, I’m Armand,

I run growth at LOLI Beauty. We’re a DTC sustainable, personalized, clean skincare startup in NYC. (
IG: theirandeal

Currently, doing growth stuff. Jumping around Elad Gil’s High Growth Handbook.

(Daniel Jaramillo) #9

Hello everyone!
I’m Daniel Jaramillo, MIT bootcamper working on a fully autonomous food truck.
Not so much of an article but I was very impressed with the documentary called “Do you trust this computer”

(Akos Balogh) #10

Hi Andrew and Folks, thank you for the invite.

I am a crazy Hungarian born entrepreneur (living in the USA) who is bold enough to build a hardware startup.
I love to create and sure that our products will improve people’s lives.
Our company called MOSCASE.

Out biggest challenge recently to jump from prototype to pilot than ramp up mass production.
As well as to meet the right VC’s. We need smart money by smart people with great experiences.

The book I am reading now is: How to be The Startup Hero: A Guide and Textbook for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Thank you and happy weekend to all, next week we are in the bay area and happy to jump for coffee/beer to network
Akos !

(Vincent Curry) #11

Hello Engagers with Chen. Im Vincent, Chief Innovation Officer at Collaborizm but about to transition. I am 2 start ups deep. Books…just finished “Life after google” and just began “Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art”. I also am a Lead Singer in a Band that plays some national gigs. Honored to have been invite by master Chen and think his friend Balfour is Yoda.

(Sehul Shah) #12

Hello Friends,

I am Sehul Shah, CEO of

Twitter: @DeciZone

DeciZone is a platform for streamlining decision making using navigable flowcharts. Our mobile friendly web app allows authors to create a flowchart of their thought process in a few minutes and their audience can literally walk through the flowchart one step at a time and reach the recommendation in about 30 seconds. You can have the transcript of the whole user path saved in your CRM or sent to you in an email.

Please check it out and let me know how we can make it work for you.

Intro Video.

Enable Confident Decisions for $1/Day.

(Tee Faircloth) #13


I’m Tee Faircloth, founder and CEO of CCI (Coordinated Care Inc) and we are focused in the super sexy area of rural healthcare tech. My background is in turnarounds and bankruptcies (ran the distressed trading desk and Salomon and Lehman for those who remember,) so have always liked playing alone in sandboxes.

Best book that influenced my thinking long term was The Vulture Investors and recently got a great deal out of Hoffman’s new book, Blitzscaling. If you like podcasts, I highly recommend his Stanford class pods on the subject, which has 20 lectures from great guests and is available on the Greymatter pod (May 2016.)

(Daniel Beck) #14

I’m Daniel Beck, the CEO of (Coliving, Inc.), a marketplace to find, book and pay your next coliving experience.
Lately I have read “Built to sell”, a book about how to change a consulting-company to be sellable. Very inspiring.

(Charles Adler) #15

My name is Charles Adler, previously co-founded Kickstarter in ‘09. Working on a new endeavor titled Lost Arts, a market network for creatives to connect (network) and sell (marketplace) designed goods.

I’m a designer, technologist, cyclist, runner, outdoors dude (who likely spends too much time behind a computer).

WTF by Tim O’Reilly
Hard thing about hard things by B Horowitz
Blitzscaling by Reid Hoffman
A man without a country by Kurt Vonnegut

Find me

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen - curious to see what’s going on in here.

(Oluwayemi Awobusuyi) #17

Hi everyone, my name is Yemi and I am a Technical Program Manager at HomeAway, a vacation rental marketplace with more than 2,000,000 vacation rentals in 190 countries listed on its website.
One book that has influenced my thinking lately is The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Speed, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations.
Thanks @andrewchen for the invite.

(Gilad Amozeg) #18

Hi everyone, and thank you very much @andrewchen for inviting me to THE BACKSTORY.

I am a Co-Founder of A. N. OTHER, and I try to stay behind the scenes (@amozeg), while the brand is run by A. N. OTHER’s Co-Founder Ariella Appelbaum. I am old school, and we are avid believers in cash and cashflows. I can’t help myself from taking a stab at the “growth at all cost” culture (see my Green Cash no Ham post on LinkedIn:

I am currently absorbed in understanding and deciphering behavioral economics & consumers’ psychology. Contagious (by Jonah Berger) was a great intro.

(John Wen) #19

Hi, everyone, my name is John Wen, Founder and CEO of Cartana. Thank you very much @andrewchen for inviting me to THE BBACKSTORY. We are developing a digital technology platform to help small-to-medium businesses do business with technologies. My twitter is @DrJohnWen. We are a startup in the Midwest (Cincinnati, Ohio). Recently, I have been playing with all kinds of “Growth Hacking”. I found that I thought some of the “tricks” I used for growth hacking were the results of my deep meditating but they were all well documented in Andrew’s 80 slides I envy the startups in the East/West Coasts have people like Andrew and many other VCs continuously educating and nurturing the startup ecosystems. I hope by joining this community I can extract some brain nutrition for growing my company from the stories told by all of you. As a return, when I have one, I will tell you my story.

(Andre Jordan) #20

Hey everyone! Glad to be here.

I’m a self-taught developer and founder/CEO of a social media app called Bump that lets everyone share control of the music in social environments (parties, bbqs, in the car, etc). Currently engaged in talking to users, iterating on the product and working toward PM fit!

An interesting topic that’s useful to all of us: avoiding burnout.

Thanks for the invite @andrewchen, excited to be a part of the discussion

(Kimberly Shamsiddin) #21

Hello Everyone. I am Kim Shamsiddin, Wall St lawyer and Founder of Al Shams Abayas an e-commerce apparel store for Muslim women. We are targeting a $243B global market for modest fashion that is largely untapped and highly fragmented both domestically and internationally. I’m still learning the ropes and have made just about every rookie mistake imaginable so I am excited to be involved with this group and I look forward to learning from all of you.

Thank you for inviting me @andrewchen