Introduce yourself (July 2017)

(Bernhard Hüssy) #143

dear all, born in Switzerland raised in LA and since a moment back in Zurich. Started my company in 2010, not primary because its cool and fancy to be an entrepreneur, it came out of the demand to get the tools needed to complete projects.

As the automation-industry is usually rather slow compared to the demands of builders and project leads. The Zebra Movement following my company nomos system AG my goals are solid sustainability and maintaining a high quality level. We are in the last phase of turning innovation stage to operational excellence, and its a tremendously cool feeling to reach this level of internal professionalism while maintaining inspiration for new products.

Many thanks for the invitation @andrewchen and happy to be here at your humbled disposal and pushing beyond my horizon to meet new people. Have a great evening from a shivering Zurich, b

(David Lynch) #144

My name is David Lynch. I have 4.5+ years of experience in PHP Development and currently work as a Senior Website Developer with Apptunix. My responsibilities include analysis, estimation, code reviews and management, performance improvement, query optimization, code deployment to different servers.
Apptunix brings mobile innovation to life. Working wonders since 2013, Apptunix is often regarded as premier mobile app development company. We’ve developed 200+ glorious mobile apps to date. Our work-ethic is unmatched. We take on projects as if they’re our own. Get 30 min free app consultation.

(Travis Brown) #145

Hello Everyone. My name is Travis Brown. I am the founder of Panoptic Group, a strategic advisory and consulting firm based in LA. I have spent nearly 15 years in the media, entertainment, tech and startups and worked with a multitude of different companies across different sectors and industries. Look forward to meeting and interacting with some interesting people here.


Im currently reading Mindset which is fantastic.

(Sydney Wong) #146


My name is Sydney Wong, Founder of VenturX
Twitter/Instagram: @venturx_team

VenturX is a conduit for early stage startups and Seed and Series A investors through analytical metrics. The biggest pains for startups are that they do not know how to get to that next step in their business and have trouble with funding. We have both cross industry startups from across the country and investors on our platform. We provide a dashboard to measure product market fit, runway, conversion and engagement. The startups can compare their business metrics to other companies in that similar industry; when they feel ready, they can submit it for funding to our investors. The metrics help startups know where they stand and help investors cut their due diligence time. These metrics were constructed from our Board of Advisors which includes investors, grantors and bank partners who fund startups.

Book that influenced me is from local Canadian Author called “Lean Analytics”
As our platform is very analytics forward, it gave insights on how to approach both our product and our audience.

(Shivani) #147

I am Shivani Srivastava
I am engaged as consultant / senior adviser with a MoMagic Technologies and its Group companies / funded ventures …in the area of marketing, business alliances , funding drives , PR Communication…events …academic interfaces …Set up India App League to drive meaningful ventures from academia not drawn by funding carrot sticks but with the exposure and interface with seasoned businesses …Set up the …and now looking at getting it further fine tuned and have a formal team and people to manage etc …with my strategic interface …so its both execution and strategic work to get into as the demand and need is and financials …
Book which influenced me : The Alchemist , You will see it when you Believe in it , The Power of Silence

(Param Singh) #148

I am Param Singh, I have 4.5+ years of experience in Graphics & UI Designing. I am working as a Graphics and UI Designer at Apptunix. I have worked on various Graphics and Web/App UI projects for a number of clients. I specialize in Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, App Design, Print Design, Infographics, Illustrations and other offer services to businesses of all sizes around the world, ultimately improving their bottom line by crafting creative solutions to their business problems.

(Jason Robinson) #149

Hi All,

I’m Jason Robinson (Twitter: @jc_robinson), Founder & CEO of Next Mountain, which is a career management platform.

These days, I’m working on Next Mountain’s products and content. For products, the web app is live, and Andriod/iOS are in the works (Kotlin is awesome, btw). For content, I have a list of ~100 blog posts that need to be written, and ~30 info courses that need to be recorded… :slight_smile:

Picking one book, link, or article that’s influenced my thinking lately is a challenge (and so many good ones are already on the list), because I read broadly.

Kindle tells me that I’ve made it through 19% of Tim Ferriss’ Tools Of Titans, which makes me think more about health (it’s split into healthy, wealthy, and wise, and at 19%, I’ve only hit healthy). I think a lot about the gradual integration of devices with people and its consequences, so sensory deprivation tanks are interesting.

I’m at the 55% mark on Ben Horowitz’s The Hard Thing About Hard Things, which was recommended to me by the CEO of Origami Logic. Having worked in many teams and in many settings, including solo, a small pre-Series A team (6), a pre-IPO growth company, and a tech titan, I’d say that Ben’s advice is worth pondering before/while growing a team.

And thanks for the forum invite, @andrewchen!

Jason Robinson
CEO / Next Mountain

(Gabriel Velez) #150

I’m Gabe Velez
Design Lead and Growth fanatic for Gamechat
Find me socially @GabeVelez
When I’m not working on Gamechat I’m watching too many YouTube videos.

Constantly reading through for UX tips.

(Charles Lee Mathews) #151

I am Charles Lee Mathews. But call me Charlie.

I do Growth Marketing for Continuon and WorldBrain.

On Twitter I am @CharlesLeeZA

These days I am running hard and fast for two start ups. The biggest breakthrough I’ve had was getting 40,000 new Facebook followers for one of my clients by doing an incredibly cheap video [it cost $0] and seeding it in the right Fb communities. I wish all growth experiments worked out this way. :wink:

What’s influenced my thinking recently? A video by Buzzfeed’s Dao Nguyen. For a long time I wondered how she achieved 200 million unique visitors for Buzzfeed in less than two years. This video offers interesting clues to that answer:

(Jesus Ansolo) #152

I am Jesus Ansolo

My twitter is @ansolo but you better find me in linkedin.

The last book i’ve readen was about the peronal drama of two families derived from the political situation of the basque country that i recomend to everyone who knows about it. Writen by a basque - Fernando Aramburu - who has been living in Germany for the last 20 years: Patria.

And i read everything i meet interesting for startup’s growth&retention.

Thanks Andrew for this opportunity to meet interesting minds.