Introduce yourself (July 2017)

(Merita Memisi) #122

Hi All, I am Merita Memisi, founder and CEO of Swipecart ( Happy to be here!

(Gary Dobbs) #123

You can call me Gary Digital.

The company I started 17-1/4 months ago is Gary Dobbs Consulting where I am a Business Process Consultant and Business Systems Architect among many other roles …

If you look for me @GaryBDobbs on Twitter you won’t reach me. Better reach out here or Facebook instead.

Companies hire me to build workflows, document procedures and stack software to help their Marketing Teams, Sales, and Service Teams to be more productive.

When I began reading Elevator To The Top by Ryan Stewman it fueled my thinking so much I stopped reading it before I got to page 100 … time to stop learning all the time and start doing!

(Victor Lim) #124

Hey Andrew, just wanted to say Thanks. Recently found out about your blog from reading Ryan Holiday’s “Growth Hacker Marketing.”

You have, one of the most helpful content for startup “Growth”. Thanks again for all your hard work and the insights you’re giving away.

Who are you?
Victor, dentist by profession.

Title/company? Twitter username?
Founder of Auxo.

What are you up to these days?
Getting MVP up and running. Acquiring knowledge for “Growth.

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?
I highly believe to be successful at any goal or endeavor, you must know your personal strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your strengths, don’t focus on your weaknesses but be mindful of them. Refine and cultivate your strengths to success. Gather the right people around you that have your specific weaknesses as their personal strengths.

You also need to have Growth Mindset.

My whole journey has been started by taking personal strength assessments (Gallup strength finder, Kolbe A, Wealth Dynamics, MBTI). The most helpful content for assessing personality with an entrepreneurial theme, has been Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Test. He has a great book, “Wink and Grow Rich.” The audio book is great, you can find it here on youtube.

If you’re interested in understanding your personal strengths, I’d recommend you learn about Myers Briggs and the different cognitive function and cognitive function stacks.

Here’s an intro to the topic with personality hacker:

(Christophe Limpalair) #125

Hi, I’m Christophe Limpalair. I’m the VP of Marketing at a company called Linux Academy. We provide online cloud and certification training.

Twitter username? LinkedIn?
My twitter handle is @christophelimp, though I also have a podcast handle @scaleyourcode

I’m far more active on LinkedIn, and would love to connect.

What are you up to these days?
Currently working on some lead generation pipelines to help take our business to the next level. We’ve already hit PMF and have had good growth the past few years, but there’s still much improvement to be made which, honestly, is what I love most about my job.

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?
Like @AuxoPro, I believe focusing on your strengths and knowing your weaknesses is a great recipe for success. We had everyone go through StrengthFinders recently, and that helped me out quite a bit - not just in figuring out my strengths, and but in figuring out my team’s strengths (and lack of strengths). I also recently read Ryan Holiday’s “Growth Hacker Marketing” which is a great book for its simplicity and insights.

Please feel free to reach out - I’d love to connect!

(Audrey Joanne) #126

Hi all! My name is Audrey. I am the founder of UXelle (, a Creative Design Agency based in Singapore. You can check out my twitter: @audreyjoannee. I occasionally blog at and recently my article on a kickstarter buy went viral - thought i’d share my experience here!

These few days I’ve been working quite a bit since UXelle is brand new and I’m a solopreneur.

Link that influenced my thinking lately is

The life of Robert Downey Junior is truly inspiring from how he became a drug addict, a pizza seller to the person he is today got me thinking a lot about the things you can do only if you believe and anything is truly possible. :slight_smile:

Ok have a great day everyone!

(Isaac T) #127

Hi everyone! I’m Isaac THANI(twitter:Isaac THANI
Student and Entrepreneur.
Working on Delat Systems
Our mission is to change the world’s educational system for good.
Currently helping everyone to learn and use 3D printers.
Working from Kazan, Russia.
Apart from working, I have lately been trying to understand Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
One book I would recommend to everyone is Lev Tolstoy’s The Kingdom of God is within you(Царство Божие Внутри Вас). You can read it in English but it’s best read in Russian.

(Peter Grillet) #128

Hello world,

Who are you?
I’m Pete. I sell and help other people sell things online.

Twitter username?
I’m @MrGrillet

What are you up to these days?
I’m looking to join a Growth Team at an interesting SaaS business.

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?
I am currently reading Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which is a book about quality. But the thing that has had the most impact on me recently is Dr Jordan Peterson’s work. Absolutely fascinating stuff for understanding how people work and their motivations.

Easily some of the best content I have ever come across on the web.

You can watch his lectures on YouTube for free…

(Andreas Rolén) #129

Hello there!

My name is Andreas Rolén, Head of Growth at Football Addicts/Forza Football. You find me on Twitter at @andreasrolen. I’m currently on the Reforge program, so if you’re in there, please reach out and say hello!

We build one of the most popular apps for getting livescore, lineups and highlights from football (soccer) games all over the world. Our vision is a democratized world of football where the fans have an equally strong vote as anyone else (e.g. the president of FIFA). Here is an example of one thing that we did on this field: - Forza help out in taking down Sepp Blatter.

Currently we are working on aligning all employees towards the Northern Star, implementing a visual roadmap so that every employee understand how their current task is connected to the OKR’s, company business goals and the company vision. I’m also building the growth team in the organization from the ground, which is a super interesting task!

One book… Hmm… Good to Great by Jim Collins is definitely one! Then almost all the content from the Reforge program I’d say!

Take care!

(Kristina Kroot) #130

Hey everyone and thanks for the invite! My name is Kristina Kroot and I am a marketing strategist & consultant. I currently work with OmniBased, a full service Commerce as a Service platform that radically improves the buy and sell process between qualified buyers and trusted vendors by offering a new way to discover, purchase and deploy cloud solutions.

Our mission is to eliminate inefficiencies in the current search, communication, procurement and implementation interactions that occur within the buy/sell process of cloud technology products and services. The vision is to create an open, effective and resourceful platform for vendors, distributors and buyers to interact and automate where possible.

You can find me on Twitter running @OmniBasedB2B and also my personal account @KristinaKroot [can’t link since I am a new user :slight_smile:.]

Right now I’ve been working on simplifying my home, my parenting and my overall life, and a quote that has influenced me is this one by Steve Jobs, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

(David Jackson) #131

Hi all, I have built and sold Clicktools, SaaS feedback provider. I am now focused on customer success in SaaS companies. You can read more at CS2.0 on LinkedIn. That’s the basis of the advisory work I am doing for a PE company and other SaaS companies.

Two books I often revisit: The Creative Brain by Ned Herrmann and The Living Company by Arie de Geus.

(Arthur Polk) #132

Hi Everyone -

I’ll start with the influence: there has been a Lecture that influenced me recently. Reese Jones (founder of Singularity University) spoke in a series on Sex, Ego, Death, internet & singularities. Rare, “big-picture” visionary type media.

I’m Arthur Polk. I’m a 2017 BBA grad of UW-Madison, focused on people and investments in the startup space. My background is in finance and commercial real estate (which I am transitioning out of) - I’ve worked for the US Senate, in IB, and for an endowment valuing US Equity REITs. Currently I’m job hunting, but I’m also a student and immersing into VC on multiple fronts;

I’m the LinkedIn organizer and student for the Kauffman Fellows Academy & Techstars 2017 fall venture deals course. Our group has over 1,100 VCs / Founders / students.

I’m super involved in Crypto too. My VC/crypto blog and research page is Here’s a link to a recent study I did about Blockchain-Enabled Healthcare Technology startups: Study. Although I’m a recent grad this research and initiative is currently my independent immersive initiative. I assist certain groups with projects already - CFX Markets and Pegasus Fintech are two of these startups.

Hope we can connect and that I can help you all in some way. Also, if you know of anyone who needs a catalytic analyst… please put me in touch.


(Martina Pugliese) #133

Hi there, Martina @Mallzee here, I’m the data science lead at the company. We operate in the fashion-tech business and my role is to build recommendations as well as extracting insights from people’s preferences on clothing and accessories. Find me on Twitter @m_letitbe !

(Nicola Strand) #135

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m Nicola, I’m the Retention Lead at a startup (within a pharma company) called HelloSkin, based out of Copenhagen in Denmark. We sell products and give advice via blogs/content to people living with chronic skin conditions, such as psoriasis.

I’m new here so I’ve just finished my measurement plan and am building benchmark reports, briefing analyses - the fun stuff (I’m serious :smile: )

The Brian Balfour blog has already been mentioned above so I won’t repost that, so I’ll mention my other favourite blog -

(Steve Willson) #136

Hi I’m Steve Willson from Toronto.

I’m a Partner in Panoptika and my personal Twitter is @steveinthe6 props to Drake

Our usual gig is strategy facilitation, customer understanding projects and coaching and collaboration facilitation, but right now we’re also trying to engage >40 yo entrepreneurs in using start-up frameworks to de-risk their business development projects.

Still a big fan of Steve Blank, so I follow him, but also have learned to appreciate Simon Sinek

Glad to answer any questions, and contribute respectfully to your discussions

:grin: Steve

(Oz Uzuner) #137

Would like to hear more about your company and how it serves the underbanked/underserved segment. I’m from LendUp and passionate about helping unbanked/underbanked consumers.


(Oz Uzuner) #138

Hello people, Oz from LendUp here. Not a big Twitter fan, @seozzy. I’m passionate about mission driven companies, especially the ones trying to solve problems for the underbanked/underserved/subprime segments. Have been growing companies for almost a decade now and would love to talk about anything growth related.


(Andrew Suggs) #139

Who are you?

Hi All, my name is Andrew Suggs, Co-Founder and CEO of
recently left my full-time day job at DHL to accelerate the growth of our company.

Title/company? Twitter username?

CEO, Live Chair, Inc. @livechairinc
What are you up to these days?

Focused on growth of our company(16+ hours a day), serving my wife and newborn(8 months)

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?

The Mckinsey Mind.

(Wojciech Kapelinski) #140

LingoText - merging texting & language learning.

(Johnedgar) #141

Hi My Name is John Edgar. Iam a professional dog trainer and founder and CEO of

Web Puppy Training is your ultimate online resource for practical and actionable dog training tips. We strive to give you the best and online dog training tips that will make owning a dog more fun while at the same time becoming a responsible dog owner

(Julia Kush) #142

Hey guys! My name is Julia, and I’m a member of Roobykon Software team.
Roobykon Software is a web development company offering the full cycle project implementation and consulting services to clients all over the globe.
Our Products:
Web development, web design, e-commerce, marketing software, mobile applications, consulting, requirements & business analysis, QA services, UI/UX, HTML/CSS slicing.
Roobykon portfolio: