Introduce yourself (July 2017)

(Ankur Srivastava) #81

Thank you for the invite!

My name is Ankur Srivastava, I am the CEO and Co-founder of SwarmSales you can tweet me @ankursrivas1. We are currently focused on disrupting sales through our marketplace which allows companies the ability to lease a sales professionals time on a per account basis. - Do things that don’t scale by Paul Graham

(Tim Lenardo) #82

Hi all :wave:

Tim Lenardo here! I’m the CEO and co-founder of Real Labs. We’re a team of former Facebook employees experimenting with new social products. Although lately I’ve been messing around with building games in ARKit.

:point_right: Follow me on Twitter

Looking forward to hearing about all of your experience growing products, and happy to share mine as well :raised_hands:

(Rohit Khandelwal) #83

Hello everyone !
I am Rohit. I am co-founder @Viewoo. Viewoo is a live video based eCommerce platform based in India. I share most of my learning and articles on twitter @RohitKwal
These days I am working on growth strategy for Viewoo. This article on market - product - channel - model has consumed me lately.
I am also reading Sapiens these days.

(Shannon Jones) #84

Hi everyone!

I’m Shannon Jones - @ShannonLJones on Twitter.

Over the past couple of years I’ve gone from attempting to build startups to the other side of the table - now at the Kx Technology Fund, working mainly on sourcing.

I’m interested in growth, strategic partnerships and marketing. Happy to help in any way I can!

(joost wentink) #85

Hello all,

I’m Joost Wentink - founder at TipHive - app for helping teams better organize their information. I’m either in Montreal, Greenville SC or SF.

We are seeing signals of product market fit, paying customers, strong retention and just started experimenting with user acquisition. Seem to be getting traction with some online strategies.

Looking to learn about growth from peers. Also interested in tips how to collect more qualitative user feedback (new users signing up, what’s missing, what’s not working). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if I can help anyone with giving product feedback, problem solving, intros, happy to help.

Currently reading Fizz, about influencer marketing.

Twitter: @joostwentink

(Brent Barrs) #86

Hello, Brent Barrs - VP at Double BB, Inc. here. My company is a small consulting firm focused on startup companies engaged in technology, with an emphasis on building sales teams and processes for success. The latest book I read was EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey (great practical business wisdom from a practicioner). My next book is How to Fly a Horse by Kevin Ashton (by the way, he coined the term IoT (Internet of Things) in a speech to Procter & Gamble in 1999). I am looking forward to some interactive growth and learning in this forum.

(Chris Memmott) #87

Hey all,
Chris Memmott (@chrismemmott)
Founder/CEO of Vault Exposure Tracker
We track data on the types of exposures firefighters get on the job. We donate the data to doctors & researchers to understand why firefighters have up to 2.3x the rate of cancer as the avg. worker.

Just finished Sapiens which was excellent. Halfway through Angel, by J Calacanis, which makes me wish I wasn’t a broke entrepreneur who can’t afford any angel investments right now :slight_smile:

(Kevin) #88

Kevin Krauth

CEO / Orderly Health


Lately, we’ve been shipping awesome product and trying to close a round of funding (seed). Living in Denver in the summer this also means, lots of camping, hiking, and generally basking in the perfect weather outdoors whenever possible. Made difficult by shipping product and raising funds. :slight_smile:

Lots of great books to add here, but related to influencing thinking (and behavior) this is relevant to what we’re doing at Orderly:

(Jessica Valenzuela) #89

Hey everyone! I’m Jessica, co-Founder @GoGoGuest. We’re an advanced marketing platform for the food and beverage retail category. We’re showing early signs of product market fit, we have customers and are launching a partnership with a powerful marketplace that brings our solution to over 500,000 merchants in the USA and Canada. I’m @hello_jv on Twitter. Just started listening to The Art Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson and Everybody Writes by Ann Handley.

Thanks @andrewchen for setting up this forum!

(Chris Meyer) #90

Hi All,

I’m Chris, Developer Community Manager/Evangelist at Misty Robotics, a recent Sphero spinout. Our goal is to put a robot in every home and office. You can find me on twitter @AdmireTheMeyer I’m currently working on building our developer tools and community to get past rebuilding robots and start assembling what’s next.

I finished the book ‘Exponential Organizations’ recently which made an impact on my thinking, especially on where to look for the next tech boom. Let me know if you’d like to chat about Robotics, AR, AI, or anything in between.

(Julian Kessel) #91

Hi, my name is Julian Kessel - @JulianKessel on Twitter.
I am currently an undergrad business student at the University of Bath, interning in the Finance Department of EIS Group, an InsurTech company based in San Francisco.

Looking to gain an insight into one of my passions, the VC world!

Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble - highly recommended!

(Anirudh Kishen Vellillath Madathil) #92

Hi everyone!

This is Anirudh here all the way from India!

I put my savings from my first job to back an aspiring entrepreneur to develop a low-cost high-utility prosthetic hand for the masses. We are close to finishing our prototype. In parallel, I am helping my family friend (brother) with an idea in the education space. I love coming up with new startup ideas! Looking forward to participate in the conversations here and connect with like minded people who wish to start up.

I read a summarized version of Mahabharata. It teaches you a lot. If any of you out there is in the AR space, I have a couple of ideas to brainstorm! :slight_smile:


(Dave Sick) #93

Who are you? Dave Sick
Title/company? Twitter username? @stompsessions, @dlsick
What are you up to these days? Started a new company with 2 other co-founders. It’s a mobile platform for booking lessons and guides in outdoor sports. Started with a pilot in ski/snowboard and now doing paddle, skate, mountain bike.

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?

(Maarten van Sluijs) #94

Hi all,

I’m Maarten, a psychologist turned market researcher. Started to co-develop a market research brand called SPRINT last year. We provide automated tests for all your campaigns, concepts, and communications.

Since then I have been busy learning all different aspects of how to start and grow your own business. Also the reason I’m here now.

Homo Deus has influenced me lately. And after reading through the earlier responses, I must now also include Brian Balfour.

Hope to share and learn a lot here,


(Shang Chou) #95

Hey everyone! I’m Shang, co-founder/CEO at Quantvex. We’re a pre-seed stage fintech startup based in LA, which I co-founded in February 2017 with my roommate from MIT (where I earned my undergraduate degree). Our investors include Fika Ventures and we’re working with financial advisors at RIAs (registered investment advisors), broker-dealers, insurance companies, and private banks to help them grow their business. I’m @chou_shang on Twitter, but pretty inactive - partly due to laziness, but also partly because I spent the majority of my career working for large financial institutions with rigid social media policies (PIMCO, Credit Suisse, to name a few). Looking forward to letting my Twitter flag fly now that I’m an entrepreneur. :slight_smile:

I’m reading “The Outward Mindset” by The Arbinger Institute and it’s a helpful reminder of how much control we have over our thinking and mindset, and ultimately how impactful our thinking can be on our behaviors which drive the results we experience.

Thanks @andrewchen for the add and setting up this forum!

(Henri Duong) #96

Who are you?
Hi I’m Henri Duong

Title/company? Twitter username?
Startup Advisor / @henriduong

What are you up to these days?
Digital products for and Side hustles / Experiments at

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?
Zero To One by Peter Thiel has been influencing my thinking for the past 1.5 years

(Moresh Kokane) #97

Hi, this is Moresh. Founder at We are a Melbourne, Australia based Property Development Crowdfunding company.

Focusing on streamlining customer growth and acquisition. Not very active on twitter, or is best contact

Coming from a tech background I tried to teach myself old school sales and marketing. How to master the art of selling by Tom Hopkins is a classic which I found useful.


(Rhys Knight) #98

Hiya, I’m Rhys from Knight Global, @theglobalsearch for lame tweets.
I’m an SEO writer and I’ve been filming a training series on creating SEO and content strategies.
It’s not a specific article, but I love getting my daily dose of real news from The Information.

(Stephen Brewster) #99

Hello my name is Stephen Brewster and I am CFO of Healthy Roots. Healthy Roots is a toy company that utilizes dolls, storybooks and a mobile app to combat societal beauty standards in girls of color during the early stages of identity development.

Twitter: @rootsdolls
Instagram: @healthyrootsdolls

Because we are in the process of fundraising I have found myself consistently referencing Venture Deals: Be Smarter than your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist.


(Matteo ) #100

Hi Everyone!

I handle US market development at Avocarrot - Native monetization.

I am here to meet new folks, and ask you to share your knowledge with me. I see lots of experts around and I would be happy to read about monetization, SDKs, and Mobile in general.

If you are based in Berlin or California let me know as I keep moving between the 2!