Introduce yourself (July 2017)

(Aman Rathi) #61

Hi everyone!
I am Aman, founding team member and Product Owner at We’re a healthcare startup and offer holistic platform for health & wellness through our gyms, food and meditation centers.

(Dorian Dargan) #62

Hi everyone,

I’m Dorian! In my current role as a VR producer at Oculus (Facebook), I’m focused on expanding the VR content ecosystem beyond gaming, and taking a hypothesis-driven approach to figuring out which kinds of content appeal to mainstream users. Before joining Oculus, I led product at YouNow, an interactive live-streaming social network.

If anyone is looking to get into VR dev, or the industry, and not sure where to start, I’m happy to help advise.

Find me here:
@doriandargan / LinkedIn /

(Sandeep jain) #63

Hi All, I’ Sandeep Jain, Founder/CEO of Leela Labs-- we are connecting people to the best spoken audio content. Our flagship product is Leela Podcast App (Free/AppStore) and we are about to launch World’s First Kids Only Podcast App. Based out of Silicon Valley, 15+ years experience in hardcore engg, product, BD. Favorite book - Originals/Adam Grant (I like that he doesn’t pontificate but gives data to back his observations). Firmly believe in good karma – feel free to reach out if you think I can help you in any way.

(Katelyn M Entzeroth) #64

Thanks for sharing, Dea!

(Bobby Green) #65

Hey everyone! My name is Bobby, I’m cofounder of a consumer medical device company in Waterloo, Canada. We have built a device that allows you to track your nutrition levels (vit D, ferritin, etc.) with a single drop of blood and proide customzied supplements based on what your body actually needs!

Fiction: Heart of Darkness
Non-fiction: Homo Deus (Sapiens 2); farnam street blog is also great!

(Mohammed Rafy) #66

Hey everyone,

My name is Mohammed Rafy and I’m from Bangalore, India.

I head the developer community at DoSelect and I focus most of my time on how to engage users on the platform and of course growth as well.

I came across an interesting article a few days back which came as a surprise because the content shared was so true even in my case. We tend to consume more information to prove it to someone that we are intelligent or we know more than what others know. This > We’re taking in too much Information and it’s making us dumber -

I’m on Twitter and usually engage when there is a topic about community building, product management, growth and stuff. Here -

I look forward to meeting and learn from new people around here.


(Mohammed Rafy) #67

Hey, Aman!

Great to see you here. You guys are doing a great job. :slight_smile:

Would love to connect with you in Bengaluru and learn stuff.

(Ian Mwaura) #68

My name is Ian. @IanMwaura on Twitter.

Currently head of growth at OCharge. A Kenyan based fintech/E-commerce app.
We’re in the business of fine tuning online to offline commerce using user payments data as a means of helping local merchants get the right customer for their business. @OChargeKE

Currently reading Hooked by Nir Eyal. The book is about building habit forming tech as well as driving customer engagement. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Happy to connect with yáll.


(Martijn Scheijbeler) #69

Hi all!

I’m Martijn, currently working on Growth & SEO at Postmates. “Everyone’s favorite delivery service! Lunch, dinner, groceries, office supplies or anything else. Our Postmates deliver from all your favorites places on-demand.”. On a day to day basis I make sure our roadmap for our Web platform is maintained and leading to more visibility + clicks in search. Besides that I’m a regular speaker at marketing/growth conferences on the topic of SEO, Experimentation, Growth Marketing. Also I’m working on a platform for keyword optimization.
You can find me on twitter as: @MartijnSch.

Currently reading: The Corporate Athlete, on how to structure your personal/business life to be performing at an optimal level. Recommended read!


(Tri Phung) #70

Hi everyone, my name is Tri Phung.
I study full-time double-majoring in Marketin/Innovation at the University of Auckland. Currently residing in New Zealand, working part-time on an e-commerce business. I’m also an Intern associate at Goat Venture - a micro VC in New Zealand. We partner with big corporates to create the startups that have the potential to become an F500 calibre. You can tweet me at @conang97!

Sources of knowledge that’s been influential to me lately:

  1. Andrew Chen’s blog posts on product-market fit and scaling
  2. blog posts, discussions and growth ideation
  3. Blogs on e-commerce such or

Thanks for the invitation @andrewchen, and I’m happy to connect with new people :slight_smile:

(Ali Zewail) #71

Hey Everyone,
I’m Ali Zewail.
Founder of Chaino. Twitter: @AliZewail
Focusing on addressing the pain point effectively. (and ignoring all else.)

Different, by YoungMe Moon. Marketing for the post-mass generation. I found it at once actionable and personally relevant.

(Ross Barry) #72

Hi, I’m Ross, co-founder of Stitchr. We’re designing an app to allow users to group split training sessions

(Aaron Rau) #73


I’m @aaronrau on Twitter, founder of, a team productivity tool. Just finished YC’s SUS and 500’s B20 with another’s friend’s startup trying to make a dent in the universe.

I always come back to this article whenever I think about adding new growth features.


(Alex Shin) #74

Hey all,

I’m Alex Shin, Head of Operations for TeamBlind. I launched Blind, the anonymous community app for the workplace.

Uber Blocks Blind
Silicon Valley’s Secret App Blind

Aiming to bring transparency and honest conversations to the workplace.

Great connecting with you folks.

twitter: @alexshinzy

(Alex Meredith) #75

Hey all,

My name’s Alex Meredith, and I’m the Head of Marketing and Growth for Birch Finance, a free service designed to help people optimize their credit card spend to earn more rewards based on the things you like to do.

Lately, my sole focus has been growing Birch since our recent iOS launch. Feel free to download the app and let me know what you think!

About Birch:
Credit card companies now offer huge incentives to get you to sign with them, and with the average American now owning 4 credit cards, it gets really confusing to keep up with it all. We’ve built Birch to analyze your spending behavior and optimize it by showing you how to earn the most reward points based on the credit cards in your wallet. If you’re looking to gain more points in certain areas (like more travel points), Birch will even tell you what credit cards outside of your wallet better fit your lifestyle based on how you historically spend.

In terms of recent reads, Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown was one that’s certainly influenced my approach over the last couple months as we’ve tried to scale. Great read for product and marketing people alike!

Thanks for setting up @andrewchen! Always look forward to your insight.

(Lin Ling) #76

Hi, I’m Lin, Director of Growth at SourceClear - security automation for open-source code. You can find us @sourceclear.. I wear many hats and am optimizing the acquisition/activation funnel. As a small start-up of ~30 or so employees, we pride ourselves on always doing what’s right for the customer, and offering as much value as possible.

I read a fascinating article about why SoundCloud failed: I think it’s just as important to read failure stories, as it is to read success stories.

@andrewchen super clever that ctrl-f searches the forum as opposed to just the page. :thumbsup:

(Akriti Srivatsava) #77

Hey, I’m Akriti ( @Aah_kree_tea ), I’m a childcare provider and the CEO of Daycare Owl.

Daycare Owl helps parents find affordable, on-demand childcare for free. My team and I aim to unite licensed family home childcare providers (daycares) on a singular platform and innovate how parents interact with providers. has been live 20 days and already has over 175 daycares registered.

Currently reading: “The Outsiders,” by Thorndike.

(Reza Khadjavi) #78

Hey - I’m Reza (@rezakhadjavi), one of the founders of Shoelace. We are automating the role of a retargeting expert.

High Output Management by Andy Grove has been influential on me recently. The idea that your output as a manager is measured by the output of your team (and not your own work) has been profound to internalize.

Happy to be here!

(Sung Cho) #79

Hi everyone!

I just joined this community. It’s looking really solid, and I can see myself learning and contributing here!

  1. Who am I? I am Sung Cho, founder & CEO of Chartmetric. Previously worked at Oracle as principal product manager, and graduated from UCLA with MBA.
  2. Company? Chartmetric is my company. It’s a market intelligence tool for the music industry (artists & record labels). We have paying customers, and MRR is growing by more than 100% month over month.
  3. What am I up to? Sitting on my desk writing codes, and traveling with family during weekends (camping and hiking). I am teaching myself how to create EDM music, and also learning React Native.
  4. Book or article? “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight left a fundamental impression on me. “Work like play, and play like work” is my motto, and my work really feels like play these days. Love it!

(Sophia Yen MD) #80

I’m Sophia Yen, MD MPH CEO and Co-Founder of We are the end-to-end solution for prescription birth control - from online doctor’s visit to medication delivered to your mailbox.

At Pandia Health, we are building “The Brand Women Trust with their Health.” We’re in StartX and raising a seed round.

Currently reading:

  • Art of the Start 2.0 by Guy Kawasaki
  • Angels by Jason Calcanis
  • The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz