Introduce yourself (July 2017)

(Anand Sampat) #41

I’m Anand, co-founder / CEO of Datmo and tweet at @anandsampat. We are currently preparing for a public launch of our product to all developers. We have been in private beta for a few months now and are now developing a strategy to reach the largest number of developers. Recently I read this article about metrics for Series A and found it super helpful in framing how we can get to the next stage.

(charlie taylor) #42

Hi - I’m Charlie, Growth lead at UK-based fintech Curve (@startupanalytx)

The ideas I’ve been putting into practice in building our growth team here have taken a lot from Brian Balfour. Obvious choice, but he writes great stuff.

(John Huang) #43

Hi Everyone!

I’m John. I was a former growth marketing manager at MindSumo before the startup decided to pivot. My biggest accomplishment was getting this startup in front of 300K students and securing 25K sign ups while spending less than $5K over the course of 8 months.

At the moment I am looking for my next opportunity in marketing while providing consulting services to early stage startups on the side.

After spending 6 years as a management consultant at Deloitte and ecommerce strategy at Walmart, I decided I wanted to be closer to the action and fell in love with growth at startups. My goal is to continue to grow and apply my knowledge in this area and teach others along the way.

Happy to connect and chat. My Twitter is @jmhuang87 and you can connect with me on LinkedIn:
I’d love to learn more about your business and talk growth and marketing!

(Akshay Krishnaiah) #44

Hi There!

I’m Akshay Krishnaiah, Founder & CEO of YC Startup teller. (
I am currently building AI Powered “Chit Funds” into teller. while raising a seed round. You can find me @entrprenr on Twitter. Recently read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, its has influenced how I do things since then.

(Mark Thomas) #45

I’m Mark Thomas, Co-Founder & CEO of ZenSports. Twitter: @entrepreneursf

We just launched ZenSports on Friday, which is a mobile app for amateur and recreational sports that makes it easy for you to find and schedule matches with other players and teams near you, as well as find, register, and pay for leagues, tournaments, pickup games, and social sporting events. ZenSports also has social network features that lets you live stream your matches, follow along live with your friends’ videos/photos, and keep track of all of your match play results and stats.

Would love for everyone to download it and gives me their feedback! Available on both iOS and Android:



(Shrikant Kale) #46

Hi everyone!
I’m Shrikant. Founder/Product Manager at, a web push notification platform. Twitter handle - @shrikantkale. Impressive article I went through lately -, it’s by Brian Balfour.

(Walter Palma) #47

Hi, Walter Palma, Investment Director at Caixa Capital, working as a VC in Portugal mostly on B2B SaaS startups, with some MedTech stuff mixed in for good measure. I’m @WalterPalma on Twitter and very keen on helping the startups I work with expand globally and successfully navigate their way towards international funding rounds. To choose one book is difficult, but I would say that From Impossible to Inevitable by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin has probably influenced my thinking the most as of late.

(Jonathan Milne) #48

Hey Everyone! My name is Jonathan Milne and I am the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community for Klipfolio a fast growing SaaS company in the dashboarding/metric monitoring space.

I am currently launching a few fun new initiatives including a start-up program, online community and a partner/channel offer. I am currently re-reading Crossing the Chasm (a classic) and Tools of Titans from Tim Ferriss.

Twitter @jonathanmilne, LinkedIn

Looking to chat and connect with anyone interested in #startups, #SaaS, #entrepreneurship, #growthmarketing


(Drasko Stojanovic) #49

Hi everybody

My name is Drasko, I’m founder and CEO of Vibendo. A new music social network which brings fans and artists nearer than ever before on a unique way with Balkan music. We make music streaming more social, more emotional, more Balkan. Actually we are in the pre-registration phase for the beta phase of our web application.

Personal account: Twitter (@dmaricy) / Company account: Twitter (@VibendoMusic)

Inspired by Stephen R. Covey’s book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, I started this journey with Vibendo.
Have a lovely day,

(Lisa Creason) #50

Hi everyone!
I am Lisa Creason. I’m the program assistant for SBDC in So. MD. Our twitter name is @somdSBDC. I put out a weekly newsletter for entrepreneurs in our region, and work with same to help them begin and grow a business. I also manage our Facebook page We are always looking for ways to engage our community’s entrepreneurs and had just 2 hours ago decided that a discussion forum would be perfect - then I got this invite!

(Elise Baros) #51

Elise Baros @elisebaros
Investment Manager / [Firstrock Capital - VC firm that helps US startups build their tech team out in LATAM
Book: “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazi - classic book on relationships

(Andres Navia) #52

Hi everyone! My name is Andres (@naviaandres) and I’m a strategist, business advisor and former management consultant (ex-Accenture, ex-EY). I’m currently a Director at Skrach Capital and the Founder of Clenly. At the moment I’m focused on Sales for Clenly and Skrach’s pipeline. I’ve also been traveling quite a bit over the summer, and will be heading to Thailand EOW (any recs welcome!). I recently read Brad Feld’s Venture Deals and loved it. Huge insight into VC and deals in general.

(Marcelo De Rada Ocampo) #53

Strongly recommend reading Homo Deus after you are done with Sapiens! Excited to hear what you come out thinking after you read them.

(Marcelo De Rada Ocampo) #54

Hola a todos! My name is Marcelo (@marcelo_dro) and I am doing sales and driving growth at Captain401, a YC-backed startup providing an automated and affordable 401(k) for startups and small businesses. The rest of my time is invested in looking for new sources of inspiration, inspiring others, building and accumulating new strategic frameworks, trying new things, and quantifying aspects of my life.

If you haven’t yet, “How to Make Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie is a must. If you reply to this I will send you my copy for free!

(Loren Appin) #55

Hey everyone!

I’m Loren, co-founder of Fishbowl, a new social network and platform for professionals that enables more open and authentic conversations across industries and companies.(

Previously I was on the founding team and VP growth of a mobile photo app called Pixable for many years.

I’m on Twitter @lorenappin.

I’ve lately been geeking out and getting a bit more academic. I spend all day thinking about how to build and grow professional communities in a mobile/social experience, and I’ve recently found reading Psychology journals and academic papers on Identity Theory, and Social Identity Theory really interesting - it gets into the psyche of how people engage in groups - important for building anything social!

(Igor Rendulic) #56


I’m Igor Rendulic, a machine learning enthusiast. Software Engineer who spent a lot of time on image recognition (more precisely food recognition: HackerNoon) and other machine learning problems.

Currently working on not yet launched Machine Learning Analytics project SixthMass with which we’ll try to answer primarily two questions: Why people do what they do and What is their preferred way to do it.

Twitter: @igorrendulich

Mostly inspired by the problems companies I worked for or still work for have.

(Chris Wood) #57

I’m Chris, iOS Team Lead at DayDayCook (日日煮). We make cooking videos and lifestyle content hosted via our apps, website, and various video platforms and social media. I work out of the company headquarters in Shanghai, China but we also have an office in Hong Kong. You can find me at @C_H_Wood on Twitter and Woodrow_ on Wechat. In my spare time I enjoy studying up on Machine Learning, dreaming up app ideas, and researching best practices for development and technical management. Recently I stumbled upon Bret Victor’s website and related work and it has resonated deeply with my own ideas on the potential of deeper connections between user interfaces and technology.

(Dea Martinjonis) #58

Hey! I’m Dea Martinjonis, Content Growth Marketer at Jobbatical. Twitter: @DeaDixit Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, too
Currently loving to be part of Jobbatical - a very diverse (29 people, 13 nationalities) company operating from the small, but bold country of Estonia (you may have heard of our trailblazing efforts in all things digital and cyber security, e-Estonia, e-Residency and the #EstonianMafia).
Our slogan - Work Where You’re Happy - correlates 100% to our company and team. I’m very happy to work at Jobbatical. :slight_smile:
The book that has influenced me lately —) The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work by Shawn Anchor.

(Dea Martinjonis) #59

Hey Katelyn! If you are willing to relocate, here is a selection of Marketing jobs to choose from :slight_smile:

(Matt Scheurich) #60

Hey ho, I’m Matt Scheurich, a designer, developer and strategist. I’m originally from NZ, and now been living in Paris for over 2 years. I have worked with Paris-based startups for last year and a bit and now soon moving to a permanent role at an independent luxe fashion brand heading ecommerce.

Probably the best book I ever read was “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahnemann, and I’m currently enjoying “Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman. I’m very much into business, management, marketing and growth from a user-centric focus.