Introduce yourself (July 2017)

(Jason Bond) #21

Just finished Shoe Dog. Very inspiring. Great point about Phil Knight wanting to do it all over again.

(Jason Bond) #22

Hi all,
I’m Jason. @bondj008
Manage the Boole Microcap Fund, a quantitative value fund. My long-term project is to have the fund be run by artificial intelligence.
The Second Machine Age (Brynjolfsson & McAfee). This book has ignited my interest in AI & related technologies.
Thanks all for sharing books (etc) that have influenced your thinking.

(Sebastian Zontek) #23

Hi everybody!

I’m Sebastian Zontek, the CEO & founder of Deep.BI. We provide an big data & AI platform that helps automatically optimize subscription based businesses (offering, pricing, product “stickiness”, etc.).

(Micheal Pacheco) #24

Hi, @andrewchen. Thanks for setting this forum up! My name is Micheal Pacheco. I am a Digital Strategy Consultant at Micheal Pacheco Consulting. You can find me on Twitter at @pachecoconsult. I just had a kidney transplant a couple weeks ago so the past month has seen me focusing primarily on my health and working on my new website in my spare time.

I am about halfway through The One Thing, and it has definitely given me a lot to think about. Instead of going for Inbox Zero each and every day, I’ve found myself focusing on things that will move and change my business for the better. Definitely a hearty recommendation for anyone feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to start!


(Ateeq Ahmad) #25

Hello Andrew & Co.,
My name is Ateeq Ahmad
I am now a freelancer consulting on Analytics and Product from Albany. My handle is @ateeqahmad.

I am just reading this book which is quite intriguing to me.

(Katelyn M Entzeroth) #26

Hello everyone!

I’m Katelyn, and I recently began helping out @myhomeworkapp as a part-time Digital Marketing Associate. Find me on Twitter --> @katentz

These days I am trying to learn as much as possible about all things marketing/growth hacking and am looking for a full-time job (just graduated in May).

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman has been influential for me recently.

(Brandon Crossley) #27

Hey Andrew,

My name is Brandon, and I’m the CEO of Poindexter. My personal Twitter handle is @brandularity. These days I’m battling the gravitational force of the slow SaaS ramp of death, while simultaneously trying to figure out where the cheapest ramen is.

As fas as books go, I just finished Originals, by Adam Grant, and it really got me thinking about company culture.

Noah Kagan’s article on quant based marketing also had an impact on how I think about turning long term goals into specific daily activities.

(Sam Schneidman) #28


I’m Sam Schneidman, the Community Lead for Fishbowl, a social network for professionals that connects people within their industry.

Check us out at!

I spent the early part of my career as a political organizer, traveling the US and Australia building networks of political activists. This experience got me interested in building networks and communities around products, and I eventually became excited about how technology could scale and deliver efficiency to this process.

Given my background, I’ve become a huge fan of Sarah Tavel’s thinking, especially her focus on the intersection of product and community. The post that I keep coming back to is “The Hierarchy of Engagement, Expanded” (

I frequently Tweet about community and politics, and you can check my out at @swschneid.


(Greg Kiss) #29

Hi everyone! I’m Greg (@gregory_kiss), founder of two very early-stage startups: Rouvou, a social opinions site, and Catalog, a service for finding products in your area. Needless to say…they keep me busy.

I just finished “How Not To Be Wrong” by Jordan Ellenberg, which talks about how to apply mathematical thinking to everyday problems. I highly recommend it if you want to be more logical in your problem-solving.

(Thomas Foster) #30

Hey everyone!

I’m Tom (@tomfozzy), tech analyst at Inspection Manager and Insight IT.

Also founder of Attender (@attender_aus) an app for hospitality workers launching at the end of the year.

The Lean Startup Podcasts have influenced a lot of my decision making lately.

(Gen George) #31

Hey Everyone,

My name is Gen George (@MsGenGeorge) and I am the Managing Director of tamme.

Our platform manages supply and demand down to a postcode level so a two sided marketplace can scale. How it works:

  • tracks your marketplace by being set up like Google Analytics.
  • It then determines in each suburb where there is deficit on either your supply and demand side.
  • It then creates thousands of ads across multiple sources (facebook, google adwords etc etc) and changes the ads based on who is signing up and engaging with your app / site for your desired end outcome. Rather than just clicking on ads and doing nothing.
  • Once a suburb has enough supply and demand, it stops spending in that area.

Here is a quick video to show this:

Book wise I have been going more online

Looking forward to learning more from you all.

Thanks, Gen

(Bob Johnson) #32

Bob Johnson @bobjlj
Digital/Cloud/Mobile Domestique to Enterprises as much as Start-ups.
Saw Callum Chase speak last year - and was struck by his balanced view and analytical approach.

(charlie taylor) #33

Hi Ateeq

Competing Against Luck is an interesting read…a similar but slightly more practical book on the same topic of Job to be Done is Alan Klement’s When Coffee and Kale Compete. It has helpful case studies and actionable examples of putting the concepts into action. I’d recommend taking a look!

(Ateeq Ahmad) #34

Hello Charlie,
Thanks for the recommendation. I will check this book out too!

(Tomislaw Dalic) #35

Tomislaw Dalic is my name but people call me Tom or Tommy.

I run a growth hacking agency in Amsterdam, The Netherlands called www. growthhackingrockstars. com. My twitter handle is @growthrockstars

Currently I am working on a P2P carsharing marketplace called snappcar and a few other projects: cashback site, ehealth, a yoga retreat, an eco-friendly portable toilet, an insuretech startup just to name a few :slight_smile: pretty busy finding PMF for all of them via rapid experimentation. And I own a webshop called nutur. nl selling eco-friendly non-toxic babystuff.

I started to get quite obsessed with building email lists lately so I recommend two article:




(Tomislaw Dalic) #36

does this work outside US? can I get a free trial?

(Gen George) #37

Hey, tamme works globally. Here is a quick overview of how the product works:

Unfortunately we cannot do a free trial. Thank you for your interest.

(Andrew Min) #38

Hey everyone,

Rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania.
Twitter: @andrewkjmin
Interning at Movebutter in SF this summer in product + engineering.

Book: Dreamland by Sam Quinones. It’s about the heroin epidemic in America. Being in San Francisco, the topics it covers are definitely relevant. And it goes into marketing / growth strategies quite a bit indirectly.

(Bill King) #39

Who are you?
I’m Bill! I went from music producer, to professional poker player, to digital marketer. I love traveling, fine wine and learning. Happy to be here. Thank you @andrewchen for the invite.

Title/company? Twitter username?
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at AvidXchange - a company that helps mid-market companies go digital with their payments & accounts payable. I’m on twitter @inboundy

What are you up to these days?
I moved down to Charlotte to work at AvidXchange about a year 1/2 ago. Prior to that I was a consulting team lead at Hubspot, mostly focused on helping my customers improve their customer acquisition.

I feel very fortunate to have had such good luck in finding two companies at their “scale” stage. We just got a $300MM round (after already raising $250MM last round), so things are growing like crazy here. Now I’m trying to decide how long I should stay before I find the next unicorn :slight_smile:

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?

The Road to Character, by David Brooks

(Ramesh Jayavaram) #40

Hi everyone,

I’m Ramesh. Northeastern University, MBA 2016. First-time marketer.
Marketing Specialist at a small tech firm focused software PBX and few new ventures. Currently working on increasing the company’s revenues by adding more partners. Focused on tradeshows, channel marketing and digital presence.

Recent book that influenced me a lot - 4-hour Work week by Tim Ferris. Doing more with less effort i.e. high RoI and RoTI was the takeaways. Listening/reading 3-4 books per month on entrepreneurship, marketing and autobiographies.