Introduce yourself (July 2017)

(Andrew Chen) #1

Hi everyone! Wanted to start up a fresh thread for mid-2017!

Who are you?
Title/company? Twitter username?
What are you up to these days?

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?

(Andrew Chen) #2

(Phil) #3

I’m Phil, SVP Business Development @inkl. Delivering breaking news, free of click-bait and sensationalism from 40 of the world’s best publishers to people in 180 countries. I’m @philhsc on Twitter and launched @founderpodcast recently as a side project. Just finished Radical Candor, highly recommended.

(Satyaki Banerjee) #4

Hi! I am Satyaki - @OneHappyGoat on Twitter.
Have over the past couple of years been the product manager responsible for building out 2 of the Top 3 online jewellery stores in India - and

One book that really influenced me recently - The Undercover Economist

Would love to know from others here what articles/books influenced them :slight_smile:


(Matei) #5

Hi there,

I’m Matei, Performance Marketer @BUX - casual stock trading app. Think the European Robinhood, but better :slight_smile:

@MateiBanfi on twitter.

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill - a classic, but surely influential.

(Andy Norwood) #6

Andy Norwood
Vice President of Business Development for AdAction Interactive - Denver, CO, USA
When I am not driving new Revenue for AdAction I am fly fishing with my family

(Dan Zhao) #7

Hey everyone, I’m Dan, ex-PM, now leading growth at Sparks.
Sparks is a lightweight mobile app that makes asking and answering questions fun! We are working on understanding your interests & knowledge deeply so that we can route interesting questions to you. You can sign up now to check out a beta!

I recently read Shoe Dog, which I thought was very inspiring. I love the last chapter where Phil Knight reflects upon his accomplishments, but all he wants is to do it over again.

(Roberto Petrucci) #8

Hi there,
My name is Roberto, I’m a senior HR Business Partner in a worldwide insurance company.
Our company and our business are the more classic and traditional you can find into market (bank and insurance😞)
I’m very attracted by the startup world and I would like to learn about as much as possible.
I’m currently working in Italy and Ireland.
As beginner of this world I can say that the book that change my way of think is “Exponential Organisation” wrote by Salim Ismail.
Nice to meet you all in this chat.
My twitter: @r1p967

(Pete Budlong) #9

Hi all,

I’m Pete Budlong (@budlite), Founder/CEO of Hundy, which is like Venmo for loans.

I’m currently camped out in Atherton, Silicon Valley style working on getting us launched… tho my team is all remote, so it gets a bit lonely down here :wink:

Just finished this book and am already putting it to use: Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets
It’s about defining a different (not better) category that both your company and product fit into and creating a POV as an articulation of strategic vision around owning that category.

(Tushar Singh) #10

Hi all,

I’m Tushar, co-founder of - an e-comm marketplace.
Twitter Username: @TusharZing

Working on a lifestyle blog these days. Goes by the name Sugarcube.

Recently read ‘The Tipping Point’. Malcolm has done an excellent job with this book. Amazing read for growth hackers.
Will be starting ‘Sapiens’ next. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Nice connecting with you all.


(Ismail Mechbal) #11

Hey all,

My name is Ismail Mechbal (@ismailmechbal), Web Developer & Product Manager.

After reading “The tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss” & “Head Strong by Dave Asprey”, I started working on, a curated list of (Healthy, Wealthy, Wise) content.

“Prisoners of geography by Tim Marshall”, a book I read few months ago that really influenced my thinking specially regarding politics.

Wish you all a great, sunny and productive week!

(matt) #12

I’m Matteo Iacopini, Business Analyst for Axpo Italia .
Responsible for IT Demand in Energy Trading and Origination sector.
New challanges on the horizon defining digital strategy for retail business.

Just reading Gerd Leonhard’s book : “Technology Vs. Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine” , nice provocative book.


(Jack - Louis Pearson) #13

Hi I’m Jack. I’m one of the founders of EngX - we’re developing a production process that lets companies produce custom products by automating wiring and assembly with 3d printing.

You can find me at @jp0996.

Prisoners of geography has had a huge impact on how I think about politics and conflicts currently featuring in the news. Its informative and very entertaining - worth a read.

(Kendrick Mendiola) #14

Hi I’m Ken. Growth marketing consultant at SparkRaise - Hong Kong-based crowdfunding platform and social network for the “socially conscious.” Twitter - @ken_mendiola

We’re launching an app very soon (here) and growing our user and backer base.

I think Ryan Levesque’s ASK Method workshop influenced me lately.

(John Boyle) #15

[quote=“andrewchen, post:1, topic:11456”]

Hi everyone, my name is John and Operations Manager at Dharma Platform. Dharma is an all-in-one platform that lets anyone turn information into action by allowing users to gather, understand, and share crucial field-level data easily. Not a huge twitter guy but I’m @IamJohnBoyle & @dharmaplatform.

For the last year, I’ve been working on scaling Dharma with some extraordinary people. Check us out at

Nothing new but I always recommend The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers and Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future. For something less “techy” I always recommend or anything by Jeremy Scahill.

(Doug Wheeler) #16

Hi everyone. I’m Doug Wheeler, Founder and CEO of Partskeeper - a DIY community resource for vehicle and auto parts info enabling access to and social sharing of part numbers and specs with an integrated online marketplace. and Twitter/FB: @partskeeper

As I am in the process of going to market, I am reading and enjoying Sean Ellis’s book Hacking Growth.

(Andrew Hsu) #17

Hi all! I’m Andrew, cofounder of Speak. We’re a small startup in San Francisco building an AI English tutor on your phone powered by speech recognition. I’ve tried and failed multiple times to get into Twitter so if anyone has tips I’m all ears.

Read the Three-Body Problem trilogy. It’s probably the best sci-fi I’ve read in recent memory and will blow your mind.

(Jason Denenberg) #18

Hey friends, I’m Jason, Founder/CEO of @NourishWIse - Eating healthy at local restaurants, simplified. We’re passionate about helping people live their healthiest life through better nutrition across the $350B local restaurant market.

I’m @Denenberg18 on Twitter. Additionally, I’m in San Fran all next week (7/17 - 7/21) if any one is up for coffee. Sugar Coated is a documentary on Netflix and will blow your mind. Remember tobacco lobbyist? The sugar industry followed their game plan. Check it out.


(Kate Harvey) #19

Think and Grow Rich is a great read!

(Kate Harvey) #20

Hi! I’m the Content & Search Marketing Manager at Chargify. Chargify is a leading recurring billing and subscription management platform that handles millions of subscriptions generating billions in revenue. From startups to Fortune 500, Chargify solves the complexities of recurring billing to help subscription-based businesses end the billing bottleneck.

My personal twitter is @authorkate (tweets are my own). I also manage Chargify’s twitter @chargify.

I’m a Seth Godin fan, and recommend “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.” While not a business book, one of the most thought-provoking books I’ve read is “Next of Kin: My Conversations with Chimpanzees” by Roger Fouts.

Next up on my to-read list: “Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content” by Ann Handly