Introduce yourself! (Jan 2017)

(Thomas Peham) #61

Hi Alexis, yep - we’re based in Austria (our offices are in Vienna & Linz) + SF (as we are part of the Salesforce incubator). Feel free to put me in touch with your guys when they’re in Vienna. My email address is tp(at)usersnap(dot)com.

(Alexis ) #62

Cool, I will forward your details over to the guys and will look to have them touch base. In the meantime we have a potential investment on the horizon which is currently doing CRM mgmt tools for salesforce and currently offering their service via their app store. It could be interesting for them to speak of their concern regarding the SalesForce Incubator with you if you don’t mind? Thanks, A

(Boris Goncharov) #63

Boris Goncharov - creative director
Co-founder at Mailto -
Trying to define the market for our product

This comic strip made me thinking for a while today

(Chris Drazek) #64

Chris Drazek from CommonDenominator - boutique agency/consultancy out of NY - focusing on email/crm and acquisition.

Happy to be here. Good place - should’ve joined years ago it seems like :wink:

Looking forward to chatting with you all.

(Estella Gabriel) #65

Hey there! Estella here. I have a startup called Second Screen. Second Screen is a mobile-first platform streaming unique, carefully curated, award-winning, edgy content in short 10-minute episodes.

I’m in fundraising mode now as we have a completed product and validating beta. I consider myself a storyteller and entrepreneur as I have a background as an artist/screenwriter and also 15 years in tech.

I look forward to connecting with other great business professionals and learning through your sharing.


(Harshit Choudhary) #66

Hey everyone! This is Harshit here from Delhi.

Transitioned from a Mechanical Engineer to a Product Designer, I’m trying to do my bit in design. :smile:
Currently I’m a student of cognitive Science and Co-founder/Product Designer of a startup in parenting sector (Still in stealth mode & looking for Angel). Connect to me on Twitter @harshbee or LinkednIn at harshbee for anything.

And lastly, I’m hooked on a book called Hooked (By Nir Eyal) these days. A book on how to create habit forming products. Love it!

(yoann lopez) #67

Hi guys!

I’m Yoann from Paris.

Previously worked as a digital marketer for Withings for 3 years.

I am now head of B2B marketing @ comet (, a platform making hiring a tech or data freelancer as easy as going from A to B with an Uber.

Glad to be part of this community :slight_smile:

(Alexis ) #68

The Uber of recruiting?

(yoann lopez) #69

The Uber of recruiting Tech and Data freelancers yes

(Shaena Harrison) #70

Hi everyone! Just received an invitation to this awesome, incredible sounding group. Now trying to get my teeth stuck into it. : grin:

My name is Shaena Harrison and I am a community builder, instigator, proactive do-er, get shit done, kind of person. Been living abroad for 10 + years and call Stockholm, Sweden home.

I love technology that makes our lives more productive or gives us life hacks! I believe in helping your fellow human being and am always connecting people where I see they should be which can result in friendship, business, love…who knows where a simple hello will lead you!

I love digital marketing and have a passion project called Digital Mic Drop ( where we write about cool tech, digital marketing or people that inspire, influence or are just plain cool.

If you’re interested in connecting, I am always game to get to know new people - feel free to say hello on here or LinkedIn:

Hope I can help y’all out!


(Andrew Chen) #71