Introduce yourself! (Jan 2017)

(Jerry Ye) #41

Hi Everyone,
I’m Jerry Ye (@jerryye), a founding partner and lead data scientist at Signalfire, a new venture firm built from the ground up around data. My background is in large-scale machine learning and I have worked on machine learned ranking in search, news recommendation, and adtech systems. Currently, I’m applying machine learning to large unstructured datasets to find signal in the startup ecosystem. I’m also learning the ropes of investing in seed and growth stage.

Aside from my job, I love finding the best deals and have been working on a fun side project with a couple of friends called Coinfetch. Coinfetch is a free service that helps users get money back on existing purchases if the price drops below what they paid.

I’m currently reading: Thinking, fast and slow

(Albert Abello) #42

Hi there,

My name is Albert (@albertabello) and I’m in charge of the UA at Verse Technologies a mobile Fintech P2P payment startup. We basically operate within Europe. My background has been mostly focused on product development and performance marketing networks lately (Facebook/Adwords).

I am now focusing on alternative ways to grow trying to find new areas to explore. So please do not hesitate to recommend anything that comes through your mind.

As I have a background as Game Designer I’d like to recommend one of the best F2P blogs around to help you understand how mobile F2P are built. Deconstructor of Fun. Hope you enjoy it!

(Stella Ju) #43

Hey everyone! Great to meet y’all!

My name is Stella Ju. I’m leading up Press and Analyst relations at Branch. We help app developers and marketers figure out their growth strategy through the powerful deep linking platform with link-level attribution data. If you have or are working on an app, make sure to check us out. :slight_smile:

We also run the Mobile Growth meetup with 20K members across the States and around the world. Highly recommend you come to one if you haven’t already.

Keep calm and grow your app! :wink:

(Tom Sawatzke) #44


Tom Sawatzke, here. Just joined Branch Messenger as a Growth Marketing Specialist. I was previously in a marketing role with Knowre.

I am most interested in growth methodology for mobile-first start ups as we ramp up our ground up growth at Branch.

Just finished reading Traction by Weinberg and Mares and looking forward to reading Hooked by Eyal next. Any other suggestions?

(Ronnie Nussbeck) #45

Hi, Ronnie Nussbeck from C Squared in Scottsdale Az. I have a 4 month old Start up company in the Aerospace and Global Electrical Power Generating business. My doors are not open yet, July, 1, 2018 expected 1st delivery. I am the patent holder of the Tesla Rail rotary magnetic accelerator engine generator. You can take a sneak peak at my LinkedIn account. Next week our business plan will be completed and will be sent to who has notified C Squared it is 1 of 5 companies eligible up to $40b in funding.
C Squared uses rail physics to power a rotary engine with magnetic accelerators that use no fossil fuels or create any emissions. Designs also include a G Force gravity Diffuser, Omni directional steering, normal Earth gravity during space flight, Space radiation shield and more.
I am excited to be a Start Up, while in the mist of all this I am trying to enjoy the moment. Ronnie

(Nina Stepanov) #46

Hey everyone! :wave:

Nina Stepanov
Head of Operations at Fit University

(John) #47


I’m John Xie, co-founder of Taskade. We just launched last Friday on Product Hunt and are focused on improving the product right now.

Love to hear any suggestions or feedback you may have. I can also be reached at! :slight_smile:

(de Mello-Barreto) #48

Hi everybody, and thanks for the kind invitation @andrewchen :slight_smile:

My name is Sofia de Mello-Barreto, a citizen of the world. You can also find me @SofiaMB

I am VP Marketing at DataRails a SaaS Excel management system that allows you to manage and analyze data, no matter where your spreadsheets reside. Its sophisticated algorithm syncs the data from your spreadsheets into a structured, centralized database—enabling precise data, simple consolidation, and complete transparency. All without changing the Excel experience you know and love.

I am interested in top of funnel growth, since that’s currently my main challenge. Just got started with “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” by Jospeh Campbell and I am loving it.

(Victor Manrique) #49

Hello everybody! Thanks for the kind invitation @andrewchen :slight_smile:

My name is Victor Manrique, I’m spanish and I currently work in The Netherlands. My twitter is @victormanriquey

So I’m one of the product managers of a medium company from Amsterdam called WoodWing Software, and my main task is to develop the innovation team within organisation. Our first beta product is called Sharechat, a nice and easy combination of WeTransfer, Slack and Dropbox, free and unlimited.

Choosing a book is always a tricky question! I love reading, from sci-fi stuff, to thrillers and business books. I’d say my last favourite one was Jobs to be done from Ulwick, but last year I also read quite some other cool ones like Scaling Lean or GV’s Sprint. And as one great article, I’d go for one from Dan Wolchonok on retention, it’s been a while since he released it but it’s always great to read it back.

Hope to learn lots of cool stuff here, and thanks again for the invite! Have a good day everybody :wink:

(Mohammed J) #50

Mohammed Abu bucker (aspiring product builder,accidental educator)

Brave Heart, No Retreat No Surrender, Pursuit of Happiness and Goodwill Hunting are 4 movies that I resonate with.

My last corporate job was with Accenture as a Pre-Sales Manager back in 2014. For the past 3 years, I am hunting for the right opportunity. At Present, I run a school in rural India with ~300 kids.

I fancy a title like Product Director someday. My focus these days is on building habit forming learning products for school children that can improve retention and foster continuous learning.

I have self published a handbook to that effect and its currently under pilot in my school.

Book that helps me these days is Predictable Revenue. The Hard thing about the hard things is a favorite. I can be reached @ athick2.


(Emily Goldring) #51

Hi all,

Emily here :slight_smile:

I work at Appsee - we provide qualitative mobile app analytics. We’re based in Tel Aviv, Israel. I do the digital marketing/growth hacking. Lots of different tasks to keep me busy during the day.

A recent article I read that I really enjoyed was Samuel Scott’s How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing. It’s a controversial piece, but really interesting and challenged me.

Nice to meet everyone!

(William Roy) #52

Hello all !
My name is William Roy, I’m a french Speaker coach and work mostly with startups.
I’m currently on kickstarter with a project called Pitch Cards. It’s a serious game created to help people become better speakers. We decided to go low tech to focus on people interaction and creativity but if our campaign is really successfull, we’ll develop an app and a chatbot.
I’m glad to be here and I’m eager to learn from you all!

(Suddan) #53

I am Suddan N Shanmugasundaram, Founder & CEO of MINTLY. We are creating an online place for Sales professionals (Related Content, Jobs and Community) in Retail, FMCG and Finance Industries in Tier 2 and 3 cities in India at the moment. This is Pivoted idea from our original startup HR CUBE which we started 2 years back in Indianapolis. 315+ companies and 97,200+ jobseekers use our platform on a regular basis.
Bootstrapped completely. Almost cash flow positive at the moment.

(Justin Seidl) #54

Hi All,

My name is Justin Seidl and I recently I started a company called “Shift” with three other cofounders. Have you already heard about us? We are trying to help people save money by rounding up their daily transactions into savings and shift your spending into saving habits, which allows you to achieve your important financial goals.

Shift Savings

It works very easily: First you connect your bank, then Shift will track your transactions on a daily basis, and round them up to the nearest dollar. After that every week Shift totals up your roundups. Then that will be transferred safely into your Shift savings account.

You can set your financial goals and Shift will help you to achieve those goals. It gives you the opportunity to track your daily transaction, monitor your goal progress and also your spending habits. With the Shift dashboard you can easily deposit, withdraw and manage your savings.

When it comes to security you don’t need to worry. Shift takes security very seriously and has developed cutting edge security processes so that your data is protected at all times and your funds are FDIC Insured.

Check it out and give it a try! It’s definitely worthwhile.

( #55

Hi all,

Glad to be here. :slight_smile:

My name is Aleksandar Tomic and I am one of the Founders and Head of Social Media of the exclusive growth marketplace

You can find me on Twitter as @Metafizicar

We are now living in the world of high content saturation, and even if the content is still a king there is no room for like 50.000 kings in the same niche! :slight_smile: So, in the last month I was reading a lot of articles but this phenomenal siloshold my attention long enough (I was even reading the stuff that I already know) - Definitive Web Marketing Guide

I would suggest to you all to find that small online places filled with quality content (written in a manner that you like) which you want to revisit a couple of times more.

There are kings but you should decide which is The King for you.

(rafael) #56

hi folks, i am rafael soultanov, the head of growth at the mobile do it yourself app building platform.
we engineered growth to over 2M small and medium size businesses where over 15K of them currently paying us.
please ask me any questions you have.
thanks, rafael

(Suzana Ilic) #57

I’m Suzana @suzatweet

I moved to Tokyo to finish my MA research on Sentiment Analysis.

I’m graduating in April, so for now I’m working on a couple of things like: Slush Tokyo (tech startup event in Japan, organizing a hackathon in April, growth and strategy for several tech startups, including my own project, an online platform for millennials, advising on traditional real estate investing and new strategies and opportunities like crowdinvesting using a chatbot. (probably still pre-seed :smiley: why? Because I worked for a couple of years in the real estate investing business in Europe and this is such an oldschool business, literally begging to be disrupted!)

I’m into FinTech, following the scene in Japan, Singapore, HK and China. Also, I follow blogs like Faisal Khan, Oliver Bussmann and Chris Skinner - good stuff, if you’d like to know more about FinTech (which is, in my opinion, going to change we do business). For now, I have zero technical skills (well maybe not zero but close to zero), my knowledge is conceptual and strategic, and I was wondering if I should dive into tech (and learn some python and SQL to be able to handle data, also I have a linguistic background related to NLP, so might be good right?) after graduation or leave it up to professionals and keep doing what I do. I’d love to connect, chat, nerd-talk. :slight_smile:

(Alexis ) #58

Who are you?
20 something year old (very late 20’s :wink:) working in London after having worked in startups in Sydney and Paris. Happy here for the time being with the growing ecosystem of cool businesses launching from here and the continent.

Founder at Sprint Pirates, a growth program aimed at helping tech businesses take on the space between seed and series a. Working with growing, and scaling operations around these businesses.

Twitter username? @memba4wentworth (don’t ask, it was a satirical political account I held during my first business wehn I was 20)

What are you up to these days? Working with and growing our portfolio of 7 companies in London. Love working with new businesses.

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately? Steven Poole’s new book Rethink: A surprising history of new ideas has been a great one this month (Trying to read one a month) and I’ve been listening to the 20 minute VC this year which has been a great podcast.

Thanks for the opportunity to share


(Thomas Peham) #59

Hi everyone :wave:

Thanks for the invite! My name is Thomas Peham and I’m the head of growth at Usersnap, a visual bug tracking & user feedback tool used by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Hawaiian Airlines.

I’m @tompeham on Twitter.

What I’m up to these days? A couple of days ago, we just released a whole new product onboarding, and besides that, I’ve installed a new activation tracking / user tracking process for us.

What influenced me recently?
Definitely this podcast episode with Laura Roeder from MeetEdgar on how they grew the business. Plus this book (it’s a bit off topic though): The year of living Danishly.

(Alexis ) #60

Are you Paris or Austria based? We have one of our portfolio companies from coming down for some investor talks in Austria with a VC there - would be great to put you in touch with the guys when they come down to Vienna.