Introduce yourself! (Jan 2017)

(Amitabh Songara) #21

Hello Kushank,

Nice to know that you are focussing on AI.

Myself Amitabh, growth Hacker at RankWatch.
First of all, All the best for your new product.
Hope if I can use it to improve my social skills.

Amitabh Songara
Growth Hacker at RankWatch

(Latham Arneson) #22

Howdy (first time poster)

Me: Latham Arneson. I worked at Paramount Pictures for nearly 8 1/2 years - left last February and have been investigating and figuring out “what’s next.”

I did a lot of stuff while there, but broadly I oversaw all domestic digital analytics (think paid search, email, social media analysis, media optimization etc.).

Benefits of the randomness of studios is I got to do a lot more too - e.g. orchestrated things like Uber Transformers promo (what it sounds like) and working on overall film strategy and even deciding which movies to buy.

Maybe coolest thing I worked on was building an internal film box office prediction tool (ask me and I’ll explain).

Future: TBD, my interests are wide, but unsure where and how I want to spend my time.

Recommend: I love Pitchfork and the music they recommend always gives me new stuff to work, run or just sit to, so here’s their top 50 Albums of 2016:

Bonus Recommned: EconTalk Blog (Stanford Professor runs it) - it’s deep and varied, and has made me reconsider a lot:

Twitter: @latham

(Aaron Awan) #23

Onfido is a great business - those who haven’t come across should check out!

(Juan Gironella) #24

Hi Everyone!

Happy 2017! Thrilled to join the growth-versation. :grin:

I am Juan Gironella, Cofounder & VP of Growth at ARCA. You can find me on Twitter @juangironella

We´re an insurtech (based in Mexico) trying to make insurance sexy again (no political cliché intended).

After 3 very tough (but rewarding and formative) years, we are about 4 months away from clicking the LIVE button of the “new” ARCA.

We pivoted the model from an agent-based model to an all-online model, trying to include virality within the new platform.

Will be sharing all we do here, with detailed explanations on our hypothesis, experiments, data and results, some of which will be based on articles / blogs many of us have read.

Hopefully some of you might find it useful and avoid some of the mistakes we (will surely) make.

The article that has influenced my thinking lately is “Growth is Optional: 10 reasons why companies fail at growth” by Brian Balfour.

My thought: when things are not working, revise the principles first (rather than tweak and optimize every growth hack you find out there).

All the best!


(Gary Officer) #25

Hey everyone,

Hopefully 2017 is off to an awesome start for you. I’m located in Washington D.C. and work as a technology consultant by day at the VA. Interesting to say the least, especially in light of the recent election.

I’ve been working on REQWIN, a data analytics/workflow management platform for the past year. It manages proposals, specifically bid responses to Federal RFP’s. Not a sexy market, but there is great opportunity. We just hired a lead developer and are building our MVP. We have a couple company’s, which have helped us with the design and are about to sign LOI’s.

In addition, I’m a co Program Lead for the Washington D.C. chapter of the Startup Leadership Program. It’s an early stage, non-profit incubator that I went through the initial DC cohort last year. I love talking all things entrepreneurship, so reach out and let’s change the world.

twitter: @gary_officer


(Whitney Zimmerman) #26

Whitney Zimmerman @WhitneyZim
New Vehicle Launch at BMW in Munich
I’m busy keeping Trump off our backs in Mexico.
Just kidding. I am finishing up my MBA in Chicago Booth’s Executive Program in March and am actively looking for exciting opportunities involving strategy, finance, and product within BMW and :wink:

Old world: currently reading On China by Henry Kissinger.
New world: @Stratechery and his Exponent Podcast

(Benedict Chiam) #27

Hello everyone,

Hope I’m not too late for the party heh. I’m Benedict, a Singaporean currently working in a startup based in Shanghai. We dabble in the VR industry and my primary job scope involves building websites for our products.

I’m trying to incorporate modern growth methods into the products we build in an otherwise more traditional marketing environment. Facing lots of challenges but I guess that’s where true creativity thrives!

I read Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacker Marketing and was blown away by the concepts involved. I come from a computer science background and it was truly a great primer for me. I’m currently reading Lean Metrics and have been enjoying it so far!

Hope to learn and contribute as much as I can! 请多多指教


Happy New Year fellas!

I’m Bismayy from India. You can reach me at @bismayy

I work as a Product Manager (Dev and Marketing) at Tatvic, a Google Analytics premium reseller. I am currently managing the development of Badger, a machine learning powered SaaS product that integrates with any analytical data source and discovers automated and business actionable insights.

I am trying to find a product-market fit by reaching out to the early adopters of my beta product. I would love to network with the community members who have had engaging experiences of growth hacking and product development. I hope to learn a lot from you guys.

Currently, I am reading “How any Startup can achieve explosive customer growth TRACTION” by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares and I got a hang of all kinds of marketing channel strategies for early growth hacking of a startup.

(bd) #29

I am bertrand Doux, Founder and CEO of MENSWR. MENSWR is a personalized style and fashion feed for men. We recommend products that will match your personal tastes. Get inspired and save the hassle of shopping.

Twitter: @bdoux / @menswrdotcom

The book that influenced me recently: Chimpanzee Politics: Power among Apes

(Joost Okkinga) #30

Hi Andrew and all of you!
I’m Joost Okkinga. I am from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and cofounder of is a b2b shipping aggregator. We have bootstrapped a working product with dozens of real and loyal customers who keep coming back. But somehow we don’t seem to grow beyond this stage. I read Andrews book on Growth Hacking. Having done so I feel we need to do more customer development. So far, feel free to check out the service. Any feedback is welcome :smile:

(Keyul) #31

Happy New Year to everyone.

I am Keyul.
Creator of Bot Stash & Bot Tutorials
Twitter - @keyul

This blog post influenced my thinking lately .

(Lucas Oehlerking) #32

Hello everyone, nice to meet you!

Energy is the new internet? Let me know what you think!

I’m a clean tech guru with a passion for family, coffee and craft beer - I suppose that sums it up for now :slight_smile:

I’m the “founder” of an internal clean tech startup company called Solarhood. We are working hard to create a clean energy future! I look forward to connecting with folks on this topic I’m very passionate about and others!

You can hit me up @Luke_ME on Twitter

One article I’ve been digging lately:
“Energy is the new internet”

Energy is totally my focus, but will it be as big as this article says?

(Nico de Haan) #33

Company: EY (formerly Ernst & Young)

Focus on: Digital Marketing, Customer Experience & Service Design, Digital Transformation, Innovation


Reading & loving: The Leader’s Guide (Eric Ries) + Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success (Ken Segall)

Working on: digital strategy for a unique, Amsterdam-based museum w. global audience and strategy and maturity for 2 startups w. great potential in food and media

(Cali Pitchel) #34


I currently lead growth and customer success at Joy. We recently relocated from Seattle to San Francisco, so I’m just trying to get to know the city. (Will take restaurant recommendations.) You can find me on Twitter, @calipitchel. Disclaimer: not the views of my employer—just my general musings on justice, politics, and Beyonce.

My role is Joy at situated at the intersection of product, marketing, and customer success, so I’ve been trying to level up some of my product knowledge. I’m digging Hiten Shah’s newsletter. I’m also super interested in V-commerce right now, so I’ve been gobbling up anything by Andy Dunn (Bonobos). I don’t work in retail (Joy is a wedding planning website and app), but there are so many great insights to gain from the problems direct-to-consumer businesses must solve.

(Leon Xing) #35

Hi everyone, happy Chinese new year!

This is Leon Xing. I’m currently with Maxthon browser, based in Beijing. My role at Maxthon now is Marketing Manager (was responsible for browser monetization, or revenue earlier). You can find me on Twitter @leon__xing (only personal stuff though).

Actually you could consider me a “newbie” still learning about growth-hacking and all the other marketing theories abroad in general. We tried Product Hunt, got some hands-on with landing pages, and learned a lot. Still so much more to learn and practice.

What influenced me lately would be growth hacker articles by @andrewchen. Thanks a lot.

With Maxthon, we’re now trying to do things differently, or more “western” way, as we’re trying to build our browser brand again in western markets. With our latest Maxthon5 browser, we wanna make a browser for those who care about efficiency & productivity by providing several in-browser tools and some cool small features. Feel free to check it out.

Btw, happy to meet all of you guys here.

(Cherif Zouein) #36

Hi All,

I’m Cherif, I lead product at Dering Hall. An interior design marketplace for high-end furnishings.

Focused on growing our core audience at the moment, and creating a healthy feedback loop with them to inform our dev and product work. We want our experience to provide the most value for our users with the less possible features.

Biggest reads these day:
— Intercom’s blog, it’s a gold mine.
Segment Academy on data infrastructure. Another great resource.
— Andrew Chen’s blog :slight_smile:’s newsletter

That’s it! Nice to meet everyone.

(Jordi Favà) #37


My name is Jordi and I’m the cofounder of Volcanic Internet, a Spain based company, but now also in SF! we help our customers to create their projects on Internet and iterate them.

I have special interest with web development, chatbots, user acquisition and monetization.

A book that I really recommend is “The Obstacle is the Way: The Ancient Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage”.

I’m here to try to help in any topic that I can.

Twitter: @jordifava

(Zach Cmiel) #38

Hi everybody! I’m Zach Cmiel. I’m 16 years old and I love entrepreneurship. I’ve been creating for a couple of years now, and first started making apps for the iOS App Store when I was 11 years old. Since then, I’ve done one internship (and one on the way), spoke at a tech conference, started two e-commerce shops, and have curated a music newsletter.

My latest project is a music newsletter called The Business of Music:

And an art print shop under the same name: []

I don’t use Twitter much, but have tried to up my Medium game a bit: []

The one book that has influenced my thinking is this from The Hustle:

Reach out to me!

(Sam_kr6) #39

Hello All, I’m SK ( Saurabh). I’m big time on product, growth, and start-ups. If you like to have meet and chat, let’s get connected @sam_kr6.
I like to write my views at Will appreciate your feedback.

Currently doing product management for PayPal in the bay area. I’ve dabbled in a start-up for a while. After graduation, long- long back in 2006, started a deal website in Bangalore, India. ( Then, after falling in love with data analysis, statistics, did analytics consulting after founding

have worked in a big organization for some time now, and now looking to get my mojo back.

Will appreciate any help.

The book I enjoyed recently is ‘the internet of money’, ‘Digital gold’ I am big on Bitcoin/Blockchain these days. By the way, I also enjoyed reading @andrewchen 's ‘10 year in the bay area’:slight_smile: helps in keeping you motivated.

Keep talking


(Ralf Muhlberger) #40

Hi all,

I’m Ralf, a technology strategist in Brisbane, Australia.

I’ve been a researcher with a particular interest in how the resonance and dissonance between the different conceptual models we construct affects technology design and deployment. My PhD was in Distributed Systems, I’ve worked in database design and management, process engineering and workflow systems, collaboration technologies, and affective computing (where aspects of the technology adapt to better meet an emotional narrative, based on the user’s ongoing changing emotional states.)

I’ve been a University and private institutions lecturer in, and department head of, multimedia, interaction design, games development, animation, design, and web & mobile departments.

I’m currently building up a business creating serious games that hit the three Ts of education: Teaching new knowledge, Training learnt skills, and Transforming core attitudes and behaviours related to the domain. We use game design principles that create a sense of self as practitioner in the player, as well as motivation to learn and improve through game progression of the protagonist character that the player identifies with. Traditional teach and test e-learning systems also don’t allow real exploration of the domain being taught, such as making the wrong choices to see how things might play out. There are many more benefits that applying games design principles to pedagogy bring – well beyond the simplistic gamification that has more recently been applied to online systems. Awarding a star for participation does not a game design make :slight_smile:

I also help organisations get competitive advantage from up and coming technologies, like serious games, affective computing, 3d printing, etc.

Please feel free to connect on linked in at

Friendly regards,