Introduce yourself! (Jan 2017)

(Andrew Chen) #1

Happy new year :slight_smile: Starting up this thread again for 2017!

Who are you?
Title/company? Twitter username?
What are you up to these days?

What’s one book, link, or article that’s influenced your thinking lately?

(Andrew Chen) #2

(Saulo Sobanski) #3

Hey there, you all!

Since the last Introduce yourself post back there in July 2016, I’ve seen so many different people around. It was about time we had another post like this. Here I go:

I’m Saulo Sobanski, Content analyst @ Pipz Automation, a marketing automation platform designed for SaaS companies. I’m responsible for all the content from our website and blog, and recently I’m implementing AMP in our articles through our own CMS. You can find me on Twitter here.

Recently, I and my fiancée created a meetup for content, inbound & growth hacking here in my city (Florianópolis, BR) called Content Hackers. It’s scheduled to the end of this month, and we’ve been receiving lots of support from local companies and professionals. I really hope everyone like it!

(Paul Loeb) #4

Happy new year!

I’m Paul Loeb, founder of DropTrack - marketing SaaS for the music industry.

I’ve been building this company for 3 years nights and weekends while I’ve had a day job. This past April it started making enough money to pay the rent, so I quit the day job to focus on DropTrack full-time. My focus for 2017 is improving the onboarding experience and overall UI/UX.

Lately I’ve been reading (and more listening to) a bunch of Alan Watts lectures. My favorite quote of his: “You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago”

(Stella Penso) #5

Happy new year to all.

I am Stella Penso, head of price and margin management at Careem. We are a car booking app based in Dubai and in action in 40+ cities in the MENA region.

These days, I am pondering about different monetisation models.

This is the most punchy article I have read recently on pricing. Savouring it.

(Lynn Wang) #6

Hi all!

I’m Lynn Wang. I lead marketing at Azuqua (@azuqua). We are a development platform that works as a middle layer connecting all your frontends to your backends, business apps to critical data, and workflow automations to the people/process that interact with them. We let you focus on the innovation by taking care of the piping that makes your mobile app, web app, or enterprise app work.

These days, I’m working on sharing this solution with developers and seeing what we can help people make.

Netflix open sourced Conductor, their microservices platform (blog post here). It’s great to see things like this happen because Azuqua has been talking about the importance of microservices for years and it’s cool to see it validated.

(Aaron Awan) #7

Hi all,

Aaron Awan (TechStartupCFO)

Finance Manager @ ihorizon ( - London-based accountants specialising in outsourced accounting and finance solutions to entrepreneurs and tech start-ups in the UK and US.

Outsourced Finance Director @ 101 Ways (plus a few more yet to be disclosed).

LinkedIn -
Twitter - TechStartupCFO

New to this site and very keen to share my knowledge with all in the ecosystem as well as improving my non-finance skills.

Stumbled across these great guides the other day; just received my London version and it looks good…

(Geoff Song) #8

Happy New Year to all :tada::champagne:
Hi my name is Geoff Song :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I’m the Co-founder of Hiiya, a professional networking location-aware app -
Catch me on Twitter: TheRealPepeG & Hiiya App

I’m working on developing the app atm, bootstrapped, working on the backend infrastructure of the app with the development team.

The link that had me thinking for the start of this year, I guess a reminder to what are the core focuses: 13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

Best wishes to the year ahead to all :fist::four_leaf_clover:


(Doug Wheeler) #9

Hi everyone! Happy 2017!

I’ve lurked for awhile, but this is my first post.

I am the founder of Partskeeper (@partskeeper), a start-up offering auto enthusiasts a way to easily find & manage part #s, specs and installation instructions for their specialty, modified and collector vehicles. (Currently, enthusiasts rely on inefficient coping methods to track this information.)

I am finishing up beta testing and will be turning my attention to growth hacking strategies.

(kinnera) #10

Hi all and remember : 2017 can be awesome! :wink:

I have lurked and learned a lot here, I think It’s time to join in the conversation. I am Kinnera and am a PM at Samsung Pay, a digital wallet on your Samsung phone. I am currently thinking about how people different types of people make purchase decisions and why.

Most recently, this article on tech design has made me sit back and think.

(Mathias Bjorkholm) #11

Hey Guys!
Here’s a Swedish guy just relocated to Seattle with the family. What an adventure!
I’m the founder and co-CEO of Pickit

Of course inspired by both Spotify and Uber :wink: we are providing crowd sourced images for free to the Information Worker. You know, when you want to spice up your your PowerPoints as an example. Working very closely with the Microsoft Ecosystem and navigating that on a daily basis.
Feel free to try it out, always happy for feedback (Works from Office 2013+ and of course best if you have the latest Office updates on a windows machine) Pickit For Office365

Right now going from Stealth and Development mode to a Sales mode - both to the Prosumer and with a SAAS solution for companies. Spending all days in GTM and pricing/offering/CAS discussions when not making sure we have milk in office or discussing strategies.

Thanks to @andrewchen and this article we have a great discussion in the team at the moment.

BTW in San Fran on Thursday and open for a Coffee after 3-ish if someone’s up for sharing notes on: Pricing, Navigating larger eco systems, distribution channels or just exchange some great ideas or contacts. For anyone in the Seattle just shout out and happy to meet in the NW as well.

And Good luck with all your ventures out there in 2017!

(Kiragu Gichuri) #12

Kiragu Gichuri - Co-founder / Business Lead at Eko Biashara - a saas accounting product that digitizes recordkeeping and automates your accounting, online and mobile.


Finalizing a deal with a bank to provide Eko Biashara to their entrepreneurs.

Then work on integrating it with digitial payments, including mobile money payments like mpesa to make it completely cashless. This will help create a business profile, to assess their businesses and provide extra services like business loans.

What interests me in tech (using Africa as my background) - business loans/lending; digital payments, mobile money payments in Kenya + sub saharan Africa, creating a cashless ecosystem for my customers, mobile app + mobile tech.


Hi! My name is Daniel Prol. I’m a 22 years old product and growth guy living in Madrid with a passion for internet companies.

I’m currently helping build [Cabify] ( – a solution to personal mobility. Different vehicle types with chauffeur to meet all needs.– as a Product Associate

Drop me a line on twitter: @dannyprol

These days, I’m working on 3 things: 1/ design, alongside our marketing team, automated cross channel campaigns (email, push, in-app, sms) 2/ define and build customer segments and targets and 3/ Code/challenge review and feedback

Most recently, this article on How to ask good questions has made me think.

all the best for 2017!

(Jill Szpylman) #14

I’m Jill Szpylman, Head of Public Relations for Sentient Science @sentientscience. Our software provides prognostics and life extension for rotating mechanical systems. One book that’s inspired me and my company is The Platform Revolution

(Olu Wole) #15

I am Wole Ogunlade. I lead user growth at VoguePay; an online payment platform in Nigeria where I spent a part of last year speaking at startup and fintech events across Africa.

My personal blog is where I discuss growth hacking tactics for early stage startups.

One of my biggest contribution to the startup ecosystem is hosting #hackgrowth event, a free networking and knowledge sharing meet up for people in the startup ecosystem.

(Scott Cadora) #16

Hi all,

I’m Scott Cadora (@ScottCadora). I’m the founder & CEO of Medicare Pathfinder, a healthcare technology company. We use data science and design to improve senior healthcare.

I’m currently reading The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelly, the GM of IDEO and Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. Both are great reads.

(Eric Bin) #17

I’m Eric Bin (@ericcbin on Twitter) and I"m the Director of Product Management at We make the software that powers thousands of law firms across the country and our goal is to transform how law is practiced for good. Right now we’re in the midst of our first re-platforming and racing against the clock to complete the work by Sept 2017 when we have our annual customer conference (Clio Cloud Conference).

Right now I’m in the midst of reading Driving Honda: Inside the World’s Most Innovative Car Company ( Along with Ben Horowitz’s book and The Everything Store by Brad Stone it’s had me thinking about how much more candor Clio needs in order to reach the top tier of companies.

(Kushak) #18

Hi all,

I am Kushank Poddar, Lead Product Manager at Paralleldots - an India based AI focused startup. I am currently working on creating an AI powered social and news media monitoring tool which is currently in its Beta phase. I have just recently switched my career from finance to technology and am really looking forward to learn from the discussion on this forum.

I like Charlie Munger’s approach of creating a mental model based on fundamental ideas drawn from diverse fields. Its helpful in making better decisions, creating new ideas, and avoiding silly errors. See more here:

(Danny Hakimian) #19

Hi all,

I’m Danny Hakimian, I lead business development at Onfido in the USA. We do remote identity verification and background checks for the likes of Taskrabbit, BlaBlaCar and Turo.

I’ve just finished Thomas Friedman’s new book, Thank You For Being Late. I think it is one of the most thoughtful analyses of how technology, climate change and economic growth have and will continue to fundamentally change our lives and how we can better manage it.

(Amitabh Songara) #20

Hello Folks,

Myself Amitabh, a social media addict and poet by inspiration. I also answer questions on Quora.
I am the Growth Hacker at RankWatch. I am responsible for the new hacks to create the brand presence online.

Right, Now I am working to leverage social media in every possible (organically) way.
These days I am reading Quora Domination by Imran Esmail and Kevin Lee which is by far the best resource to leverage Quora.

Would like to connect with you all on twitter - iamsongara

About my company - RankWatch is an artificial intelligence concentric company, specialises in Internet marketing. We provide a one-stop shop for all SEO agencies and Website owners to assist them in their Organic marketing. RankWatch is an Inbound marketing Management Tool.