Inappropriate place for a support Question but

(Dane Madsen) #1

I have been fighting to log into this site since prior to Christmas - I get a “You cannot log in as XXXXXXXX from that IP address.” I have emailed the support email 3 or 4 times. I am only able to get in today because I am at a Starbucks AND have a VPN running AND changed passwords (and was not sure that would work - it has not in the past).

Additionally, I have checked the IP against blacklists - and communicated with one in Brazil that did have it on a list but explained it was not (I was stunned they were so helpful). I also changed ISP from Liberty to Google Fiber (unassociated reason but that did not work either).

Does anyone else have this issue (given you could not log in to tell me, maybe the trick above will help). HAs anyone ever had an issue with support not responding?