I position your startup's product (for free, of course)

(Steven Phan) #83

Hey Derek,

Let me know of what you think of my new startup, it has huge potential to rival with other reputation management firms as its fully mobile. We are also expanding into SMS and Email marketing from this.

So far we have a fully developed product and are always changing it.
Just trying to find B2B customers seems to be the daunting task right now as we try to sell the value of having an online presence in terms of consumer reviews.



(Yeap Ming Feng) #84

Hey Derek,

I’m on marketing for Seedly ( www.seedly.sg).

We are a personal finance app for Singaporeans.
Seedly is a free everyday personal finance assistant that aggregates your financial data across up to 6 local bank and card accounts to give you a complete personal financial picture. We now automatically imports your transactions from banks to allow better monitoring of your personal finances.

Would really appreciate your take on it.

(Boris Goncharov) #85

Hi Derek!


Mailto is a set of beautiful pre-designed email templates that don’t suck. Our product saves weeks of wasted time on designing, coding and testing transactional emails. Our templates are tested to work well on more than 50 email apps on any device. Every startup has to build relationships with the audience, but email campaigns is something that appears at the very last moment and first emails are never done in a perfect way.

Thank you in advance!

(Brian Hart) #87

I’d like to get positioning help for my app Pindragon, but it is for iOS. Maybe when I do my screenshots and videos for the app store. Pindragon allows users to create broadcasts, in categories that correlate with location. For example “Happening”, “Announce Event”, and “Garage / Estate Sales” are some categories. There are three category sections “Now”, “Community” and “Custom”.

Broadcasts appear in the app as a pin on a map view. Touching the pin opens a callout that shows summary information. Touching the callout opens to chat which is seeded with whatever was broadcast, that is audio or text or photo along with descriptive tags. Broadcasts expire in a set amount of time 24 to 120 hours depending on the category. One can filter on/off pins by category and set notifications by category and in other ways as well.

Similar to other social apps, one can follow people and there is a view for tracking one’s broadcasts, replies to broadcasts, and the broadcasts of followed people. Users can also create custom categories. There is always just one pin for a person who is broadcasting even if they have multiple broadcasts. Tapping on the callout of a person with multiple broadcasts will present a list of their broadcasts.

From any broadcast’s chat people can in an adhoc manner start and stop live location sharing. They can also initiate live location sharing with an attached private group chat from the map view with a means to move between locations. The broadcast pin updates its position when one changes location unless one sets the “away pin”. The away pin places one’s broadcast pin in a location of choosing. With the away pin one can broadcast out of area into other communities. One’s broadcast pin as viewed by others is red if the away pin is not set and blue if it is.

Eventually, monetization will occur with a special offers category. I can see there potentially being tiers of users. That is through an in-app purchase or by merit users could get access to new servers. For example, an Ellisium server would be for an exclusive level or type of user. I’ve also thought of maybe allowing people to run their own servers by having an in-app purchase that allows this, and making a version of the server-side code open source.

(Jerry) #88

Hi Derek,
Awesome threads with many awesome ideas here.

I founded StoryLeather.com (www.storyleather.com) and we are in the mass-customization business of custom made to order leather goods - tech phone cases, wallets, keychains, bags, etc. Check out our customization process here: http://www.storyleather.com/smart-phone-cases/custom-made-phone-holster-cases/spring-creek-leather-belt-clip-holster.html?expand=yes

I offer a unique proposition in the leather goods being custom made to order individually. As the thinking goes, The consumer trends is shifting towards more personalization and less uniformity, or shall we say commodity. We are a b-2-c consumer goods & services business, and I feel our business model of not focusing on ready-made goods puts us out of the bigs like Amazon and Walmart. As consumer preferences trend towards the willingness to pay for premium quality goods at a slightly higher price (yet reasonable), I feel StoryLeather has an opportunity to become everyone’s favorite leather goods brand online.

I’d love to get some feedback, and thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


(Jonathan Milne) #89

Reading this thread was worth joining this group! It’s really fun to read and learn from an expert going thru several real use cases as you get to start to see the pattern of how you tackle the problems laid out.

Thanks Derek for taking the time to read and post your detailed thoughts…


(Shar) #90

Hi Derek,

I’ve just joined this group so I thought this would be a good place to start!


We offer two lifestyle memberships - Mai Tai Balance is an online platform uncovering experiences and recommending things to do in London. Mai Tai Connect is a bespoke matchmaking service offering a more personalised approach to dating.

Mai Tai Connect is great because:

  1. Real people make the matches instead of algorithms
  2. Dates are booked in top restaurants
  3. All members are ID verified and must follow the dating etiquette code

I look forward to hearing your feedback :slight_smile:

(Shar) #91

Did this post show up?

(Ed) #92

What do you think about Lekki Republic? Thanks.

(Charles Lee Mathews) #93

Worldbrain.io - The bookmarking tool for critical thinkers and other smart people.
I think this product is great because it saves knowledge workers like academics, researchers, students, journalists, media workers and many, many more time and loads of frustration.

(Ashish Bhatnagar) #94

Hi Derek

Very nice initiative from you to help people like me to learn from your experiences. Love to hear your views on my initiative - www.itbirbal.com

Reviews from customers play a crucial role in the evaluation phase of the purchase process of an IT solution or IT services. Using plain vanilla review platforms for targeting prospects in the discovery/education phase would work but would not give even a decent ROI.

Platforms like Software Advice and Capterra play in dual phases (lead generation and reviews) but both are disjoint business models as the buyer needs are very different.

Prospect in the education/discovery phase are more concerned about the industry or domain experience, solution or technical expertise, ease of doing business with them and their trustworthiness. This needs a lot more than just reviews.

Having communicated with more than 800 CXOs worldwide, we designed ITBirbal with features like:

  1. Case studies
  2. Blog articles (industry oriented)
  3. Customer reviews (solicited only)
  4. Video testimonials
  5. Audio testimonials
  6. CXO connect (as mentors, advisors or board members to IT companies)
  7. Events (Offline or online events of IT companies)

The solicited reviews mode helps our members (IT companies) ensure compliance to the GDPR guidelines.

(Gilad Amozeg) #95

Hi Derek - Why we think it’s great? I’ll let our customers answer that:
“I carry the entire Maison Francis Kurkdjian line and A. N. OTHER is as good as any of them.” (MFK $300/70ML). “I’m a big fan! Everybody is all over Le Labo, which I can understand, but @anotherfragrances is stunning.” (Le Labo $270).

Additionally - A. N. OTHER is the only US brand, selected from hundreds of candidates, to showcase in the new Art-First concept gallery store by COS, and it sold out during the opening week. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93HYbEOUHcs

Our website is www.an-other.com and I’d love to hear your thoughts.