I position your startup's product (for free, of course)

(Tim Logie) #62

Thanks Derek, that is awesome.

Our site is the product of a local Entrepreneur’s Club where we are mentoring a couple of kids (13 and 15 years old). We just launched a new version of the site on Shopify (from GoDaddy) on Monday. The kids are working on a few things this week: a pop up and updating the blog posts section as well as an instragram account. We have a lot more plans but we have to let the kids keep school as a priority so it may be a little slower than a lot of startups. We first launched 12/1/15 and are still trying to find product market fit. Any comments would be appreciated. We offer a curated gluten free protein bar delivery service in Canada (keeping it simple).



(Chin Siew May) #63

I’m the Digital Marketing Manager for a fashion app called Shoppr which is trying to blend the e-commerce side of fashion with its social side.

What this means is that users are able to view photos of outfits posted by other users, post their own photos, read fashion-centric content on the app, tap on photos of outfits to automatically search for similar products, and finally, use all this information to help inform their purchase decisions and buy clothes (by redirecting them to retailers’ websites).
So because users can’t actually buy products via the app itself, our business model is based on affiliate purchases & lead generation for retailers.

However what we’ve come to find is that our app is so feature heavy, novice users rarely gain an immediate understanding of how to use it, and give up.

Any insights on how to better position this app would be great!

(Stephen Silver) #64

Appreciate you doing this, Derek.

My name’s Stephen Silver, I’m a co-founder of Honest Pick-Up, www.honestpickup.com — a site dedicated to helping men attract women honestly and with integrity.

We’re working on a product titled 3x your dating: Build Unshakable Confidence, Eliminate Anxiety and Re-Define your Interactions.

It’s a video course with PDF workbooks. I think it’s awesome because it teaches guys how to start building confidence and “dating skills” like conversation and boldness naturally and without any shady tricks or manipulation.

Let me know what you think. Thanks again!

(Zeb Reyaz) #65

Hi @derekfrome. Much gratitude for taking on this initiative.

I’m a co-founder at Dryfta (https://dryfta.com) and also look after product management. I took a cue from your answer to Justine and tried to answer these three questions here:

(1) who your target buyer is - Event organizers
(2) what you offer uniquely or comparatively better than your competition - An all-inclusive event management platform, along with 3rd party apps integration, to manage every aspect of your event.
(3) your business model / monetization strategy - SaaS based monthly/annual pricing

Signing off with thanks and a pledge to do something similar when I become as knowledgeable as you are.


(Aleksandar Bibovski) #66

Hey Derek, thanks for this opportunity.

I’m the founder of KickAssGrowth (www.kickassgrowth.com), the growth hacking agency. We’re experienced growth hacking team from Serbia with more than 4 exits behind us. The biggest advantage is that our living costs in Serbia are lower than other countries (US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy etc.), so we can offer 3 growth hackers for the price of one in those countries.

(Derek Frome) #67

Folks it’s been a good run, but I just can’t keep up with the influx of responses here anymore. However, please contact me personally either by a direct message on this great site, or at my personal email: defrome@gmail.com. I’d be happy to answer you directly there.


(Natasha Lasensky) #68

The product for the company I work for is called NoteVault. It’s great for the construction industry because it streamlines the daily reporting process (which is necessary for most construction companies daily to have documentation in the case of litigation). It eliminates the trip to the office where construction workers may spend 30 minutes to an hour putting together their daily report on a computer. NoteVault makes their lives easier because just from their smartphone they can speak their notes (which are then transcribed by human transcribers), type their notes, post photos, and have weather details automatically input into their daily reports. The platform automatically generates a professional PDF of their report and can forward to the report recipients of their choice.

The website for the company is www.notevault.com

Any growth hackers think they can help?


(Derek Frome) #69

hey man hit me up on email and I’ll be happy to help you guys out.

(Praval Singh) #70

Sorry for a late response and thank you!

That’s a very nice articulation of how one might see Zoho Social. I would like to add on to it, but let me start with answering your question - and I will not spin them!

It’s been a year since we released this product and we have a decent number of customers. Ok this number if not in thousands yet, but given the depth of our marketing so far, it’s not bad. More importantly, these customers aren’t sticking because of any integrations. That brings me to my second point.

It’s not integrated with any other Zoho product yet. You’ll ask why? The answer is - we know we can tap on to the existing customer base of other products, but we wanted to go out and play a level-field game. I think our customers like us because of what they see in the product. Of course, it would have some influence of our parent brand (Zoho) as a whole that has over 20 million customers.

Today, we announced support for Instagram on Zoho Social and we’re coming up with CRM integration very soon. That would actually mean changing gears for us.

Now that you have a lot more context, what do you think?

(Gautam Mishra) #71

Hey Derek - would love to hear your suggestions for us at inkl. We started life as ‘Spotify for news’ but realised that no one needs that because so much of the news is free (d’oh).

So while that’s still our business model (with a Freemium audience engagement strategy), we now position inkl as ‘noise-free news’ or ‘clickbait-free news’. In essence, with everyone being busier than ever, our approach is to present a really high-quality global view of the news without clickbait, gossip and other rubbish.

One of our open questions is whether we should focus on ‘noise-free’ or ‘clickbait-free’ news, or whether we should actually stop talking about the product and instead talk about the customer - e.g., ‘news for busy people’.

Thanks man. Really appreciate you doing this.


(chandra.dekeyser) #72

Brilliant, Derek, I am thankfull (even before reading your feedback :wink:

MoodMe sense Faces and personalizes them with Augmented Reality. Think “Your SnapChat & Emotion Recognition inside Your App”.
Our Face SDK helps Brands & Apps increase engagement and retention.
Teaser https://youtu.be/lXq1WNHUfi0

Looking forward!
Have a nice WE, Chandra

(Kelvin Tian) #73

Hi @derekfrome

Thanks a lot for offering this!

Could you give us some feedback on our product as well? We just built a MVP product called Helpiest http://helpiest.com, it’s a SAAS product that helps service business owners better manage their appointments, automate service bookings, track their customer/leads and engage with customers. We just launched our beta version at http://app.helpiest.com, but we are a little struggled to gain tractions among Service Pros.

Really looking forward to your feedback and suggestions!

Thanks very much!

(Monika) #74

I’m Monika and I’m so happy I join your community :sunny: I’m marketing, social media and new technology fanatic, working in Neoteric (Gdańsk, Poland).

Would you take a look at our last product - Appoint.ly? It’s easy and saving time tool to schedule appointments. It synchronizes with Google/iCal/Outlook calendar so your customers could see when you’re available and book a meeting :slight_smile: Feedback is welcome!

Monika :heart_decoration:

(Babita) #75


Hi Derek, I am developing an app called mySircles - a communication tool to build strong parenting communities and connecting parents for child wellbeing, prosperity and happiness. Please see www.mysircles.com.

Would be great to get your thoughts on positioning and insights on business models. Are app companies moving away from charging a single download fee towards a subscription model?



(Helen Nguyen) #76

Dear Drek,
Thank for your supporting.
I’d like introduce my product: https://cookstar.asia/, This is the web service to enable us to search & share recipes easily. We’d like to provide this service to SEA market but we start from Vietnamese market first. You are professional marketer so I hope you have time to give me your advisors.
Have a nice day from Viet Nam!

(Zia) #77

I have created a website called www.forgrubsake.com. It’s a free website that displays restaurants based on cuisine of patrons choice. The search is very user friendly and the user can select one or multiple grub choices.

The website is created to assist users who may want to preview the kind of grub served at specific restaurant or find out restaurants serving specific grub for that location.

The website is bootstrapped and is really lean currently. I have donned various hats such as project management, creating and managing requirements, marketing, social media sites, data validation and testing and everything else.

Easy to upload pictures such as drag and drop or upload
Customized comment/review page and 5-star rating is categorized into Food, Service, Price, and Ambiance

Add your favorite restaurant to your wishlist by easily registering and logging using your email and password.

Also customized Google maps that will display direction to your restaurant and customized to your Google Map apps. Integrates with Google Maps apps from your mobile/cell phone.

Revenue generation will be done by utilizing advertisements in near future.

How do I market and reach out to viewers and drive traffic to the website. Thank you once again for your offer.

(avidlearner) #78

Awesome to be here! Found some really good advice any professional can relate to…

I’m working as an intern at whitepaperlisting.com and learning a lot about the business of technology.

White paper marketing can be a great way for lead generation like many of our clients have done. But that’s a different thing, i was wondering how can i learn from reading them and finished reading around 70 till this time.

Something I run into a lot, when reading whitepapers is that in a lot of cases it a product brochure in disguise. Briefly the problem and its causes are mentioned and the better half of the paper is about how effective the solution by the issuing company for that is.

A whitepaper in my opinion should be about a trend, e phenomenon in the marketplace, what influence it may have on businesses, what general aspects should be taken into account when dealing with that. Also some piratical hints. It should be written as an expert in the field, not hard selling.

Whitepaper is pull marketing, it makes that prospects will store that information as useful and think ogf that when the problem or situation described in the whitepaper becomes actual, the prospect will contact the issuing company ‘because they are experts on that’.


Hey Derek,

Thanks for taking out good amount of time to review most of the product ideas in the community. I am Bismayy, working as Product Manager at a digital analytics startup in India.

Could you help me chart out a growth strategy for my beta ML product Badger which integrates any analytical data source (read Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Search Console, AppStore) and delivers automated user stories on the most significant changes that happened in the business?

Our first MVP didn’t go well with the top management as Indian prospects posted positive reviews on the product but haven’t used the product regularly for us to conclude on a product market fit.

It would be great if you might share a few action points to reach out to the early adopters and get going with the product development.


(Cali Pitchel) #81

Am I too late to get in on this?

I work for Joy, a wedding planning app and website. We believe that wedding planning doesn’t have to suck. Joy is great because we’re bringing all of wedding technology into one place—RSVPs and guest management, wedding-day details, registries, photo sharing, and more. (All for free!) You can check out our site here.

(Wilson Alvarez) #82

Hey Dereck - I’m from Colombia, I hope you can help me.

Two co-founders and I created https://teamcaller.co/ is basically a service that allows to create and launch campaigns of telephone calls on demand for any company (Spanish-speaking) in just 15 minutes.

The calls are made by professionals, it is a service on demand and everything is done from a web browser (from the creation of the campaign to the general or specific follow-up of each of the calls)

I know it’s a service that can bring a lot of value, it has already done it for some companies (I’m not sure it’s the ideal client).

Current scenario:

Our problems are:

  • We do not have capital to do digital marketing (Google adwords).
  • Firms still do not feel capable of releasing such an essential third-party process as are telemarketing campaigns (I think they truly require us to feel confident)
  • Our team of founders are having financial problems to dedicate 100% to the business (this defocuses us).
  • We have not clearly identified our target customers, we have a first version of their profile

Our strengths:

  • We have a functional PMV
  • We have the validation of the product by a couple of customers
  • We have a good base of agents trained to make calls (for campaigns in Spanish, are based in Colombia)

I would like to guide me as I can get out of this rut. Since we are not layers to grow and get cash flow

I have several solutions to the head.

  • Simplemte leave the startup quiet for a while but work for other companies to raise capital to invest in marketing
  • Start doing email marketing for some companies

The truth is not clear how to follow, I would much use your advice to help me take off our company.

Useful information:

Our team:

  • Wilson Alvarez (Yo) - Ceo - Full Stack developer - Based in medellin / colombia
  • Jeisson cano - Expert call center and recruitment - Based in medellin / colombia
  • Juan egido - Commercial Director - based in Albacete / Spain

Client’s profile

  • Founder or Co-Founder of a medium-sized business
  • Do not have clearly defined how to deal with the subject of outgoing calls
  • Require more than 500 calls
  • Country minimum wage higher than $ 500 USD
  • Spanish speaking customers
  • Value of your offer (Product or service) greater than $ 50 USD
  • Companies using technological tools
  • Industries (financial services, automotive)