I position your startup's product (for free, of course)

(Andreas Marinopoulos) #41

Hi @derekfrome, this is great, thank you. My brother and I have built a two-sided recruitment platform for the skilled trades with candidate relocation features (tickets, accommodation, visas, etc).

Problem: Solving the skills gap through job seeker relocation.
Company Name: Movinhand
Slogan h1: There’s no skills gap, just a location mismatch. (Pondering alternatives: We help you recruit across borders OR Blue ocean recruiting).
Slogan h4: Find the best skilled workers around the world and we will bring them to your doorstep. Start hiring.
Url: http://www.movinhand.com/forhiring
Verticals: Starting in the Hospitality industry in EMEA. Will move into healthcare, construction and other skilled trades over the next year. Then move geographically into Asia, then the US.
Process: 1. Post a job 2. Search our rich candidate profiles 3. Extend an e-signature offer letter on the platform 4. Track candidates’ relocation as we manage their tickets, accomodation, visas, etc.
Subscription: 30-day free trial, EUR229 per user monthly or EUR195 quarterly

I’d appreciate your feedback on improving our value proposition towards B2B HR managers in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, events companies, cruise lines). We’re scaling this through inside sales but want to do better. The other side of the platform (candidates) is doing fine, we have good growth through paid, PR and WoM due to the youth unemployment problem in the EU and MENA regions.

Hi @derekfrome! We’ve settled on a different value proposition since my last post, still waiting to feel sure about it before changing the landing page:
H1: Young talent with the right attitude, ready to fly in OR
A world of eager young talent, ready to fly in
H4: Invite them now, with one click. OR Screen, Chat, Hire, we take care of the rest.

Would love to know what you think!

(Derek Frome) #42

@drajan hi!

Cool site and compelling concept. I assume the business model is ad-supported, and you could also take the route of doing sponsored posts (pending your approval so they don’t degrade your quality) and sponsored sections in your email newsletter.

Your “positioning” should come mostly from outside your website itself. By that I mean, when people come to your site, you need to serve them what they’re looking for (quality articles) with as little friction as possible. I’d be looking for opportunities to do PR activities, get featured on everything from local news to other blogs. The descriptions of your service there will do more for your positioning than anything on your website.

With that said, your description in this thread makes total sense, while your positioning on the website needs work. I’d think about a headline like “Feed your brain” or “Less Noise - Better Reading”.

In terms of your UI, the more articles you can fit onto the front page, the better IMO. You want to demonstrate the value of your product through the quality of your article curation, so show as much of it as possible.

Hope that helps!

(Derek Frome) #43

@jkkorn Makes sense. I’m sure this idea has been tried before, so either you’re bringing an already successful model to a new market to box out others, or you’re trying some twist on the business that will make your model more successful. The former is a speed game, the latter is a quality of experience game. Be sure you know which one you’re playing. Can’t really comment on your positioning as I don’t speak Portuguese!

(Derek Frome) #44

@leveragehacker I’m a little confused because you’re talking about Twitter growth but your website is all around Instagram growth. I’m going with what’s on your website.

My main question is whether you’re selling software or manual labor. Your advertised value prop is around automating Instagram for people, but I’m left wondering how that happens. Social media accounts for your target audiences are pretty personal, and not all of those audiences have all that much incentive to outsource it unless there is some technical advantage you’re bringing to the table that would make it much more effective than them doing it themselves.

In the software adavantage scenario, that’s what you need to play up in your messaging. The gist is “this software is better at Insta than you are, and we can prove it in 7 days.”

In the manual labor scenario, then you can keep a lot of the current positioning, but I fear for your business because it doesn’t scale well.

In either case, you need to be much more clear about what’s actually happening day to day on the buyer’s Insta account. List the services you do, i.e.

  • Content targeting through hashtag analysis and optimization
  • Professional photo editing for a more polished brand appearance
  • Post time optimization to maximize audience size

I’m just speculating, but you get the idea. I’m talking abotu what happens and why the buyer should care and leaving the impression that you are 10x better than how they do it.

Make sense? Hope that helps.

(Wilson Hung) #45


It’s a weekly newsletter with step-by-step guides covering businesses for beginner entrepreneurs. I’m targeting the non-tech crowd and focusing on simpler & proven local businesses (power washing, placemat advertising, lead brokers, etc…)

Here’s an example: http://founderorigins.com/university-business

Just working on building my email subs first, but the business model I’m thinking would be similar to code4startup.com. Ideally, I’d like to have a bunch of online courses for beginner entrepreneurs to “copy” in order to gain skills. My branding/message is that my products/guides won’t make you rich, but it’s to gain experience or the first step.

Looking forward to your insight.

(Zach ) #46

I run an online dating website called www.TopRomp.com. I think it’s great since it gives relevant dating tips and reviews from the latest dating apps.

(Olu Wole) #47

Thanks for the WHAO offer from you, @derekfrome, I want to take you up on your offer.

I lead digital marketing at an online payment startup and we are considering improving the messaging of our website.

A bio of what we do:

  1. Help SMEs send and recieve money with or without website.
  2. For those of have websites, we have a suite of tools to integrate with any platform of their choice.
  3. We also launched a feature to help local merchants receive payment in any currency and have the local equivalent in their wallet account.
  4. We also provide money transfer services.

We like to know what you advise in positioning our startup.

Thanks in advance

(Srirang G Doddihal) #48

Hi Derek,

This is fantastic. Read a few of your responses to people’s questions here and they were all very insightful. Really appreciate what you are doing here.

Here is a brief about my company. Your thoughts on positioning this would be great :

I am the co-founder of Presto Apps

We, at Presto Apps, are building a m-Commerce platform which will enable any business to go mobile (i.e. have his own white labeled app) in a couple of days v/s the several weeks that is usually the case with the typical consulting model.

Problem statement :

Merchants cannot choose to ignore mobile (specifically in places like India where vast majority of people are introduced to internet and continue to use internet only on their smartphones). Getting a mobile app done from a consulting company, along with the necessary back-end infrastructure is a huge up-front cost. Setting up an internal tech team is even costlier. Both approaches have a high “Time to market”.

So two issues :

  1. High up-front cost to start the mobile experiment
  2. High time to market

Enter Presto Apps

  1. Presto Apps allows a merchant to go mobile in a matter of days v/s weeks or months. We have built a templatised app builder which can churn out fully functional apps for iOS and Android in a few minutes.
  2. Presto offers the back-end as a service. So merchant never worries about servers.
  3. Presto charges a very low upfront fee and a small recurring monthly fee. So merchant can easily start the mobile experiment without having to worry about losing too much in case of a failure.

Thoughts and feedback more than welcome.

P.S : Website is undergoing a major redesign.

(Aron Sebastian) #49

Hi Derek, great initiative!

Not sure if you’re still taking requests, but if so, I’d love to know how you’d position the concept I’m working on: www.wanderlust.ly

Wanderlust is a travel website that shows users where they could go based on how much they can spend and what they’re interested in (e.g. romance, nightlife, art). We provide a complete trip (i.e. destination, flight, accommodation, and an overview of the best things to do/see). The user may then customize the options we suggest and book immediately, or flip to the next trip that matches her profile.

Travel is an insanely competitive industry so finding a way to stand out from the crowd is absolutely critical for us. Again, would very much appreciate your thoughts on this!


(Justin Johnson) #50

Hey Derek, love this thread and thanks for the offer. I work for Keen IO an analytics platform for developers. We have APIs that can collect and analyze data from anything connected to the internet and if you’re looking to visualize that data we have an SDK that auto-magically puts beautiful charts and graphs where you want them. Our customers use us for an enormous range of things.

Some examples: ad companies use Keen to track ad engagement and availability so they can change their pricing on the fly, media companies use Keen to embed pageview and social metrics directly into their CMS so writers can see how their articles are performing and how many mentions they are getting on social media, SaaS companies use Keen to track how their users are using their product and then use Keen to power their analytics tab in their product, IoT companies use Keen to collect data directly from their devices.

There’s such a wide range of things that people can do with our platform, and I learn about new use cases almost daily.

One challenge we have seen is addressing the enterprise market while staying true to our roots as a bunch of developers building useful tools that give other developers the power to do more with less.

(Dilip Rajan) #51

Really appreciate the valuable feedback. Our goal now is to increase the number of subscribers to our daily email. If you don’t mind, I would love feedback on this landing page: http://newsletter.vyrtex.com/
Thanks so much!


Cool - thanks for doing this!

My product is https://elusivestars.com it gives Mobile App developers access to real users with real devices. The goal is to help developers improve their App from a users viewpoint(ratings). I do this by providing usability testing at prices indie developers can afford. Some scenarios are testing a prototype or pre-release App, testing on new OS or device configuration and testing target demographic and pricing assumptions.

Star ratings are important, but so is the App icon. One of the features is the ability to A/B test up to 3 icons per project.

Just to be clear, this service is to give feedback which developers can use to improve their Apps. Not a pay for good reviews service.

elusivestars is a play on improving star ratings - I am feeling it is too long and many cant spell it.
I have the following domains which I am considering changing to:

  1. myappiq.com
  2. appcheckup.com
  3. apptestlab.com
  4. apptest.io (do not own .com an it is in use so doubt I will use it)

I am in the middle of a large upgrade so it is a good time to gather some feedback. Thanks again.

(Zef Neemuchwala) #53

Thanks for the kind offer Derek. I am currently working on a niche retail marketplace. Our customers are the 3 million strong people from the Indian sub-continent. We are offering them a quirky and humorous way to Celebrate Their Heritage.
Website – www.baniyan.com
I am looking for a way attract more sellers to the marketplace.

(Vik) #54

Hey Derek,
Check out snaprecruit.com. Would like to get some reviews about design and how it can be improved. About 250+ companies have registered and using it. Its an applicant tracking system (focuses on recruiter collaboration). Registered recruiters can post jobs, manage applicants, call and talk to each other (all within the browser).

(Derek Frome) #55

Hey everybody - sorry for the delay but I am DEFINITELY still answering posts. Keep 'em coming… I may also turn this into a blog series on my personal website because it’s so fun to help you all out.


(Jared Schaffer) #56

Incredible offer, thank you in advance.

Building a startup in the live music space — thetribeapp.com

Tribe is a social network and marketplace for fans, artists, and live music events.

Problems we set out to solve — Fans perspective: make it easier for fans to discover live music, receive updates from event organizers, and stay connected with artists they love. Artists perspective: make it easier to reach fans, sell more of the historically 50% of tickets that go unsold, and save them time & money in creating & managing a digital storefront/website.

v1.0 allows fans to discover nearby events, check in, and explore media from other checked in fans (shared by default).

Still in prelaunch mode, less than a month from hitting the launch button. At the moment, we’re focused 100% on building & marketing to fans to provide a moat around the castle of artists we aim to onboard at a later stage.

(Derek Frome) #57

Hi @matthieu.varagnat - I checked out smooz.io and it looks like a cool little tool. I see you’ve changed some of the positioning since this post - apologies I haven’t had time to answer you.

One thing you can always be sure of is people will use your tool for whatever they need - which is not necessarily the same as what you envisioned / wanted them to use it for. We had a saying at Medallia in our sales team - “wherever they go, there you are.” In other words, your customers will show you the way if you just listen with empathy.

Stepping off that soapbox, I have a few suggestions for you.

  • In your H1 I’d go with something more SEO friendly, like “Collaborate with private Slack channels” with a description like “Connect teams with private channels with the press of a button”
  • I’d make your “Add to Slack” button (which has a nice design, btw) bigger and center it. That’s where people are used to looking for calls to action
  • It looks like there is a strikethrough the 49EU Pro price?
  • Pro deal - “Free during beta phase” is unclear what you mean
  • Re pricing - does your cost depend on message volumes? I assume not, but if it does, you should consider an upper limit before a custom plan
  • Don’t think I would make it clear that “our team” is just you. You could do something cutesy like having a picture of your dog or something as a second team member - otherwise, I’d leave it off.

Hope that helps!

(Matthieu Varagnat) #58

Thanks @derekfrome ,

Yes, I was fortunate enough to be featured last week on Product Hunt. With the influx of users (+120 teams, now at 300 - but they are quality users, in terms of messages we’re looking at x5) I’ve been able to confirm my feeling. Therefore, I changed the wording on the website, yesterday.

Regarding pricing, that’s where I’m stuck now. Right now it’s free - running it is not expensive, and it’s my first project with traction, so I could just leave it like that, if only for the ego boost. However, I feel like there are power users on the plateform for which I really solve a problem, that I could charge. It’s not clear to me how to segment it, though. If you had any thoughts? (For reference, a competitor with more features charges 30-50$/month).

Thanks for the advices re SEO and team section

(Anant Mendiratta) #60


Working on a web security startup called Flicat (http://flicat.com)

We’ve developed a one click solution to common web security problems for Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and Core PHP websites. Flicat is based on an intelligent script that helps protects these sites against Sql injection, Cross site script, Brute force attacks, Cross site request forgery attacks, Remote code execution attacks, Man in middle attacks, Missing error handling, Broken authentication and session attacks, Direct object reference attacks and helps block bad bots and crawlers.

Apart from protection, we also share comprehensive analytics of the site’s traffic, the source as well as information on attacks blocked by flicat and including the source of such attacks.

We’re targeting small and medium level websites. Not targeting enterprise clients right now as we’re perfecting different layers of our enterprise solution. Our solutions will start at 20$ to about $100 per month depending on website traffic and requests flicat script will handle.

We’re about to launch in April 2016. Just getting ready with our customer facing website. I think your inputs will really help.

(Michael Lipman) #61


Wow, this is awesome, thanks for doing this!

Our product (bonafide.co) is a shared address book for companies. Everyone in the company connects their email accounts and linkedin contacts and we let people in the company use that information to find the right people they should be reaching out to. We think it’ll be most useful for sales and business development.

Our value add is that we can enrich contact lists which enables searching by company, industry, experience level etc. And we can figure out connection strength, so we can find much better paths to a warm intro compared to linkedin. Though things like linkedin sales navigator team link certainly have some advantages over us, like access to all of linkedin’s data.

I know I already took some free advice from you, but if you have more (or others have any) I’d love to hear it.