I am about to plug my startup website off in the next 6 months

(Christian) #1

Hi all,

I heard Andrew talk in the StartConf in Sydney last year. It was excellent talk.
But of course implementing the ideas are always challenging.

I have been working and launched a startup website to help local Instructors to connect with students.
The name of the website is called http://instructo.com.au
The website is targeted only to cover Australia.

Now, working with a coach in the past 3 months, we have narrowed down the issue - the first issue is I’m trying to cover too much niche, making it jack of all trades. So since then we have been focussing on one niche, music teacher in Western Australia.

My marketing funnels are facebook ads, instagram, and also local craiglist site called gumtree.
I’m getting roughly 15-20 hits per day. However conversion is really low.

I have been thinking in the past two weeks about this, and I think this idea is missing a value proposition. My competitor site is called musicteacher.com.au and they have been around for ages. Their website is not as good as mine, but music teachers are paying them to get their business listed, whilst I still dont have any income to support my startup.

I’m giving this idea another 6 months to run and breathe. I think I’m running out of ideas and energy to push this after about 1.5 years.
Have you ever got in this position? Do you have any suggestion on any value proposition I can offer that will make Instructo.com.au differ from its competitor?

Thanks all.

(Tyler Dishman) #2

First observation is that your site does not seem to reflect your desire to focus on music teaching in Western Australia. Your tagline is “Learn Anything from Amazing Instructors”, compared to your competitors’ tagline of “Professional Music Teachers in Australia”. If music lessons are indeed your focus, then I would spend some time judiciously pruning the site to make it obvious to the user. While I agree that your site looks nicer than the competing site, I think their site is more likely to resonate with people seeking music lessons. If the alternative is to just wind the site down, then what would it hurt to eliminate all of the non-music content from it first?

An idea to make it easy for your users to create a listing on your site would be to let them copy the URL of their listing on the more popular site (i.e. http://www.musicteacher.com.au/micheal-john-giddens/piano-lessons/) and you could go crawl that listing and create one automatically for them, saving them the effort of duplicating the listing. Use the strength of the competition to make it easy for users to use your site. This might even be something you could promote, assuming most people have posted on the competing site.

(perr) #3

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