How we increased our CTR from 2% to 14% on Facebook ads

(Tom Benattar) #1

Hi there!

With my friend Maxime, a few weeks ago, we started a little hack during 2 weeks to increase our CTR on Facebook ads.

[Disclosure: PixelMe is our side project, we are 2 growth from Buffer & Salesmachine]

We used to add our Facebook pixel on every link we shared on social media. We’ve created 114 links (around a specific topic) that led to 727 clicks from Twitter & Linkedin campaign.

Then, we’ve started a retargeting Facebook ads campaign only on PixelMe’s custom audience. We reached 158 persons and generated 22 clicks on our ads with 4 sign ups in the end (18% conversion rate click to sign up).

Finally, our CTR was 13.92% with a targeted audience. (We found that the average CTR in all industries is 0.90%). Our CPC was $0.53 per click and the cost per sign up was $2.95! Would love to hear your numbers?

We totally know these numbers are too small, but we think it’s a good start!

If you want to try this experiment with bigger numbers, we’re looking for Beta tester for PixelMe! You can signup here for free :point_right:

And we would be happy to get your feedback on both PixelMe and on the data from our experiment :smiley:

(yann) #2

Hi Tom,

First of all, the idea behind pixelme is smart for retargeting to any content (not only it’s own website).

Then, you are right, your figures are too small, it’s a start but it’s not enough to validate yet. Scale works with performance like Batman with Robin!

Then, I’d like to know more about the preparation stage that require to share many content/links on social medias. How long the stage was? did you use your own channel or also used other channels (paid/influencer…)? How do you imagine to scale this process?

Good job guys, keep optimising !