How to rank mac desktop app in Google 'App Pack' search results

(Maciek Pietrzyk) #1

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to rank mac desktop app in Google ‘App Pack’ search results, or maybe has direct experience in ranking a mac app themselves? I have googled this topic and have found plenty of info on mobile apps, however nothing specific on ranking a mac desktop app in google serps. The app pack applies both to iOS/Android as well as Mac apps (not sure about windows), yet no one is writing about it. Here is an example for app pack serps for keyword “screen recorder for mac”:


Incidently, our app is 1st in the mac App Store for not only “screen recorder” but for a variety of other related terms, so I would love to be able to figure why our app is not showing up and drive even more organic installs:


Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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(Martijn Scheijbeler) #2

Hi Maciek,

Let me give it a try, what is most logical is that Google is scraping the data for the ‘application packs’ from the Web (duh!). But the only place they could scrape these listings of are sites that have multiple ones ranked right now because otherwise it would be hard for them to identify what the relations are between the tools here and if they fit into the same category. That’s why it seems that Google is using data (probably not the only source) from ‘Top X lists’. If you just search and click to find a few:

(this is just a couple of examples that I found with 1 search, there were at least 10+ more lists around Windows/Mac).

These lists are easy to understand as they’re structured. The only categorization that they’re currently making is that they need to know what OS it is. Likely that data will come from lists, Wiki entries for tools if they exist or potentially the sites of the tools itself they have marked it up with

Does this give you a good direction, some help? I do agree that this is an area that could use (way) more attention (from the SEO industry).

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